Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hardcore Henry

a) Wmm very much enjoyed the Hardcore Henry movie with it's continuous slaughter and of course, Sharlto Copley made the film the zany piece of weirdness that it was, but seeing that Timur Bekmambetov as producer of the movie, it seems that must have had something to do with its success well. The scifi plot made from recognisable elements was satisfying enough to go with this action piece. Probably watching the movie started to fire Wmm's brain up in a strange way as if the whole thing was some sort of weird drug trip, although the movie was supposed to be like a computer game from the player's view, which seemed to make it something near to a found footage movie but much more successful. Wmm has no particular strange other view about the film while seeing it, other than he enjoyed it and loved Sharlto Copley's performance, thought it just worked remarkably well.

b) Once Wmm got to his destination station homeward bound, he noticed a foldable knife on the pavement outside the KFC in the highstreet and then turning the corner he noticed that two men and a young boy were walking out of a side road and rolled a car tire across a busy road, which luckily didn't go rolling into the front of a passing car. Wmm suddenly found himself walking near to these people and one had with him a bag of fish and chips and Wmm's own mind began to merge the foldable knife with the fish in batter and imagine the man with the food suddenly pulling out a foldable Cronenbergundian weapon made from a spine spine and other fish bones unnatural to a cod in batter's own skeleton, to attack him with and this never happened in reality of course, but it always a wonder to have such strange ideas. Obvious the other man and the young boy didn't start mutating into anything vicious either, Wmm didn't have his foot bitten off by the child.