Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dark Knight Rises

Does this promise Batman meets Inception?
  1. Saw the new Batman movie and thought that it was long but good. However , thought that the main villain in the poster, his voice sounded silly and most of the words he spoke were inaudible and sometimes only just about guessable. Very glad that when the film ended, it ended and there wasn't some idiotic extra scene to wait for after the credits.
  2. One girl sitting in row in front kept moving her head around and she had a little hair bun at the back that kept getting in the way of the screen, luckily she was short and by half way through she sat back properly.
  3. The Inception-esque ending was quite nice.
  4. Appreciated how this movie may have annoyed a good many people, but as the end of a trilogy, it has put the film director higher up than before into the group of directors whose work interests this writer the most and usually Christopher Nolan's interviews look as if they try their hardest not to really be that interesting, and quite often disappointing.  Perhaps appreciation can be given to the conservative Britishness floating around this last movie and maybe the mentality behind the many crass decisions made to make up the film's twisting story possibly because this writer here is not giving too much concern for the comic book fans or any one really expecting to see Catwoman or Robin as the characters they're supposed to be, and the way the main villain in the posters really seemed to vanish into nothingness once he was beaten in a fight and the truth was revealed about him was well appreciated, which gave a wonderful feeling about how the main setup seemed all for nothing. The nothingness seemed to be the bigger thrill, along with the possibility that maybe the Bain having a voice machine or whatever which didn't enable one to make out most of his words probably really showed that he didn't have much of importance to say anyway, most of it could be overlooked or just forgotten.
  5. Read in an interview today that the end of the movie was inspired by a dream that Chris Nolan had and this, well, makes sense for this writer because the ending was dreamlike 
  6. Cillian's character is supposedly the same one as in the previous Batman films but  it really didn't have much to do with the same character. Some people might have been annoyed that he wasn't playing the same character as he did in Inception. 
  7. This year there haven't been much in a way of highly ratable films for me so this one gets the prize for this year in terms of the last several months. Amused about how the Bane character once Batman had his last fight with him appeared to disappear into nowhere, and by the way that it had Catwoman and Robin but only just vaguely because they didn't really fit into Nolan's vision very well. It felt as if Nolan was twiddling around with his Inception ideas in the movie. Glad to see that his trilogy is over. Don't think that it would be easy to sit through that movie again any time soon.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Remembers seeing the new Spiderman movie today,  actually enjoyed it although the lizard man wasn't quite the way he thought it should be after the comic books , cartoon and action doll from thirty five years ago and many of the scenes of the Lizard Man and Spiderman looked very CGI-ish, but really one can't expect too much in today's mainstream cinema and well he has not heard of the director before and if he never heard of the director's name again, it probably wouldn't be bothersome too much,  hardly likely to wonder whatever happened to Marc Webb the film director if he never makes another film but those words could well be eaten in good time. The fact  this review could easily have been written before having seen the movie and not have a different word about it afterwards. 
Enjoyed the main actor Andrew Garfield as Spiderman,  thought that this actor was very good ever since his performance in the movie Never Let Me Go, which is one of the films that is loved here most of all because of its British values. The actor has dual nationality as American and British and can play both in cinema without causing some concern about which side of the Atlantic he thinks he's on.
Then there was Rhys Ifans as the villain of the movie, it was great to see him, a thought occurred that he was great in the TV film "Not Only But Always" as Peter Cook which was about the life of the late Peter Cook and Dudley Moore the British comedians. He was the best person that they could ever have got to play Peter Cook the legendary comedian but Rhys Ifan's acting talents seemed immensely underused in this Spiderman film and it doesn't seem likely that he's ever going to pretend to be a 21st century Peter Cook in these big buck movies for those of us slightly weary of these bloated American offerings.
All in all it was great lightweight entertainment! This writer wont be buying the DVD when it comes out, then he hasn't bought any of the Spiderman films on DVD. He watches them once on the cinema, enjoys them, that's about it and there's really very little else for him to want to watch in them but is happy to cast his mind back to scenes of Doc Ock's tentacles coming alive in Spiderman 2 , and he thought that they were probably the most monstrous things in cinema for at least a couple of decades

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter

  1. Just went to see Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter and was not disappointed at all. Possibly the only way to make the movie a better version of what it was is to have Liam Neeson dub the voice of the older version of Abraham Lincoln since the actor looked enough like a young Liam Neeson. 
  2. Obviously the young actor will have to star in Taken 0
  3. All very bewildering 
  4. On the poster it should read " Benjamin Walker as Liam Neeson as Abraham Lincoln" or even "Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln as Liam Neeson"
  5. Sat there expecting the actor to make a slip with his character's surname but he never introduced himself as Abraham Neeson even once!  
  6. Liked the director earlier films quite a lot so I thought it would be an interesting film for me 
  7. There isn't a lot about this movie in the magazines. It isn't as if it has any big stars in it such as Liam Neeson 
  8. It's actually a wonderful sort of movie, I'm not an expert in the American Civil War but it's very nice in terms of its period detail, the camera work is quite painterly. Timur almost seems to make his action movies into art movies. It's an odd movie. 
  9. The director's previous film was Wanted which had big names such Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and Terence Stamp, but this one didn't have such big names 
  10. well, this Lincoln film probably was basically a smaller production, and the director produced with Tim Burton who perhaps makes quite individual movies even if his films are not the most watchable 
  11. Tim Burton has made films in the past which I have been able to watch but not anymore, but his sets and costumes are very lavish. The last Tim Burton movie watched was Sweeney Todd, there were some great Dante Ferretti designed sets, but I spent my time trying to see past this person standing in most of the shots whose first name was Johnny. The thoughts that came most of the time was, "I wish they'd get this Johnny person out of the shot", and  also wasn't too happy when they had some person when some actor with "Baron" somewhere in his name was hogging the screen either but he died fairly quickly in the film so that wasn't so bad