Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kiss of the Spiderwoman

Wmm remembers that while he was on the bus home today, he took notice of the woman sitting nearby who had dark stockings on , with the lower part of one leg crossed over the upper part of the other, in his minds eye he perceived that the leg began to grow longer and longer and soon was wrapped around his neck while the other leg also soon grew longer and longer and also wrapped itself around Wmm's head and neck and the woman suddenly grew more and more legs that all wrapped themselves around Wmm as if she were a giant spider of some sort .

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Second trip to see Prometheus

  1. Heading off into the world of central London with the intention of giving Prometheus another shot, second of three.
  2. It gets better each time because one has got over the nonsense after the first go at seeing the film and there are always more details to explore. Sure that probably will see it more than three times if it remains on at the Cineworld Trocadero for a couple weeks more
  3. Will need another display file any day now to store the interviews collected
  4. Trying not to say anything in response to that which might sound like a rant about Lindelof and his so called plots with lots of "fun stuff" like clusters of "Easter eggs
  5. Perhaps the film is even better the third time because one could go deeper into the film, even further beyond the need to be interested in the designs of the creatures or the biomechanic sets, the urge to react in any way to seeing the various designs that I wasn't too happy about are just past hurdles, and the limitations of various pieces of dialogue that might have made me wince before fade into the distance, it's easier to walk around the easter eggs as well without walking all over them and getting something similar to very old egg yolk all over the souls of ones shoes and needing to find a place to wipe them clean, it also becomes easier to get beyond the introductions to everything in the movie presented in the media, the odd similarities to the Alien Vs Predator script fade into the distance, the thing to do is to get further into the core of bigger picture which might not be the same core as the little picture's.
  6. Probably better too if one doesn't watch the film realising with complete foreknowledge who the android isbut that wouldn't be easy.
  7. Ever since having watched the excellent action detective thriller film Vidocq directed by Pitof in 2001 ( Pitof was visual effects supervisor for Alien Resurrection. Vidocq featured a villain who was an alchemist who wore a featureless reflective mask and his lair seems very much to look like it was borrowed from an unused idea for the queens layer in Alien Resurrection, ) thoughts occurred from then on that there ought to be the King alien with a featureless face also because there could be no alien face design better than the one created by Giger, so thought came "let's leave it featureless and somehow it's face within would break through the surface when it attacked" and it seems interesting seeing how the concept work for the deacon went that direction of a but pointed end of the head wasn't part of the idea that this writer had, the need to draw the head became a need to want to draw the head shape as a french curve and start thinking about chaos theory

Thursday, 21 June 2012


  1. Recollections of seeing the movie Cosmopolis today and that it felt like a very long movie maybe an hour longer than it actually was, liked the fact that the couple who sat in front of him walked about about and hour before the end. Thought the film was wonderfully weird in an almost hallucinatory way and it left him feeling fairly deranged afterwards for a little while. 
  2. By the beginning of the last scene, was almost on the verge of crying for the movie to end. Can't wait for the DVD!
  3. It felt like being trapped in a very bad dream. Liked a lot of the production design as well 
  4. Perhaps they should have advertised this as the dark side of "Waking Life"

first impressions from watching Prometheus

  1. Having memories of seeing the film Prometheus yesterday evening. Yes they were reasonable enough. Whatever criticisms I have about the movie, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender's performances managed to hold the movie together well for me. Piles of space jockey suits against a wall didn't do it for me as much as the one huge space jockey biomechanoid remains in a chair designed by Giger. The less said about the new aliens tongue the better. It might have been an idea to show how the characters were coming up with their ideas and theories about what they were dealing with. Still wondering why Noomi's character decided to refer to the alien humanoids as Engineers because it seems a strange title to give them from what we were shown at the beginning.
  2. If there was a sequel, it ought to be a movie about people going all that way to retrieve the medpod since it was a rare item rather than visiting the home of the Engineers
  3. Be seeing it again at least once pretty soon. Ought to see if there's a way of seeing it at the iMax. I'm surprised that the film wasn't being shown at the Odeon in Leicester Square but instead it was the Empire which is okay, but after the hype, it should have been in London's big Odeon.
  4. Wasn't too keen on the CGI used in the disintegration scene of the Engineer at the beginning.
  5. Chariots of the Gods was food for thought back in the 60s, a lot of people were finding ideas to be very inspiring back then whether they're to be disprovable or not and whatever there was to be discovered about the writers background in time to come from back then. I'd take that book as a sort of seemingly naive surrealistic item in this day and ag,e but beyond this book I think though that Ridley ought to have been looking for something a bit more developed about the Ancient Astronaut idea. The way they altered the Pakal Votan tomb lid in the future clearing the sky imagery and replacing it with the star system shown ought to have been unforgivable for anyone with an interest in Mayan imagery. At least they ought to have filled the sky up with a different set of details because they Mayans didn't like too many open spaces in their artwork.
  6. Wouldn't have minded if they approached the Von Daniken element with a greater tongue in cheek understanding about it.
  7. The process of "von Danikenizing" has helped to create some genuine wonders, if one thinks about how Giger managed to transform The Sokar Funerary Barge as seen in the Egyptian Book of the Dead into an alien pilot in a chair i.e. the original Space Jockey. Maybe there are a few other things like that still out there that need to be creatively Von Danikanized but for a movie rather than to be included as another mystery for Von Daniken to puzzle over. However I don't think they got there this time