Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Person sometimes referred to as Pyramid Head or Triangle Head

  1. I'm approached because of my pyramid about four times a day by people from all different walks of life and many more people have been discussing the subject of this device that I have been seen to wear on my head, and so I have decided to create a page on my blog about it.
  2. This device so I notice helps to focus the mind, relax the mind, help me to not be so worn out by the toxic central London air pollution as I would normally be, and also it seems to detox the brain. I will often wear it outdoors and wear it when I was to keep awake at home late at night and get written work done at home. I don't claim to know the ultimate ins and outs of its functions from personal experience but have listened to and read what Dr Fred Bell who developed this product has had to say about it. The benefits of wearing this device outweigh the weirdness of it for me.
  3. I have experimented with a pyramid with fruit, leaving some grapes outside of it and some inside, and the grapes inside after some weeks later had dried out to quite some degree, had a small amount of mold on it but tasted beautiful to eat. The grapes left outside of the pyramid were soon totally consumed with mold. The pyramid when constructed properly is known to delay the production of putrifying bacteria. So people have used such a device in the past to make cheese from milk.
    Todd Rundgren's record album "UTOPIA RA"
    Bearsville Records "K55514" UK 1976
  4. There was a Pyramid Experiment Insert featured in the Todd Rundgren's band Utopia's record album, "Ra" released in the 1970s. (Todd Rundgren's record album "UTOPIA RA"
    Bearsville Records "K55514" UK 1976) 
    A friend of mine had a go with it when the album first came out and found that he was able to make a cup of milk successful turn into cheese.

    "Pyramid assembly instructions:

    Cut along the outside edge of the pyramid (do not cut off tab 'a'). Gently fold the edges of each panel into a pyramid shape. Tape or glue tab 'a' under the edge of 'b'.

    Experiments have been done with pyramids that have the same proportions as the one you are now holding in your hand. The findings of these experiments suggest that the energy within the pyramid is transformed in such a way that it slows down the rate at which organic matter deteriorates and decomposes. The flavor of foods confined in the pyramid's center was noticeably enhanced, and the freshness of the food itself was preserved for a surprisingly long time. If you would like to try an experiment of your own, find an area free of electromagnetic interference (away from t.v. set, etc.) ~ outside is real good. Using a compass, align one of the faces to magnetic north, place some object inside the pyramid for a while, and observe. Let us know what happens."
    cut out pyramid with the Utopia Ra album
  5. These things better do something drastic for the money you pay and they do as far as I can tell. As far as I know it works whenever I put it on. If you want to use certain ones for certain noticeable medical benefits, you would need to wear it regularly. The Silver Power Dome most likely to be tough to wear at first because of the effects of detoxing. People who have worn my Power Dome often have felt an immediate sensation of feeling calmer.
  6. However someone broke my pyramid headgear soon after I brought it, a child did something to it that in the end cracked the apex. If the two sides of the apex are connecting, it works and if the two sides of the apex are not connected properly I start wondering why I am not getting any of the benefits out of the device, and then I will be able to see what is wrong and put the apex back together. This proves to me that it's not just some placebo effect.
    the late Dr Fred Bell, founder of the company Pyradyne
  7. As far as I'm concerned, I bought a device from a US company , and I find it useful. I'm not sure if I'm the one to explain it.
  8. People around the streets of London often see me wearing a pyramid on my head, a it is a Power Dome made by the company Pyradyne. Until a couple of years ago I wore a Ray Dome pyramid for a number of years until I felt it was time to upgrade to something stronger.
  9. Dr Fred Bell the man who developed the pyramid headgear product and started the Pyradyne company has had an interesting clientel over the years, however he passed on in 2011. There have been some well known celebrities that he has talked about who have used his products. Frank Zappa used to use a Power Dome and found it good for his creative inspiration. Lee Majors was known to have worn one for some times when he was making his Six Million Dollar Man TV and would have liked to have incorporated it into the plot of the TV series if he had been allowed and James Brown posed for a photo with a pyramid on his head . The writer Ray Bradbury also was known to have worn a Ray Dome for the company for a while. Pyradyne's products have had quite a history going back about four decades. Wesley Snipes has used them for his fitness too. Joe Cocker seems to have used a Powerdome to help him quit smoking a long while back.  David Tickle the record producer used Dr Fred's products in his studio including when U2 recorded their album "Rattle and Hum" .  One of his pyramid based devices strangely turned up as a machine used on a space station in the movie Moonraker.
    "James Brown, Lee Duncan and the gang at Aspen", 1981
  10. I've heard that people in Camden Market were seen to wear pyramids, I was told that the day before it the market burned down early in 2008. There have been reports given to me by passers by of other people around central London wearing them, and here we are in 2013 and I personally know now of one other person who has actually worn his outdoors, but the more the merrier.
  11. For more information on the product, go to the Pyradyne website and you can also contact the company personally to make further inquiries about their products. An archive of Dr Fred Bell's Health Science and Energy Show can be found and downloaded from BBS Radio for a reasonable fee

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