Thursday, 26 December 2013

Ronin 47 or Roening 747

Before hand: 
1) Will I get to see a movie about a band of Ronin numbering in their 40s.
2) Can't recall the number of Ronin in it so until I find out I wont be able to tell you how exactly many!

1) The movie was a brave full feature length effort by the director, the age old story remained solid enough and the fantastical elements basically were all revealed in the trailer. Photography style, sets and costumes were nice but the lighting or was it just the darkness of the film in the cinema was not too good. Perhaps the film was verging on soporific
2) Hope that the cinema going public in the far East who saved Pacific Rim can offer support for this movie's behind
3) I'm thinking about the title Ronin 47 but my mind has now transformed the title into Roening 747. The opening scene featuring Keanu killing a Kirin with a sword becomes Keanu tackling a Jumbo Jet as it takes off from a Heathrow airport runway.  

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


a) I went to see Gravity three times in the cinemas and each time experience wonder at the visual poetry that was taking place. I was overcome with the concept of tombs in space when watching it and the essay about the movie in Sight And Sound picked up on the idea, bringing up the subject of J G Ballard and his writings about the astronauts and death, and so all the way through I was feverishly thinking about those orbital coffins that he wrote about and wanting to use that as a platform of thoughts to expand my view of what I was watching and appreciating in this movie. It has been a favourite experience of the year, it has engulfed me and brought me to forget that I had seen a good number of wonderful movies and now by the end of the year, I can only remember that I saw Gravity. This is to outer space what Jurrassic Park was to dinosaurs, yes, the unbelievable plot holes may as well be allowed to float around for all to see.

b) The underside space shuttle at the beginning of Gravity gently came into sight across the outer atmosphere appearing as an obsidian ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus, and the Hubble telescope that was seen to be repaired was the giant inner sarcophagus unloaded into space.

c) The cast consisting of Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone and George Clooney as Matt Kowalski could forty five years ago have easily have been instead Barbara Streisand paired with the likes of Jack Lemmon or Elliot Gould. But Sandra Bullock features remained like a recently mummified corpse fitted with a wig gasping to keep it's last breath having been brought to life once again in the depths of space. George Clooney was Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear in the flesh.

d) Upon the screen, the space suits appeared as cocoon like three dimensional giants of immense size. Looking down upon the planet Earth, I was afraid myself of falling out of my seat and down into the outer atmosphere to eventually fall to my doom burning up. After the destruction of the space shuttle and the Hubble space telescope and Ryan Stone retrieval from the depths of space by smooth talking Matt Kowalski. The space shuttle had become a tomb itself with the dead bodies of the crew inside, and the remnants of ultimate missile of doom spinning endlessly with nowhere to go.

e) Ryan Stone leaves Matt Kowalski to drift into space to his own death at his own request and she gets aboard the Russian Space Station, and becomes as a fetus curling up in a womb, but this interior a hightech version of a deserted warren like catacombs is about to be filled with fire

f) The Russian space station is smashed to pieces by a storm of wrecked satellite parts, as if something beneath the sea being torn to pieces by underwater currents , it is done in the manner of an elegant ballet, and as Ryan Stone exits her space capsule to disconnect the parachute, the way her air umbilical follows her twisting into a delicate shape suggests the membranous form of a giant jelly fish, and only barely survives, while I myself feared for brief moment that I would be caught up in the wreck and thrown off the capsule into the depths of space
f) Sandra's character is about to give up her her attempt to return to Earth, turn of the oxygen and turn the capsule into her orbital coffin. The answers come in this movie more and more as acts of defiance at the laws of physics because putting a story together to make the film happen is the major objective where physics would not allow anything for that long to take place. The journey to the Russian space station would surely have led to disaster, as much as the fire and Ryan Stone's attempt to escape from the place. Perhaps the experience of Matt Kowalski coming back from the dead to tell Ryan Stone how to get to the Chinese Space Station when she had given up was perhaps the more likely a thing than the mentioned death defying act. Did Ryan Stone ever get back to Earth or was it all part of some dream like illusion telling her to let go while she was sleeping in bed all the time. 


