Monday, 7 December 2009

Misreading of the day

  • Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC newsheadline " 'Dozens dead' in Pakistan market blast" as "A dozen peas found in Pakistani princess' plaster cast"
  • Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC News headline "Risky donor' kidney transplants prove successful" as "Rusty iron kidney transplant proves successful"

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Misreading of the day

Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the news BBC headline "Irish priest freed in Philippines" as "Irish priests feed in the flee pit"

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Misreadings of the day

  • Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC news headline "Washington sniper is put to death" as " Wesley Snipes is put to death" but nothing is mentioned about Denzel Washington

  • He also misread the BBC newsheadlines "Soldier's bodies are repatriated" as "Soldier's bodies are pastified" as if the army have learnt a thing or two from the story of Sweeney Todd to dispose of the war dead.
  • And also he misread the BBC news headline "New Zealand shark bite turns into surprise octuplet Caeserian" as "New Zealand shark bits turn into a surprise octopus Caesar salad"

Friday, 6 November 2009

Misreading of the day

  • Wmmvrrvrrmm misread BBC news headlines "Tiny tech sparks cell signal find " and "Beyonce Wins MTV Europe Hat-Trick " as "Tiny-Twins' speakout against cell sized find beyond wins MPD erotic bath tap" (MPD is short for multiple personality disorder)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Events and reminiscences for November 3rd 2009

