Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Wicker Man Final Cut

a) The additions of scenes mostly around the beginning seemed to only be minor alterations that ought not effect the movie significantly but who actually knows the original cut any more

b) One wonders if Britt Eckland probably wouldn't have been expected to perform the dance movies required of her body double without some training or achieving an extreme reinvention of herself. Their dubbing of her voice remains an odd thing to wonder about. The sight of her breasts in this film retained its joy, they continued to remain symbol of hope for the future.

c) Sitting in the antiquated environment of Cineworld Haymarket watching The Wicker Man made it feel like a trip back in time showing the true essence of that wonderful old cinema for what it was , even if that cinema was really designed to be a theatre

d) I think there have been much longer versions shown of this film on television in the past, so there has been confusion about what is in which movie that is really new unless one has been watching a DVD of the original version carefully enough.  I suppose it has all got a bit complicated in that respect. The version I saw today was supposedly 94 minutes.

e) I've only seen it once on TV before, but as long as I've seen a cut on the cinema that the original director was happy with, I am happy with what I've seen. I think that the Corn Riggs song is one of the most awful nightmarishly boring folks songs I've ever heard but I will be thankful that it was composed and sung in this film and bored me in the way it did, I don't care if Robert Burns did compose the lyrics it still bored me, but WIllows Song is always a pure haunting delight.

f) I can see from the movie how much fun Christopher Lee must have had in his role in the film. It would have been a completely different sort of a role for him instead of one of his typical stern faced characters, such as Count Dracula which had probably had played too many times for his own good. This allowed him to let a much more flamboyant side of his personality out for public inspection.

g) I'll have to take a look at the movie The Wicker Tree as well in good time.  I literally almost asked for a ticket for "Whicker's World", which was the name of the near legendary British TV program with Alan Whicker.  

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