Anchorman 2

  1. I had  a plan to see Anchorman 2. I had never heard of the Anchorman movie that came out about a decade ago which was supposed to have been a hit. Will the act of watching Anchorman 2 be like having one's brains scooped out through one's nostrils while still conscious? 
  2. Afterwards overwhelmed with the urge to cringe like crazy at times but was impressed with the dreamlike motivations of the film.
  3. The entrance into the movie of the character Brick will never be forgotten and perhaps I might think twice about what's inside the breadcrumbs of my fried chicken in the future. 
  4. Echoes of small acts of surrealism peppered through the film
  5. Thumbs up from me even if he had a good debraining by the movie 
  6. Still 18 hours later, the effects of the weird confusion have not worn off. It is like being stunned by some predatary sea creature  

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Misreadings of Metro newspaper headlines

  1. While sitting in a train to London and reading someone else's copy of the Metro over the person's shoulder, Wmm misread the news story heading "Fear as toxic load is stolen" as " Fear as sonic toad is swollen" 
  2. And moments later in the same column misread "20,000 rush for 400 Ikea posts " as "20,000 rush for 400 tea pots "
  3. Then misread "Just pals or has Liv fallen for Orlando's magic spell" as Just spills or has Liv fallen on Orlando's magic spew?'"

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ender's Game

1) I have memories of having watched the movie Ender's Game today

2) It was amiable enough but where's the fun in watching people play video games that look like video games?

3) The rest of was otherwise very good and well acted. Haven't read the book though. Alien ship designs seemed slightly over used if one has seen a number of scifi films in the last few years

4) Was there a side to the original story left out of the movie? Don't know how Enders Game compares to The Last Starfighter either. The connection to suddenly make with with the latter is that the film seems to be about a boy who plays a computer arcade game and he's so good that an extra terrestrial organisation seek him out to bring him into their starfleet to fight of alien enemies. Vut really I don't know anymore than that and that might not be very accurate.

5) I took a quick look at the Enders Game novel ending and wonders with some confusion about the whole thing as if having visited a mausoleum or a memorial for thousands of dead soldiers

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Counsellor

I enjoyed The Counsellor. Vicious deaths, stylish sets and somewhat disjointed story leaving one to wonder what was going to happen next. The story that slowly unravelled its fragments felt fresh and unencumbered. Maybe there's nothing to discuss but take in the imagery. Often it felt as if the characters and events came out of a white light and went back into the light as soon as each scene was over. I take this as a quality of the film's story and perhaps the long words of advice given down the phone to Fassbender's character enough the sense of it all. If people have fallen asleep during The Counsellor, indeed it has a certain soporific quality but a number of these slow arty movies do.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Overlong words to describe thoughts on Hannibal