  • Passing Nibthwaite Road: Travelling through a state of non-existence, Wmm was on the bus as it passed the Indian cinema in Harrow , he noticed the sign of Nibthwaite Road, a road name that crawled into Wmm's mind for some years going in all kinds of different directions and the road itself led into roads with other curious names such as Blawith Road, Bethecare Road and he remembered Eamonnnnn who lived amongst the roads and wondered what sort of strange effect the mystical names of the surrounding roads had on his mind over the years, did it force him into a state of perpetual confusion every morning leading him determined to find an ultimate answer for the meaning of existence. The roads were named after places in another part of the country and Wmm would often misremember Nibthwaite as Nibthweth for whatever reason. He was on his way to the community centre in Harrow and noticed Ali the Turk (who was from Turkey) at the bus stop, but he looked like a pale shadow of his former self, Wmm only just recognised him and he smiled at Wmm. If someone told Wmm that it was not Ali, then Wmm didn't know who it was.
  • Ali the Turk: Ali was a middle aged man who experienced depression and when he was in that state under the heavy effects of medication, he had the manner of a kind saint like figure, a peaceful spiritual figure. But when he had recovered he turned back into the life filled rogue that he was. In chats they had in a chance meeting in a local café, Ali had good things to say about Wmm's artwork and once asked him to storyboard a script he had on his own website and Wmm visited that website to find as well as video footage of the Queen visiting Harrow, footage of Ali having sex with what were assumed to be porn actresses, and Wmm was not quite sure what to say about this, and less sure what to say about the scripts either because they were in broken English, and that was the last word he had with Ali for some years, probably because they banned smoking in the café which was not good for Ali. Wmm had no desire to see Ali ever again after having seen Ali's butt on the screen in that way, however one thing that Wmm could say was that Ali looked as if he made careful choices with his women that he made into his films performers.
  • Alan B: Moments later outside the library, Wmm met Alan B, who was a good old soul to chat to, always out for the last witty statement at every given opportunity, and probably around his sixties. He probably had been hit with the insane idea a long while ago that there was more to reality than what we experience around ourselves but by now had forgotten what it all meant to him other than the need to express one joke after another and to blame all the other problems manifesting as a product of the incomprehensibility of existence which Wmm admits does happen to him a little but in a different way. Wmm's first words to Alan would be "Hi there, you look familiar" and Alan's response would turn the definition of "familiar" being from "commonly known" into "closely intimate" and say something in response like "what, you're getting familiar with me?" ,
  • Wmm would tell him "well thank god I'm not getting familiar with you because if you thought that was happening I would have to kill you" and then the conversation would go into accusations that one of them was getting familiar with Margaret F, an angry middle aged scottish woman who had designs on Peter W. Margaret was someone who Wmm had labeled the Rhinoceros Woman because Wmm would imagine a long pustule coming out from the tip of her nose. She was more obviously than obvious the hottest date that anyone but them was supposed to want in the world and there would always be accusations from Alan that Wmm wanted to go out with her or Wmm would claim that Alan wanted to go out with her. They talked about Peter W's long absence leading to no trips to museums or cinemas in quite a few months which Wmm admits has left him in a vacuum because his own social life seemed to revolve around going to cinemas and museums with this group of people who were all at least about a decade older than him, Peter had been travelling around England a lot, and finding ways to push to the extremes his ability to drive around corners in his car in a way that he would crash his car more often to force him to hand out more money for more car damages and Peter had to pay for enough car damages as it is. Wmm asked Alan if it's possible that he had died recently and if he had Alan admitted that he did not know anything about it, so Wmm asked him if he had been to anyone else's funerals recently that he thought were for someone else such as Peter W, Eamonnn* or Neil R Newt , but Alan didn't recollect going to any of their funerals either, so Wmm assumed he was still alive and Alan felt that any rumours about his own death were unfounded. (* the extra N's on the end of Eamonnnn are there on purpose, otherwise the vowels at the beginning of Eamonnn's name are elongated, and another thing he has a good head of hair for a man of his age, so good that some people might assume it was a wig, his response to Wmm's assumption it was a wig was he might not have inherited much through his family genes, but at least he inherited strong hair, it was definitely in his genes)
  •  Someone probably named Richard: Later Wmm made his visit to the community centre and then returned to central Harrow for his cappuccino experience. As he waited for the bus, a couple of cute Somalian teenage girls asked Wmm about his pyramid, if it was for religious purposes, and once they found out it was not, then they wanted to know what it was for and Wmm told them. He soon got the bus into central Harrow and headed straight for the Café Nero where his table remained waiting and empty.
  • The tall pretty possibly Eastern European waitress asked how Wmm was, and it was late evening with dark skies at this time, getting wintry and Wmm replied that obviously he was having a wonderful time with the bright and shiny weather and it was obviously 32 centigrade outside. The waitress knew that Wmm would reply in this manner, she was accustomed to his responses over the last few years. Wmm sat down for his cappuccino and found someone that he knew as Richard coming in to the café, most likely to sit at Wmm's table without asking. Actually Wmm can't remember if his name is Richard because he did not have a reason to bother to remember his name and no one else Wmm knew really knows him very well to talk to either, but Richard is one of these people who seems to silently walk around places minding his own business as if he were from behind the walls of perception and no real place in this world. This person is of a calm good humoured nature happy to chat in the way given here, a neatly dressed man somewhere in his 40s with appearance of a baby faced man with collar length curly prematurely grayed hair that almost ought to belong to a surfer, he might wear sandals in summer, and could well be compared to Dillon from Magic Roundabout, he ought to be a hippy but isn't quite. Wmm was always happy for him to come and sit at his table because of his peaceful nature and good humour, like an unintrusive illusion. If someone suddenly told Wmm that Richard was an imagined person, he might be open to the possibility that this was true and he tends to treat him like one anyway
  • Wmm chatted with him about Ali the Turk who made porn movies and his visit to Ali's website, and Richard suddenly talked about the possibility of becoming one of his porn studs as a possible option. He mentioned that someone took a photograph of him today and Wmm told him obviously the photograph was going to be used as a tattoo for people's bottoms and Richard added the idea that these people would be showing their bottom's in Ali's porn movies. Richard then went on to wonder how much Ali the Turk payed his porn stars and Wmm assumed that he payed enough to give the performers enough to make sure they could survive the work and would probably pay them by the end of the year, which year exactly was another matter.
  • They talked about Peter W. and whether he would be having any more museum and cinema gatherings, and well he wasn't. Wmm told him about all the people who were part of that gathering, including Neil R. Newt, and then Richard mentioned the name of Grigor who would phone Peter up at midnight every single night to mumble his insanity and tell him about his personal woes. Grigor was a strange little man who looked like Frankenstein monster's little brother who ought to have been an undertaker, Grigor would have Peter drive him up to places around London such as houses with blue plaques where famous politicians used to live many years ago, and he would have estate agents take him around multi-million pound properties, he would just go for the attention and the beverages served to him such as champagne and they would be fooled into believing that Grigor was a multimillionaire. Grigor would also visit the outside of houses the other side of the city which would have been inhabited by perhaps a woman who winked at him ten years ago driving him to being in love with her for all the years afterwards so sure the girl was somehow still his girlfriend since that one wink. Grigor existed like an hallucination and for this reason it was always good to talk about Grigor, especially as Ygor wasn't really the real name of the man, and no one really knew what the real name might be. Wmm asked Richard if he knew Grigor at all and if he actually heard him speak because Wmm didn't remember if he did at all. Richard revealed that he didn't know if he met Ygor but only heard the name mentioned. They went on to chatting about the departed Desi and the work he did for the organisation Connections and the computer that led to his own death. Richard talked about the Mental Voices Network and Wmm liked the idea that there was a network of people sitting in rooms alone hearing voices , what kind of words those voices might have said and maybe these people forming the network were all there collecting this form of data for the good of mankind.
  • While they sat in the Cafe Nero, two children with faces painted like tigers came with empty Starbucks cups to the table asking for money donations. Richard was almost about to give them both fifty pence each but thought better not in the end. Wmm decided to buy him a cup of tea as a reward for being so mean and not giving those children fifty pence each. Richard accepted the tea and had to pay 15 pence of it because Wmm's funds were that low, and Richard wouldn't drink his tea too quickly because he doesn't want to burn his tongue, he said that he did this yesterday, and when Wmm pressed him further on the issue, he wouldn't admit to doing it on purpose, but obviously the opposite must the case, he must have had every reason to want to burn his tongue. Later Richard performed the illusion of walking to the other side of the café to pick up a newspaper as if it were an impossible illusion that he could pick up something so solid and sit down to read it, as if the newspaper were a non physical structure carefully designed by a studio full of the top virtual designers who had been given the task of creating a newspaper that was to fool people into thinking it was a real thing along with every single article of news and the adverts to be found within. Wmm's reality was like a pathetic cut price virtual realistic holographic computer game, but at least the designers were allowed to add something such as a realistic newspaper into it. Richard tried one time earlier to pick up a newspaper and failed but later he succeeded and found a book to go with it that seemed to be about subatomic physics. He briefly looked through the newspaper, uttering the words "good news, good news, bad news, bad news, bad news, bad news…"
  • Wmm said to him "did you have a wonderful exciting experience skimming through the newspaper within 30 seconds?" 
          He replied "I need erm…"

