Saturday, 28 January 2012

Misreading of the day

1) Wmm read the BBC news headline "Warning over Niger harvest crisis" and for a moment though that actor Nigel Havers was a man in trouble

2) And then it seems that Wmm had a misreading of his own misreading here and it stated that "Nigel Havers was a man in a crocodile"

3) Looking for connections between Nigel Havers and crocodiles on Google, the only thing that Wmm can find is a report on IMDB from November 2010: "Nigel Havers was left seething on last night's I'm A Celebrity after the boys' team were rewarded with a meal of crocodile feet. The veteran thespian fumed when the dinner, which was won by Lembit Opik in a bushtucker trial, was revealed to Camp Bruce. "I can't believe we've not got a decent meal," he said. "It looks like something they'd throw out on Berwick Street Market at 6pm." However, an optimistic Opik kept responding: "I (more) » "