Monday, 14 October 2013

Fifth something, give me a clue, Fifth State, Fifth Element, Fifth Estate Agent, okay I gives up...

a) I went to see the movie with "Fifth" in the title this evening, someone might ask if it's Fifth Element and I will say "no" and we could spend a long time trying to guess the second word and this film has Benedict Cumberwhatsisname playing Julian Thingamy or whatever his name is. It probably isn't important for me to know or state the whole of the names. Okay I give in Benedict' suname is Cumberbatch and Julian's surname is Assange or is it really Saussage, I am forgetting already

b) I enjoyed the movie that has Fifth somewhere in the title and enjoyed it quite a bit and found it very stylish although it seemed to be rather confusing what was going on at the end leaving one wondering whether Assange's words about the possibility a Wikileaks movie being made and from seeing the sort of character that Cumberbatch had played in the movie, one might expect that character to have said all the things that he did say about the movie as reported recently. It did seem to take one into a confusing question about what actually went on and who was to be believed. Daniel Brühl once again steered the story with his acting presence, some might recall him playing Niki Lauda in the recent movie Rush, and in that movie, he steered the whole story that could easily have been a pretty banal film and made it something quite interesting. Julian Assange appeared to remain a big headed rubbery character with boundaries that could not be established by common thinking alone and Daniel Berg fought to control the monstrous being that he helped to propel into power. One might start to wonder what it would have been like if Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Hemsworth had been fused into one entity , that being might have looked like someone a lot more similar to James Hunt in appearance in Rush than Chris Hemswoth alone.. And if Daniel Brühl had played the side kick of Cumberbatch's character in the recent Star Trek movie, perhaps it would have made Cumberbatch's character a lot more convincing in seeming to have a reason for what he was doing.

c) Quite honestly the actual events of Wikileaks hasn't really interested me but this Julian Assange has remained a strange enigmatic odd character just from the basic photos of him and his name. I don't know what he is all about and probably would find it hard to want to sit down and think about it. By the end of the movie I was expecting Julian Assange to seek sanctuary in Russia and have the American President after him but no, I had already begun to confuse him with Edwards Snowden since I don't watch the news very much. If Julian Assange fades away completely and people just think of the two as one individual in ten years time, it wouldn't surprise me whatsoever. I am very into people and entities merging into combined uneasy entities in this age that people soon begin to never imagine ever having been seperate at all anywhere in history.

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