Thursday, 24 October 2013

As a young man read A Game of Thrones in a coach

leading from
Hungarian version of A Game of Thrones
  1. I am in a foreign country on a coach journey sitting next to a young man who is reading a novel by George RR Martin or something or other and the book possibly has an image of a dragon on the cover, I can't read the words because it is in an Eastern European language, but I am imagining what this boy is read and it's something very strange that probably has nothing to do with the book whatsoever. It might be a fantasy fiction novel, I only like J R R Tolkien's work in that genre but I felt encouraged to imagine that the young man was thinking. I first imagined that this foreign language, was tearing his eyes, his brain tissue and skin apart with teeth , blades and spikes, shoving all manner of cooked body parts and interior  organs into his mouth driving him insane. The cover turned out to be that of Game of Thrones which I have not bothered to watch on TV or read as a book.
  2. A wicked dog handler skewers the throat of a large aggressive dark purple dog with a long spike and holding the spike with two hands, he directs the dog in the direction of a young man who is sitting there, and this creature rips open his belly and then the stomach and bladder, leaving open to the air from inside the body a translucent organic cup filled with a hot brown steaming liquid which the dog once is has stopped ripping everything apart begins to lap up the soup.
  3. A falcon is inside the back of the young man's throat and pushes a wing through his mouth, he is confused to find this feathered limb  pushing its way through filling his mouth and unfurling outside of his mouth, and then the creature with its beak begins to rip through the upper front lip and the nasal cavity poking its head out of a hole that was once a nose.
  4. The body is still sitting there somewhere and he finds that a dark flowing stream comes out of his stomach, across a table surface and a shadowy man nearby is drinking from the stream cupping his hands and filling them with the flowing liquid, and he spies inside the young man's his tongue had now transformed into an orange amongst other oranges in a wide wicker basket that is his open mouth, the young man has been bound down by a woman who is presenting the basket of oranges as a gift to the shadowy man at the expense of the mouth of the the young man. The shadowy man peels the orange and the young man is quietly screaming but he can not utter a sound and the shadowy man pulls out more oranges, right to the root of the tongue and the dangling piece of flesh at the back of the throat.
  5. The young man sees before him the basket of fruit now half eaten, it may be a moment where he has been removed from the previous experience and something has come to take him away from this deranged state, as if something as giant as a radar dish resting on one of its edges and a giant winged bird of creature comes from behind it and fills the sky. Out of the ground a large sphere grows and out of the tip of that another sphere and another and so on forming a tube and going into the sky reading the belly of this flying beast now stationary in the sky and this tube as a a pipe drawing translucent dark fluid from the giant winged entity leaving its transparent, like a reverse umbilical chord but stands like an elongated bending bare tree trunk and the liquid is pulled into the ground. Perhaps a part of the young man's psyche has ascended through the transparent tube into the winged vessel and it about to be taken away.
  6. But the young man possibly it sitting in a seat wondering what might happen next, his cranium begins to stretch sideways extending almost las long as a warping transparent loaf of bread softly vibrating, and the stretched cranium wants to crawl off like a worm of a caterpillar, the ear moves along and an eyeball elongates from the socket and wishes to wriggle off in its own direction after the moment when the young man feels that he has now seen too much of what existence really is.
  7. There is an elderly cantankerous man who keeps vultures that feed on his herd of cattle in a wooded field, he hacks into the flesh with a knife and the vultures approach interested in the idea of the dying creature and he is so sure that from reading a study of the DNA of a young boy who is playing with a ball in a field that he will murder many people and is therefore already guilty of murder and must be put to death. There is nothing that the young man can do to stop this elderly man who is sure that the law will be on his side when he himself grabs the boy by his golden hair, shoves him into the vulture cage and cuts a grid in the child's chest to watch his bleed to death as the vultures becomes more and more interested. The young man can do nothing more but watch the young boy being ripped to shreds before his very eyes as the old man grins wildly.

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