  1. I think that my favourite TV series of the year of 2013 has to be Hannibal, which is loosely inspired by the novel Red Dragon which i have not bothered to read, but I have watched the various movies based on the novels and although I have liked them have found that I can only be bothered to watch them once and never really find the interest to see them again. I admit that these days I can't stand watching much television at all since I don't value many of the new television series. I have watched enough lawyer series and police series where somewhere in America they have they have an unbelievable crimelab facility. I have not been interested in these television series about serial killers as the main character, I have avoided them. and so in the end, I ought to have avoided Hannibal, I was wondering what sort of awful liberties that the creative team might have taken to make a series, but there was something that seemed devilishly interesting to me about the whole thing especially with Mads Mikkelson, a Danish actor with an almost strange skull like face taking up the role of Hannibal Lector.
  2. When I first watched this series I was charmed by it but I was horrified to find out that other people who loved it were boasting that the series' creator was paying homage to David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick through the series, I didn't want to hear any of this and I was a little horrified by the idea of this because I liked David Lynch's films very much but I don't like seeing people attempting to copy his work and when a TV series creator openly talks about his need to show off comparisons to Lynch and Kubrick, as with a lot of American TV series creator who goes on blowing his trumpet about what he is doing, I tend to want to shove everything they say down the toilet. I wouldn't be asking David Lynch what he ought to say about the Hannibal series just because the creator mentioned his name. It might be this reason that I don't like reading or seeing interviews with Damon Lindelof or Joss Whedon. But having watched Hannibal every week that I could, I have enjoyed the strange surrealistic sequences in the movie, the artistically displayed corpses of the murder victims and the imagery of the TV series has ignited fires in my dreams, I would almost want to imagine Mad's Mikkelson's Hannibal as a person who comes from a Dali painting.
  3. In scenes Mads Mikkelson sometimes tends to mumble his lines with his thick European accent but he does it gracefully and it's wonderful to have someone so un-American at the front of a TV series like this, it seemed to go enough against the grain. It's quite possible that we're not missing any of the words that we didn't understand, perhaps in this series there is nothing much actually being but are transformed the lines perhaps with ghosts of meaning in the spaces in between that never quite appear. Perhaps all of the dialogue is supposed to be nearly forgotten and then when rewatched, forgotten once more, there are no particularly memorable quotes from the series to entertain friends with
  4. The other main character, Will Graham played by Hugh Dancy probably is playing him in such a way that he doesn't outshine Mads even when he mumbles his dialogue the most. His character is perhaps flat and boring or maybe Hugh plays his role well as a mentally burned out schizoid man skilled with using some sort of pyschic senses in solving a crime, it might be hard to sell that concept even if he was playing such a person. Despite his gifts, he is another character for Hannibal Lector to run rings around.
  5. Perhaps I have not been so interested in the way that there are guest stars for various episodes, such as British stand up comedian Eddie Izzard turns up as a serial killer in one episode and as much as I like Lance Henriksen in many of his roles, he turns up as a serial killer and I wonder what the hell he is doing there apart from being an actor playing his role, but I look forwards to seeing him in the series again later on. However we have the likes of David Bowie soon to be playing Hannibal's uncle and I am not sure what to say about that either, but in the end, perhaps the answer is why not.
  6. I like the series because it seems to be about people dealing with psychic worlds and problems of the inner world and some surrealistic imagery. I am a fan of the TV series Monk and enjoy his quest to adapt to the world around him and so I enjoy the scenes where Hannibal is talking to his psychiatrist played by Gillian Anderson about his own problems such as dealing with the whole concept of having an actual friend which in his own way perhaps Hannibal makes out of Will Graham because he feels they have some form of connection through their dealing with criminal investigation. Hannibal has problems himself in having personal friendships and breaking down his personal walls is an issue
  7. There are a lot of conflicts that these people have to deal with and steering in slightly the wrong direction with Hannibal could mean their death is imminent and then those who he appears to value the friendship of most of all appear to be the subject of his games
  8. As it seems, Hannibal's own psychological problems appear to be part of a facade for ulterior motives because anyone who gets in his way he is likely to kill and his psychiatrist who secretly knows something is perhaps not wholly aware of his intentions. Hannibal is a psychiatrist himself and one of his patients who obsessively identifies with him also wants to become an actual personal friend of his, but this results in Hannibal seeing him as a nuisance and eventually having to kill him. When he invites a man who is revealed to be a serial killer around to his house for dinner, one might have been someone who he could have made a friend out of but it turns out to lure him into a situation where he can have an opportunity to kill him . When he tries to help a young woman that has got involved in a murder case that he feels fatherly tendencies for, the result in his failure to help her means that he has to kill her. Will Graham starts out with absolutely no desire to befriend Hannibal Lector but Hannibal appears to want to be friends with him and it soon results in Will Graham finding himself behind bars accused of murder , and maybe this is where Hannibal planned to put him because he was likely to find out sooner or later that he himself was a serial killer and it appears that perhaps he valued his life enough not to have found himself killing the man.

Frankenstein's Army

a) I very much liked "Frankenstein's Army" on DVD, I wish I had seen it at the cinema but when it was shown at a Film Festival in Leicester Square, all the decent seats were bought up before I could buy a ticket.

b) As much a bizarre mind boggling visual treat as some might assume, despite the low budget. Probably a sizable chunk of the movie seemed like a shoot-em-up computer game, but still very interesting like a long nightmare

c) What we see in the film is as seen through the camera of the lens of a soldier who is supposed to be filming the whole thing as we watch the movie. So this means it's a "found footage" movie and quite honestly I wouldn't know anything about that normally but there are some films that I have seen where film footage is found one way or another.

d) There are twists and turns to be encountered amongst the gang of Russian soldiers who are the main characters of the film and a long part of the film is spent just exploring the environment with nameless skeletons, piles of nuns placed on a fire, a seemingly empty building that is revealed to be Frankenstein's monster factory. Numerous Frankenstein's various monsters are to be found populating the movie in killing mode, however many are very easy to kill off once they are seen for what they are. It's amiable nonsense in which I found no ultimate depths, I was probably happy to see all the characters killed off. Perhaps I might even want to watch parts of it again.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

