Monday, 30 September 2013


  1. I remember having seen RIPD this evening and came to a decision that it was almost interesting as an undead version of MIB, there was a lot of visual imagination in thes movie, but then it went where Transformers 3 and again Marvel Avengers had been before.  
  2. Only Jeff Bridges brings life to the RIPD, near enough resurrecting from the dead his 19th century lawman character from Coen Brothers' movie True Grit.  
  3. Was the Kevin Bacon in RIPD the real one or just another doppleganger from Orange 2-for-1 cinema nights and EE commercials?
  4. I  really wish that Kevin Bacon hadn't done those commercials 
  5. Oh my, a dozen people will suddenly remember what Transformers 3 and Marvel Avengers have in common and feel that I have totally ruined the very idea of seeing the film. They'll never go to see the movie now!

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