          And before Richard had a moment to finish his sentence,
          Wmm added "I'm sure you really do"

          He said "I need a longer time to assess it"

          Wmm's response was "I think you need a shorter time to really
          get to grips with it"

          Richard then started to thumb through the book that was called
          "Deep simpilicity"
  • He revealed to Wmm that he used to read books like this when he was ten years old, graduate books about subatomic physics that he couldn't understand and it put him off physics for life. This was such a powerful revelation that it must have affected one hundred thousand people all overwhelmed by the particles of energy being emitted by the man. Within a few minutes, Wmm asked him if he had finished the book, and he told Wmm that he had only reached page 114. On the page were diagrams of strange network patterns and it reminded Wmm of the idea of the Hearing Voices Network that he talked about earlier, as if these people were connected by irregular information lines across the whole wide world. During this time Wmm was quietly working on a portrait of his dear stupendous friend Jemima Tryon and before the café was about to close, he quietly went on his way home.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Misreading of the day

  • Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC News headline "Leona suspect 'not fit for court'" as "Leona suspected of not being a dwarf"

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Catch of that day

  • On train home, Wmm started having hallucinatory visions regarding the feet of the young blonde lady sitting opposite him that he himself was sucking the toes of one of her feet, but it turned out that Wmm didn't actually fancy this woman and he wondered if somehow it was someone or something else in his place that would be doing all this sucking. He wondered about his now deceased friend Desi who used to wander the underground railways and be given a ride in the train drivers cab quite often, maybe it was him sucking the woman's foot, Wmm thought about the boney face of this man from the side and the toes of this woman entering his mouth, and then this representation of Desi transformed into a red brown colored bald skinny dwarf three feet in height who was half playing her toes as a set of panpipes, and then he grew bat wings, the dwarf's genitals were erect because of the fun it was having with the woman's toes and then there was another batwinged dwarf like him, both their genitals were spilling globs of fluid on the floor as they took turns to suck her toes, one pushing the other way at times to get at the toes turning into a full fight
  • Later Wmm watched three Indian people having a conversation and from the finger of the Indian gentleman, a wart extended to become like a rod ending with a sweaty wrinkly testicle like bladder that inflated and deflated, while a kind of a three dimensional game board began to grow between the people filled, maybe from the man's hand, with little goo filled pits and wells where the three could stick there fingers and do strange things that didn't make sense and this was a kind of a musical instrument that would wheeze and whine, while the bladder would touch move around on the end of the rod touching people's hands and faces oozing fluid everywhere. Without it's presence, the three would have not been able to converse. (Wmm's friend Hup later informed him that often indian people did gather around a table full of edible titbits just so they could have a chat with one another)
  • On the final bus home, an indian man got into the bus and it seemed as if someone was tearing him open down the centre as if he were some kind of a shell covered prawn or a knotted bread role and a sign along the road that redirected Rail replacement buses with "Turn Left" words transformed into the words "Torn Earth"