As a young man read A Game of Thrones in a coach

leading from
Hungarian version of A Game of Thrones
  1. I am in a foreign country on a coach journey sitting next to a young man who is reading a novel by George RR Martin or something or other and the book possibly has an image of a dragon on the cover, I can't read the words because it is in an Eastern European language, but I am imagining what this boy is read and it's something very strange that probably has nothing to do with the book whatsoever. It might be a fantasy fiction novel, I only like J R R Tolkien's work in that genre but I felt encouraged to imagine that the young man was thinking. I first imagined that this foreign language, was tearing his eyes, his brain tissue and skin apart with teeth , blades and spikes, shoving all manner of cooked body parts and interior  organs into his mouth driving him insane. The cover turned out to be that of Game of Thrones which I have not bothered to watch on TV or read as a book.
  2. A wicked dog handler skewers the throat of a large aggressive dark purple dog with a long spike and holding the spike with two hands, he directs the dog in the direction of a young man who is sitting there, and this creature rips open his belly and then the stomach and bladder, leaving open to the air from inside the body a translucent organic cup filled with a hot brown steaming liquid which the dog once is has stopped ripping everything apart begins to lap up the soup.
  3. A falcon is inside the back of the young man's throat and pushes a wing through his mouth, he is confused to find this feathered limb  pushing its way through filling his mouth and unfurling outside of his mouth, and then the creature with its beak begins to rip through the upper front lip and the nasal cavity poking its head out of a hole that was once a nose.
  4. The body is still sitting there somewhere and he finds that a dark flowing stream comes out of his stomach, across a table surface and a shadowy man nearby is drinking from the stream cupping his hands and filling them with the flowing liquid, and he spies inside the young man's his tongue had now transformed into an orange amongst other oranges in a wide wicker basket that is his open mouth, the young man has been bound down by a woman who is presenting the basket of oranges as a gift to the shadowy man at the expense of the mouth of the the young man. The shadowy man peels the orange and the young man is quietly screaming but he can not utter a sound and the shadowy man pulls out more oranges, right to the root of the tongue and the dangling piece of flesh at the back of the throat.
  5. The young man sees before him the basket of fruit now half eaten, it may be a moment where he has been removed from the previous experience and something has come to take him away from this deranged state, as if something as giant as a radar dish resting on one of its edges and a giant winged bird of creature comes from behind it and fills the sky. Out of the ground a large sphere grows and out of the tip of that another sphere and another and so on forming a tube and going into the sky reading the belly of this flying beast now stationary in the sky and this tube as a a pipe drawing translucent dark fluid from the giant winged entity leaving its transparent, like a reverse umbilical chord but stands like an elongated bending bare tree trunk and the liquid is pulled into the ground. Perhaps a part of the young man's psyche has ascended through the transparent tube into the winged vessel and it about to be taken away.
  6. But the young man possibly it sitting in a seat wondering what might happen next, his cranium begins to stretch sideways extending almost las long as a warping transparent loaf of bread softly vibrating, and the stretched cranium wants to crawl off like a worm of a caterpillar, the ear moves along and an eyeball elongates from the socket and wishes to wriggle off in its own direction after the moment when the young man feels that he has now seen too much of what existence really is.
  7. There is an elderly cantankerous man who keeps vultures that feed on his herd of cattle in a wooded field, he hacks into the flesh with a knife and the vultures approach interested in the idea of the dying creature and he is so sure that from reading a study of the DNA of a young boy who is playing with a ball in a field that he will murder many people and is therefore already guilty of murder and must be put to death. There is nothing that the young man can do to stop this elderly man who is sure that the law will be on his side when he himself grabs the boy by his golden hair, shoves him into the vulture cage and cuts a grid in the child's chest to watch his bleed to death as the vultures becomes more and more interested. The young man can do nothing more but watch the young boy being ripped to shreds before his very eyes as the old man grins wildly.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Person sometimes referred to as Pyramid Head or Triangle Head

  1. I'm approached because of my pyramid about four times a day by people from all different walks of life and many more people have been discussing the subject of this device that I have been seen to wear on my head, and so I have decided to create a page on my blog about it.
  2. This device so I notice helps to focus the mind, relax the mind, help me to not be so worn out by the toxic central London air pollution as I would normally be, and also it seems to detox the brain. I will often wear it outdoors and wear it when I was to keep awake at home late at night and get written work done at home. I don't claim to know the ultimate ins and outs of its functions from personal experience but have listened to and read what Dr Fred Bell who developed this product has had to say about it. The benefits of wearing this device outweigh the weirdness of it for me.
  3. I have experimented with a pyramid with fruit, leaving some grapes outside of it and some inside, and the grapes inside after some weeks later had dried out to quite some degree, had a small amount of mold on it but tasted beautiful to eat. The grapes left outside of the pyramid were soon totally consumed with mold. The pyramid when constructed properly is known to delay the production of putrifying bacteria. So people have used such a device in the past to make cheese from milk.
    Todd Rundgren's record album "UTOPIA RA"
    Bearsville Records "K55514" UK 1976
  4. There was a Pyramid Experiment Insert featured in the Todd Rundgren's band Utopia's record album, "Ra" released in the 1970s. (Todd Rundgren's record album "UTOPIA RA"
    Bearsville Records "K55514" UK 1976) 
    A friend of mine had a go with it when the album first came out and found that he was able to make a cup of milk successful turn into cheese.

