Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kill List (DVD)

  1. Bought the DVD for Kill List which is a movie that I hasdn't seen yet and bought the DVD at a low price. Have read in an interview that some of the content of the film script seemed to have been inspired by the content of the director/scriptwriter's dreams which is often something to generate interest for me in a movie.
  2. Managed to finally watch Kill List, wasn't really too keen on the main actors who were all normal looking people. Not looking towards looking out for any of them in further movies. Wasn't too much of a fan of all the screaming and shouting and fighting going on in the movie or the bloody violence because they were trying to do this all in the most down to earth way possible, but did turn into a sort of a good horror movie that might be a reasonable story for an episode of Hammer House Of Horror series. 
  3. Glad to have avoided it in the cinema due to not being a fan of watching people screaming and shouting at each other or getting into realistic fights with each other and there were some people being killed in rather bloody agonising ways, it was actually quite aggravating in that way really. The ideas behind the characters who were on the actual "kill list" were curious abstract and in that way interesting. The ending of the movie turned into dream like confusion that perhaps also gave an impression that the film maker probably liked movies such as The Wicker Man.
  4. On the whole, thoughts emerge that the movie was very good and understanding more of the bleak humour of the film came from listening to the scriptwriters/director's commentary laughing away as they talked about how they were drawing a lot of the ideas from day to day realism, the director wrote the movie with his wife which was a great relief to watch in light of the movie and he might even watch the film again at some other point (at this point,  only got half way through the writers/directors commentary)
  5. By avoiding watching East Enders and other soap operas for the last two decades , the impression that one might be able to escape all the screaming and shouting presented in the film but obviously there's always another way for it come when it has to. Well, at least the characters all made up fairly quickly.
  6. well, if taken as a dream like fantasy infringing on these people's semi real worlds as hit men and whatever explanation might have been required would have been worthless anyway. Director mentioned that the villains were the kinds of characters that popped up in dreams in the Sight And Sound interview so on that basis the abstractness was okay! For a good many there might be the whole thing about a story regarding people's worlds grounded in reality suddenly becoming more and more abstract without explanation and it might not be what they payed their cinema ticket money for. 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Expendables 2

  1. Heading off into the centre of London, maybe go and see The Expendables 2, but how far will this writer get before he decides that the ideas to do this is completely disposable. He doesn't know whether he wants to spend time seeing this movie or might he have a better time staring at a wall somewhere. 
  2. Bourne Legacy is an option but the name keeps transforming into Bored Legacy. Never bothered to watch any of the previous Bourne movies and has very little urge if any to see The Expendables 1. This must be the ultimate day of choice. 
  3. Went to see the Expendables 2. Although quite enjoyable , there's nothing that this writer could that no one else had already said, although as with the original Men In Black , the audience were all laughing away in unison at things. Not exactly how they were collectively finding funny. They really ought to have done something a little more interesting with Schwarzenegger's lines.
  4. There don't seem to be any actions figures in the shop to do with the film,
  5. The trailer before Expendables 2 was setting everyrone up for the biggest computer game style movie of the year, maybe the next year or two even. This Total Recall movie seems to be quite a confusing one. As a person who doesn't play computer games,  probably not going to be someone who can criticise it for being like a computer game unless it turns out to be a bit like Jet Set Willy or Sabrewulf 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Another viewing of Prometheus

  1. Went to see Prometheus one more time at the cinema and this time with friend, the Humayoun who had planned to see it but had not got around to it before the sudden off the cuff decision to go and see it instead of going to an art exhibition. Is that the fifth time or sixth, the count has been lost,  the cinema ticket stubs may act as a record if all are found.
  2. Very glad to read that it's less likely now that Damon Lindelof will be writing the script for the sequel. However the next horror might be what sort of other monster from the LA scriptwriter scene is going to be out there writing the next movie's script?