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Misreading of the day

misread the BBC News headline "Is white wine worse for your teeth than red?" as "Is the white horse whinnying in the name of Aethelred?"

Monday, 19 October 2009

Misreading of the day

  • Wmm misread the BBC news headline "Iran accuses Pakistan over attack" as "Iran reuses Pakistani jokes over and over again"

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Seedy bookshop visions

  • On Sunday, 18th October 2009, after my trip to the café , I get to the last book shop open in London after all the others have closed, it is a cheap book shop packed with bargain books and had the other shops been open, it would have been empty. I step in there since it looked busy inside and the door was wide open, the woman standing at the counter is wearing a heavy coat.
  • Then I wander/ wonder around the cheap books none catch my eye, they are all boring. I walk to the back bookshelf and immediately catch sight of the vision of some seedy little man offering his genitals to the mouth of a woman on her knees, they were not really there, but momentarily there like a mental hologram.
  • Then I went back to the counter and imagined an elderly man taking many photos of the woman in her thick coat, and he was going to upload them onto some seedy internet website or who knows what he was going to do with them.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Day dream Visions

The only hallucinatory things that I experienced today

  • On the bus home, a middle aged lady was moving towards the door as she walked out and I watched her face extend forwards further and further as if she was some sort of a long faced reptile, possibly a snake. Her mouth opened up wide and she gave a high pitched bark merging in with a hiss. I guess that this woman turning into a reptile in my mind's eye is probably what makes her human
  • I misread a sign at a hypermarket "This is a pay on foot car park with 2 hours parking for Sainsbury's customers" as ""Please pay for your foot marks for 2 hours"

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Misreadings of the day

Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC headline "Obama speaks to doctors on reform" as "Obama spanks the doctors on platform"

Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC headline "Race to help India flood stranded" as "Rare help for Indian food stains"

Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC headline "Freeze top public pay - Darling" as "Freezepop for public gay darling"


Monday, 21 September 2009

A bouquet of amorphous sea creatures

There is the fact that in the world of Facebook, Anne-Sophie mentioned she was croaking and someone offered to send her flowers, and then I thought of crocuses, and then suddenly that turned into the word crustaceans in my mind after Aétiene brought up the subject of certain people being compared to turtles and sandcrabs.

I keep imagining a bouquet of flowers that are slowly transforming into a variety of amorphous brightly coloured shellfish and might have to be placed in a tropical fish tank to keep them alive.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The terrible large lizard

  • While waiting for a bus in my local town centre, imagining a gigantic shadowy tyrannosaurus rex running through a corridor made from the connected empty shells of all the nearby buildings, and this thing was spying on me through an open window and where it focused an eye on a nearby individual sitting on the bench where I was sitting and he began to transform into a lethal reptilian humanoid with a long muscular tongue. It would do this to another human and another human. A woman from India walking up the road transformed into a disk shaped thing with many arms and many heads sticking out of the side and she cartwheeled in my direction spinning past me as a very fast speed

  • Wherever there were buildings made up from shops, flats, terraced houses and any houses that seemed to be very close together, this lethal creature would make it's path. Sometimes through a window one would see the tip of its tale or or one of it's large teeth.