    "Pyramid assembly instructions:

    Cut along the outside edge of the pyramid (do not cut off tab 'a'). Gently fold the edges of each panel into a pyramid shape. Tape or glue tab 'a' under the edge of 'b'.

    Experiments have been done with pyramids that have the same proportions as the one you are now holding in your hand. The findings of these experiments suggest that the energy within the pyramid is transformed in such a way that it slows down the rate at which organic matter deteriorates and decomposes. The flavor of foods confined in the pyramid's center was noticeably enhanced, and the freshness of the food itself was preserved for a surprisingly long time. If you would like to try an experiment of your own, find an area free of electromagnetic interference (away from t.v. set, etc.) ~ outside is real good. Using a compass, align one of the faces to magnetic north, place some object inside the pyramid for a while, and observe. Let us know what happens."
    cut out pyramid with the Utopia Ra album
  5. These things better do something drastic for the money you pay and they do as far as I can tell. As far as I know it works whenever I put it on. If you want to use certain ones for certain noticeable medical benefits, you would need to wear it regularly. The Silver Power Dome most likely to be tough to wear at first because of the effects of detoxing. People who have worn my Power Dome often have felt an immediate sensation of feeling calmer.
  6. However someone broke my pyramid headgear soon after I brought it, a child did something to it that in the end cracked the apex. If the two sides of the apex are connecting, it works and if the two sides of the apex are not connected properly I start wondering why I am not getting any of the benefits out of the device, and then I will be able to see what is wrong and put the apex back together. This proves to me that it's not just some placebo effect.
    the late Dr Fred Bell, founder of the company Pyradyne
  7. As far as I'm concerned, I bought a device from a US company , and I find it useful. I'm not sure if I'm the one to explain it.
  8. People around the streets of London often see me wearing a pyramid on my head, a it is a Power Dome made by the company Pyradyne. Until a couple of years ago I wore a Ray Dome pyramid for a number of years until I felt it was time to upgrade to something stronger.
  9. Dr Fred Bell the man who developed the pyramid headgear product and started the Pyradyne company has had an interesting clientel over the years, however he passed on in 2011. There have been some well known celebrities that he has talked about who have used his products. Frank Zappa used to use a Power Dome and found it good for his creative inspiration. Lee Majors was known to have worn one for some times when he was making his Six Million Dollar Man TV and would have liked to have incorporated it into the plot of the TV series if he had been allowed and James Brown posed for a photo with a pyramid on his head . The writer Ray Bradbury also was known to have worn a Ray Dome for the company for a while. Pyradyne's products have had quite a history going back about four decades. Wesley Snipes has used them for his fitness too. Joe Cocker seems to have used a Powerdome to help him quit smoking a long while back.  David Tickle the record producer used Dr Fred's products in his studio including when U2 recorded their album "Rattle and Hum" .  One of his pyramid based devices strangely turned up as a machine used on a space station in the movie Moonraker.
    "James Brown, Lee Duncan and the gang at Aspen", 1981
  10. I've heard that people in Camden Market were seen to wear pyramids, I was told that the day before it the market burned down early in 2008. There have been reports given to me by passers by of other people around central London wearing them, and here we are in 2013 and I personally know now of one other person who has actually worn his outdoors, but the more the merrier.
  11. For more information on the product, go to the Pyradyne website and you can also contact the company personally to make further inquiries about their products. An archive of Dr Fred Bell's Health Science and Energy Show can be found and downloaded from BBS Radio for a reasonable fee

Monday, 14 October 2013

Fifth something, give me a clue, Fifth State, Fifth Element, Fifth Estate Agent, okay I gives up...

a) I went to see the movie with "Fifth" in the title this evening, someone might ask if it's Fifth Element and I will say "no" and we could spend a long time trying to guess the second word and this film has Benedict Cumberwhatsisname playing Julian Thingamy or whatever his name is. It probably isn't important for me to know or state the whole of the names. Okay I give in Benedict' suname is Cumberbatch and Julian's surname is Assange or is it really Saussage, I am forgetting already

