Thursday, 1 February 2007

Passing words

wmmvrrvrrmm [4:13 AM PST]: I've heard the news reports on TV and read the rumours in the magazines and newspapers that I'm going to have a haircut today
wmmvrrvrrmm [4:15 AM PST]: occult secret societies have been communicating this information also in the form of secret hand gestures while in the streets
wmmvrrvrrmm [4:16 AM PST]: it's listed in 17 different people's psychiatric reports where and when I will have my haircut and by who's scissors
wmmvrrvrrmm [4:17 AM PST]: I don't wish to go as far as to put forth the idea that this information about my haircut will mean anything to the members of Al-Qaida
mcpeer3 [4:23 AM PST]: yoyoyo
wmmvrrvrrmm [5:04 AM PST]: but someone in the American Government might find every reason to see it as an encoded command to go and kill another three thousand innocent people and destroy a few buildings and aeroplanes
wmmvrrvrrmm [5:05 AM PST]: and carry out the orders successfully