  • Eventually in my minds eye the vast creature escaped from the area by entering a large black vortex and disappearing. And during this time a man was chatting loudly to himself probably having the most important conversation in the world.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Misreading of the day

I misread the BBC news headlines "a male contraceptive jab could be as effective as the female pill" as "a fake detective job reveals the election of the female god"

Monday, 4 May 2009

Misreadings of the day

  •  I misread the BBC News headline "Mexico to begin lifting flu curbs" as "Mexicans to begin living in cubes" which obviously must be what's going on in a parallel timeline where the swine flu didn't settle down resulting in the government there forcing further quarantine measures to be taken

  •  I misread BBC News headline "Gaza patients questionings 'rise' " as "Greek Patisserie Guesthouse 'rave' " and really didn't have any clue about what that could mean in this universe or any other

  • I misread in the BBC news article about the "Bang Bang Club" the picture caption "This time the fighters are firing blanks and lobbying polystyrene 'stones' " as "This time the fishers are fishing blackened polystyrene lobster clones" and felt very relieved about various things in life

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Brief misindentification

Wmm briefly mistook the small shrubs in someone's front garden for grazing sheep

Friday, 1 May 2009

Misreading of the day

I misread "Demjanjuk loses deportation case" as "Demigod loses teleportation case" inspiring me to imagine an otherworldly visitor from another planet who carries a briefcase containing teleportation equipment and accidently leaves it in a telephone booth or by a park bench somewhere and of course I have the urge to search the streets for it everywhere because I so badly wants to travel the world by teleporting

Friday, 24 April 2009

vision and misinterpretation

Today I imagined my knife and fork turning into front legs and paws of a cat trying to grab the last piece of cooked salmon that refused to stay still on my plate, and later I misread the newsheadline "Blast carnage at shrine in Iraq " as "Blast carnage in shrimp farm"

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Newspaper headline misreadings while on the train.

  • In today's edition of London Paper I misread the headline "Kind deeds bear fruit at Berwick Street Market" as "A kind of dead bear found at Beirut Street War" and I envision a corpse of a rotting bear with small silver barked apple trees bearing gold and/or red apples growing through gaping holes where the skin has collapsed or has been torn open. But however, I wish that I had misread "deed bears" as "dead bard" instead of "dead bear", because I was later to find out that it was Shakespeare's birth and death day today.

  • And a further minor headline in that newspaper "I've been to elen back, says Frank's Ex" transformed into "I've been talking about blank sex" and I didn't have any further visuals to accompany that but well good luck to Elen Rives if that's all she has to talk about.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Misreading of the day leading to synchronicities and daydream

  • I misread the BBC news headline "Mass Tamil exodus from rebel area " as "Mark Hamill exodus from Rebel area". Maybe I've been thinking about Star Wars too much recently. Shortly after that I decided to declare this information in Twitter, and discovered that my internet buddy Mr Stamper had made a comment about Empire Strikes Back half an hour before I wrote something in Twitter and someone in Australia who I used to refer to as Gelig, asked if Mark Hamill had gone to see Yoda, and yes indeed it may well have been true that Mark Hamill was quite possibly on his way to see Yoda.
  • Also today I misread the BBC news report about the the Gay marriage row at Miss USA show as being a row about Pre-teen marriage because the woman's surname was Prejean, and quite honestly I didn't have an inkling about what could be going on whatsover. I am deliberately picking up the wrong end of the stick about the actual issue here because what the row is about in this case isn't actually about what the Miss USA contestant said but what people want people to believe she said, and I'm not really that interested in what the lady actually said either because it didn't really wasn't that interesting until they took it out of proportion.
  • I think that there is the issue of children being offered up for marriage in countries in distant continents where they do everything by very different customs and it's an issue that would be worth looking at , but I wonder what a Miss USA contestant could be perceive as objecting to next as if it would make any difference. Maybe the next thing might be for a Miss USA contestant at the contest to raise a storm about the fact that I was looking at a pretty woman in the cafe the other day in a certain way and whatever was going on in my brain at the time shouldn't have been allowed and I really have to stop it otherwise there could be no end to whatever is going on in my brain and it could get out of hand.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Words representing hope and joy from a waitress

When I went for my cappuccino today I heard the foreign waitress say in the cafe "would you like chocolate on toppucino"

Delusion of the moment

I was having a delusion that my DVD cases contain DVDs made from chocolate

Saturday, 11 April 2009

A confident thought

Today I was confident in my thinking that I might have my elbows firmly placed on someone's desk across the ocean, because of my need more elbow room

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Twists and turns in online conversation

  • I had no pudding because the cat licked the cream off it while the pudding was defrosting in the kitchen. I decided to not type the words "while it was defrosting" in case someone thought that it was the cat that was defrosting and not the pudding.