b) I enjoyed the movie that has Fifth somewhere in the title and enjoyed it quite a bit and found it very stylish although it seemed to be rather confusing what was going on at the end leaving one wondering whether Assange's words about the possibility a Wikileaks movie being made and from seeing the sort of character that Cumberbatch had played in the movie, one might expect that character to have said all the things that he did say about the movie as reported recently. It did seem to take one into a confusing question about what actually went on and who was to be believed. Daniel Brühl once again steered the story with his acting presence, some might recall him playing Niki Lauda in the recent movie Rush, and in that movie, he steered the whole story that could easily have been a pretty banal film and made it something quite interesting. Julian Assange appeared to remain a big headed rubbery character with boundaries that could not be established by common thinking alone and Daniel Berg fought to control the monstrous being that he helped to propel into power. One might start to wonder what it would have been like if Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Hemsworth had been fused into one entity , that being might have looked like someone a lot more similar to James Hunt in appearance in Rush than Chris Hemswoth alone.. And if Daniel Brühl had played the side kick of Cumberbatch's character in the recent Star Trek movie, perhaps it would have made Cumberbatch's character a lot more convincing in seeming to have a reason for what he was doing.

c) Quite honestly the actual events of Wikileaks hasn't really interested me but this Julian Assange has remained a strange enigmatic odd character just from the basic photos of him and his name. I don't know what he is all about and probably would find it hard to want to sit down and think about it. By the end of the movie I was expecting Julian Assange to seek sanctuary in Russia and have the American President after him but no, I had already begun to confuse him with Edwards Snowden since I don't watch the news very much. If Julian Assange fades away completely and people just think of the two as one individual in ten years time, it wouldn't surprise me whatsoever. I am very into people and entities merging into combined uneasy entities in this age that people soon begin to never imagine ever having been seperate at all anywhere in history.

Sunday, 13 October 2013


a) I finally watched Insidious on DVD since I watched its sequel Insidious Chapter 2 at the cinema some weeks back, and once again, was quite inspired by the parts of it that were journey into another dimension that was supposedly a sort of an astral plane, but well still I was a little bit more inspired by what I had seen in the Hellraiser and its sequel , the Silent Hill films, Dreamscape, What Dreams May Come, Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me, the Nightmare in Elm Street film series  and indeed Brainstorm, but it was almost still interesting to see it in Insidious and amiable enough to make me want to see more. 

b) The plot of the film and the sight of the medium wearing a gas mask didn't interest me at all. What was possibly the main demon of the film had a makeup mask that made him look a little bit like Darth Maul from  The Phantom Menace and once I was certain about what I was seeing there, that didn't interest me as well. And the sight of a haggard man's face wearing a dress and a veil didn't interest me either but I realised that this was a character who was going to be in the sequel. Fair enough I thought. It was all for a mainstream audience and perhaps it works enough as almost better than average low budget entertainment, and indeed I want to see more scenes taking place in the astral world or whatever it was supposed to be in the later movies even if I will sit through most of the movie with a bored look on my face

c) The interview with the director and the writer on the DVD made me want to cringe, having to tolerate their grinning Australian personalities almost sent me into a state of rage and insanity,

Friday, 11 October 2013

Blue something or other, the second word fades away

1) This evening I went to see a movie with Cate Blanchett in the lead role , the first lead role that I have ever seen her in, that might have been called something like Blue Jezobel or Blue Jissom or Blue this or Blue that or something in that realm of thinking.
2) Half the real title is now erased in favour of imagining that the movie had a title like a porn movie and in a way I prefer to imagine that it was in essence secretly a hard core porn movie all along, 
3) The actor who played the boyfriend of the sister must have been a cheap porn stud and the actor who the sister went out with for a short while must have been some nobody that they grabbed off the street who would do it for the cash, but it was all cloaked in the guise of a movie with no nudity, sex or any really suggestive behaviour, it was all near enough squashed into the far distance hidden beyond the end of scenes, and closed doors but I was the one who could still see the compressed sordid remains of a dirty blue movie with near ambiguous nonsensical dialogue and somewhat nonsensical needs to do things, almost as clear as day and this film seemed to hav suddenly formations of relationships from behind facades that that  might form and then suddenly dissolved within minutes in the movie for the basis of sex. anything could have been added onto it and taken away again, but in the end it was fashioned into a precious China teacup. 
4) Probably this is all normal for a Woody Allen movie anyway with people floating around obsessed with the need for sex.
5) However the nearest thing that I have has had to watching porn movies so far is the scene of a fake porn movie featuring Naughty Nancy in "American Werewolf In London" and also the various fictional scenes from "Boogie Nights" and a remade scene from Deep Throat for the movie "Lovelace". Okay, yes, the title of the movie was "Blue Jasmine" or something like that if Wmm is forced to remember the name. Whether that means anything and it might be hard to ay, that was Wmm's experience of the movie.
6) Cate Blanchette looked very lovely even in her worst state in the film 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Wicker Man Final Cut

a) The additions of scenes mostly around the beginning seemed to only be minor alterations that ought not effect the movie significantly but who actually knows the original cut any more

b) One wonders if Britt Eckland probably wouldn't have been expected to perform the dance movies required of her body double without some training or achieving an extreme reinvention of herself. Their dubbing of her voice remains an odd thing to wonder about. The sight of her breasts in this film retained its joy, they continued to remain symbol of hope for the future.

