Friday, 2 July 2010

Day dream Visions July 2nd, 2010

  • On the train home, Wmm imagines that the woman opposite him on the train who is talking to her friend on the phone, and is on her way to visit her and use all the resources that her friends house has to offer, such as use the bath even, is talking about plans to amputate her left lower arm and have the stump stitched to the stump of her friend's amputated lower right arm, maybe she the friend has not agreed to it at all or has even talked about the possibility of it with the woman in the train but she knew that this was going to be the best thing that they had done in a long long time together, she was so looking forwards to never walking normally in her life ever again and with a smile on her face continued to chat about it.
  • The elderly man on Wmm's left sitting on the opposite side is talking to his wife on the phone telling her how he is going to stop off at a friend's house, and he talks very loudly to her and her voice comes back over the mobile phone as loud as anything because he has the volume turned up at the highest level and Wmm began to imagine this man saying that he was going to stop there and have his left foot amputated without anaesthetics and probably using kitchen appliances because he wants to have his knee joint fused to the knee joint of the man sitting next to him, the other man suddenly says that yes this is so, because they've become best pals since the old man gave him ten pounds and so he can't wait to have this man's knee joint fused to his own, because then they could walk everywhere together and have some of the best conversations.
  • Wmm gets on the final bus to go home and sits down.  A man stands before Wmm where he is sitting down on this single decker hopper bus. The man is an Indian man with a bald head, wearing an orange t-shirt with the back of his head towards Wmm and he is listening to music through a pair of small headphones.  In Wmm's mind's eye, the man's face becomes covered in a mask of skinless muscle and tendons that have grown out of his skin, almost like a cancer. The man is surrounded by a virtual drumkit, where holographic projections of circles surround him so that he can touch them with his head, ears, shoulders, arms and elbows while he stands there in the bus, and make various strange little percussion noises. This man stands there experiencing all the wonder that he could want to create. However he turns around to Wmm and asks him to join in by singing, but this would mean that Wmm would have to grow a mask, one that would be like an iron mask with a life of its own that pierces Wmm's face with wires that fused with his nervous system and muscles, and begins to contort his whole skull into the strangest of shapes that were not quite human. Wmm wasn't sure if he wanted this because he wasn't the person to want to join in with a band and sing, even if it was just a primal howl that the person wanted to accompany his drumming. Wmm wondered if this was perhaps a displaced conversation and really the person was talking to whoever had been sitting half an hour earlier where Wmm was sitting , or maybe he was really talking to someone that wasn't present but Wmm had briefly spoken to an hour earlier, an acquaintance named M who often seemed threatening no matter how nice, genuine, and open he was, who was very much into music.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Day dream Visions July 1st, 2010

  • In Wmm's minds eye, he is walking along the South pavement of Oxford Street, as usual with a giant croissant under my arm instead of holding my bag by it's handles. A car is coming up behind Wmm and and the driver hoots at him, the driver yells that he has the right of way to drive all over the pavement and he doesn't have a right to walk anywhere and Wmm should just get going, The left side of man's car has started extended by four or five feet, it looks as if a grand piano is starting to grow out of it, so while he is driving on the road, he hogs the pavement with this grand piano extrusion connected to his car.
  • Wmm get to the cafĂ© to sit down, drink coffee, and stare through the window ogling the maidens with the backless loose dresses as they stand by the window with their backs towards him. He begins to write his journal and then begins to experience the idea that someone has suddenly discovered that his own journals that he has been writing since a boy have all been rewritten in the hand of his landlord and from his landlord's perspective, his own points of view have been totally erased. The landlord likes to go on denying every little claim that the man makes out himself and the landlord tells him that he has to put up with it because everything has to be his way from now on.
  • Wmm in his mind sees a row of houses behind these two people, and the nearest house has a set of ground floor rooms extending into the back yard, and they use it as a kitchen, but the landlord has had a pathway built through the kitchen itself making  an open passage through the building. Wmm can see the kitchen table and a chair exposed by the passage running through it, and someone through the window can be seen yelling that some stranger has walked through their kitchen at least thirty five or thirty six times that day and there wasn't anything that they had a right to do about it. In the next house along, that room was used as a bathroom and they were yelling and screaming about the fact that someone walked through without even asking if someone was having a bath or sitting on the toilet before hand. They are in a state of hysterics about it. The next house along uses those rooms as a bedroom, and the couple there are complaining to one another about the mysterious man that they find standing there each morning taking photographs of whoever is sleeping in the bed there and nothing can be done about it. They have no rights to do anything about it.  
  • This place spells itself out to Wmm as being while in his realm of over-extended realism, a reflection of the virtual landscape of the Internet, especially Facebook mixed with the look of his local town area, where people have now found themselves accommodating unannounced loopholes in their agreements with Facebook privacy policy from time to time. The landlord must be one of these people making rules and bringing in new changes unannounced.
  • In his mind's eye, Wmm noticed the arm of a man falling off as he held it outstretched to hold a bar in the train and he wonders what this could all be about. Is it a symbol of something , maybe the first limb falling off in a series of many, as a representation of something.