c) Sitting in the antiquated environment of Cineworld Haymarket watching The Wicker Man made it feel like a trip back in time showing the true essence of that wonderful old cinema for what it was , even if that cinema was really designed to be a theatre

d) I think there have been much longer versions shown of this film on television in the past, so there has been confusion about what is in which movie that is really new unless one has been watching a DVD of the original version carefully enough.  I suppose it has all got a bit complicated in that respect. The version I saw today was supposedly 94 minutes.

e) I've only seen it once on TV before, but as long as I've seen a cut on the cinema that the original director was happy with, I am happy with what I've seen. I think that the Corn Riggs song is one of the most awful nightmarishly boring folks songs I've ever heard but I will be thankful that it was composed and sung in this film and bored me in the way it did, I don't care if Robert Burns did compose the lyrics it still bored me, but WIllows Song is always a pure haunting delight.

f) I can see from the movie how much fun Christopher Lee must have had in his role in the film. It would have been a completely different sort of a role for him instead of one of his typical stern faced characters, such as Count Dracula which had probably had played too many times for his own good. This allowed him to let a much more flamboyant side of his personality out for public inspection.

g) I'll have to take a look at the movie The Wicker Tree as well in good time.  I literally almost asked for a ticket for "Whicker's World", which was the name of the near legendary British TV program with Alan Whicker.  

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fear of Baggage

leading from
Paranoiac Critical Wmm
I went to go and check on The Humayoun's house because he was away on holiday, and found a large bag and a suitcase that didn't appear to be there before stuck in the back garden. I was not sure what exactly they were doing there but the new rationality in my mind was that there must have been a dwarf hiding in the suit case hoping to be smuggled into the house in order to let his taller friend in who was interested in gun robbery, (The idea of a concealed dwarf might be a distant echo from The Man With The Golden Gun movie), and the huge bag in my mind obviously must have contained a stash of metal pipes, fuel canisters and other assorted metal items for the dwarf to spend time assembling into utterly useless gun shaped items that wouldn't have fooled anyone while he waited for his much taller friend to come along and drink cups of tea while deciding which of the totally useless makeshift objects to use as a weapons in order to hold up the Humayoun on his return a few days later and indeed find that he didn't really have anything of much monetary value at all in the house anyway that robbers would have shown any interest in unless they wanted one of the Humayoun's own drawings or paintings that might be worth a couple of hundred to the right buyer if they pushed hard to find one.

Monday, 30 September 2013


  1. I remember having seen RIPD this evening and came to a decision that it was almost interesting as an undead version of MIB, there was a lot of visual imagination in thes movie, but then it went where Transformers 3 and again Marvel Avengers had been before.  
  2. Only Jeff Bridges brings life to the RIPD, near enough resurrecting from the dead his 19th century lawman character from Coen Brothers' movie True Grit.  
  3. Was the Kevin Bacon in RIPD the real one or just another doppleganger from Orange 2-for-1 cinema nights and EE commercials?
  4. I  really wish that Kevin Bacon hadn't done those commercials 
  5. Oh my, a dozen people will suddenly remember what Transformers 3 and Marvel Avengers have in common and feel that I have totally ruined the very idea of seeing the film. They'll never go to see the movie now!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

"The Call" & "Prisoners"

a) Seeing "The Call"
  1.  I can recall seeing yesterday The Call. It was almost a great thrill ride but failed to deliver any real intelligent surprise at the end. Besides that it seemed like a better than average thriller with a fairly decent ending reached by way of an idiot plot point or two. I am not interested in any of the explanations and perhaps it was to be nothing but a dream like thing to float around in the mind and fade. There is very little that one can specifically say about The Call without possibly ruining the plot for those who haven't seen it. However The Call might be good to watch again if they show it on TV in a few years time, there is nothing else to watch and one might feel as if one has used well the time
  2. The sight of the girl in the back of the car punching the back light out and her hand is sticking out in the trailers, it was quite a haunting image, it was as if the back of the car was now a womb, I expected that corner hole to open up wide and show a foetus floating in amniotic fludi. When the girl comes through the gap in the back seat, it might have been the moment when she is supposed to being birthed.

b)  Seeing "Prisoners"
However today I remember that today I saw Prisoners and felt that The Call and Prisoners were almost the antithesis of one another. I realised that this would be the case before I saw the Prisoners and maybe even before I saw The Call. It was totally wonderful to see people walking out before the end of Prisoners, perhaps they were afraid of how far the story seemed to lead into depths of nowhere at points. If only more people were walking out before the end of Prisoners, it might have been an even greater film experience. Three people in my row along left early and this forced me sitting at the end of the row to get out of my seat twice for these people to stand in the aisle as they left and I wondered "what the hell is going on here?" but I appreciated the extremeness of the situation. Prisoners was the film with the most satisfying thriller storyline this year and a good one to rewatch because of some of its visually abstract revelations. I also very much appreciated the pouring rain  and it's minimalistic ending as well. It also brought me to think about Blade Runner in an inspired way.

c) People and situations from "The Call" transform into those in "Prisoners"

c. i) Halle Berry transforms into Jake Gyllenhaal
  1. Initial Transformations. The actors to take note of here are Halle Berry who plays emergency telephone operator Jordan Turner in The Call and Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Detective Loki in Prisoners.
  2. Distant sounds. Jordan Turner hears the sound of something metal making a chiming sound in the background of a telephone call and this become the idiot plot point that takes her to discover the metal cover concealing the entrance of a cellar complex beneath the ground where an old house once stood and there was the layer of the serial killer Michael Foster. 
  3. Another step forwards by dropping something and retrieving it. In The Call, Halle Berry enters the cellar complex only because she suddenly drops her mobile phone down through the cellar entrance and down below there is not mobile phone signal. In Prisoners. once Detective Loki has decided to smash everything and throw on the floor everything on the desk in his work cubicle, after he has let a suspect who was drawing a map in the form maze shoot himself, the act of dropping something leads to another point in the story as he plays with the toy bus on the floor, moves it around and then discovers in the photo of the corpse from the cellar on the floor the medallion has the pattern of a maze
  4. Idiot police didn't make a basic search of the area. The police in The Call had located the abandoned car on the plot of land where the cellar was to be found and the chiming sound was to be heard in the distance which turned out to be a metal object that might have been a padlock hanging by a string, hanging down the side of a flagpole, tied to a flag pole that kept hitting the pole, they didn't bother to notice the sound in the telephone call. They didn't bother to carry out a proper search across the area of ground which might have led to the discovery of a cellar.In Prisoners, there are the police digging up the yard outside the house but find nothing, and they fail to do something such as a proper search around the area and look to see if the parked car is concealing something obvious, but here Jordan has been transformed into Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki who right at the end of the film hears the distant sound of a toy whistle being blown by Keller Dover who is trapped in a pit with a man hole sized entrance hidden beneath a metal cover,
c. ii) Mike Foster transforms into Keller Dover and then Holly Jones' husband
  1. More Transformations. The actors to point out here are Michael Eklund plays the abductor/serial killer Michael Foster in The Call and also  Hugh Jackman who plays Keller Dover in Prisoners.  
  2. Cellar transforms into abandoned former home. Once the enraged Keller Dover had abducted the imbecile Alex Jones believing him to be guilty of abducting his daughter, although the person turned out to be someone who was an imbecile who knew the actual abductor and was a victim himself, he held him prisoner in his former now abandoned home and grievously tortured him. He was almost no better than the Michael Foster character who had kidnapped blonde woman, taking them to his hideaway to kill them for his own perverse needs. Michael Foster's almost maze like cellar had become Keller Dover's abandoned how with its many upstairs twists and turns that led to the bathroom. 
  3. Forced down the hole While Michael Foster had been shoved back down back into the cellar by Jordan Turner and her the girl abductee, Keller Dover had been forced down into the pit by the elderly woman killer who has shot him in the knee cap and so he is stuck down there. However Michael Foster is knocked unconscious by his fall into the cellar and Jordan Turner takes the opportunity to bind the man to a chair in his chamber and to leave him there to die. 
  4. Serial Killers left to die bound to chairs in cellars. Michael Foster is left bound to his chair in the cellar in The Call and  then transforms into n dead body of a man bound to his seat in the cellar beneath the priest's house in Prisoners. That dead man was also a serial killer who had died some years ago, had killed many children and was the husband of the elderly woman Holly Jones, the villain of the film and aunt of the imbecile Alex Jones.
d) Alex Jones in Prisoners as an echo of Alex Jones of Prison Planet?
Meanwhile is there a connection between Alex Jones in Prisoners and radio presenter Alex Jones who runs the Prison Planet conspiracy website? Possibly not.