  • Someone up in another part of the country thought that I could still eat the pudding because there was nothing wrong with a bit of "cat lick" and I decided that the next time it happened, I would send this person the remains of my pudding. This person thought that I had something against cats but the truth is I'm not a cat leftoverer, just as, I suppose, I'm not too keen on pudding after it's been licked by dogs.
  • A person some miles away across the city really had understood the fact that the last thing I wanted was a defrosted cat, which forced me to wonder about cryogenic suspension and when it would be possible to defrost a cryogenically frozen cat.
  • And someone across the ocean whom I refer to as Rissole mentioned that he was imagining a cat licking a person in cryogenic suspension and this brought me to imagine Rissole's thought about a cat licking a person in cryogenic suspension and it reminded of the Norse creational myth in which a cow licked some blocks of ice and frees the first human entombed within.
  • Meanwhile a lady who probably carried a zap gun of some sort in the virtual world mentioned that she was sorry that I didn't get any pudding but I did finally eat a bunch of grapes, a tangerine and a Penguin chocolate biscuit as well instead of the pudding that I was going to have.

Friday, 27 March 2009

A small synchronicity

In central London, I took a look at the "It came from outer space before" DVD, and decided to download it off the internet to see if it was something I might find interesting, I downloaded it off
Youtube and watched it yesterday evening. I found myself participating in the author Whitley Strieber's Facebook page discussions and the following day in his page, he mentions the title of the movie.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Misreading of the day and a synchronicity

Today, I misread the London Newspaper headline "Jacko eyes Brit and JT for O2 gigs" as "Jacko eyes Brit and it for orgies" and then a couple of hours later a friend of mine, here named E. , who works in central London informed me that he bought a book about the history of orgies today and indeed he would show me this book some time in the future.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Images and impressions for Wednesday evening on my journey home

  • In Borders bookshop, I envision a cheesewire stretched across from one side of the escalator to the other that would slice who ever came up the escalator in half, and I experienced the idea of every surface being as hot enough to burn one's skin if one touched anything. I wondered what sort of monster was manifesting it's way into my psyche.
  • On the train home, a man sat opposite me on the train and he was leaning forwards to a great degree, he was either Pakistani or Indian, but I watched impressions of cuts appearing in the side of his face as if something was slicing through it and blood trailing off behind him into the air. I watched him intensely working on his Sudoku puzzles with their grid patterns, which I imagined turning into wire grids slicing through his face. I started to see elongated fingers reaching out, almost as if they were mine but transforming into something else's, maybe like extra-terrestrial fingers, touching his face and burning into the flesh, it would begin to melt and as the fingers were pulled away, they left smoking small pits that would add to his acne scars ( a couple of weeks ago, I watched Gran Torino in which a boy had a burning cigarette stuck into his face) and then I imagined myself hiding my face behind a single hand as if I thought that no one could see me if I did this, as if it would make any difference at all and it was as if my head were turning into the head of the man sitting opposite me, I was becoming him.
  • Afterwards he sat back started working on something on his mobile phone/mini hand held computer, and I watched the image glowing small green fish or worm wriggling away between his eyes.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Misreading of the day

I misread the BBC internet news headlines (i) "Obama reverses stem cell research ban" & (ii) "Obama's speech to Congress " as "Obama's reverse speech stems from cell research ban on cauliflowers"

Friday, 13 March 2009

Mock Turtle Soup Expedition

  • About 3.15pm, I left the house and on the way somewhere talked to Mimsy about the idea of mockturtle soup, she was the one who had mentioned it and indeed I talked about the fact that hadn't tried it nor real turtle soup and she wouldn't tell me why she was so suddenly interested in mockturtle soup anyway, I didn't expect any real reason anyway, she sometimes picks up ideas that have no reason behind them and doesn't bother to explain herself much anyway
  • When I got home later in the evening, I realise that at 4pm, a lady named Emily whose partner I know over the years through another friend has mentioned something about her desire to look for turtles on the Ascension Island since this is where her dear Edmund is, perhaps turtle hunting, and one hour and fifty six minutes later, a lady whose name begins with R mentions soup in response to Emily's utterance about turtles. I got home about 7.35pm to find out that the idea of turtles is a running thread throughout this day, which is entirely normal.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Message from beyond

Real saw please, increased by robots, how do you say?

Friday, 6 March 2009

Todays message from beyond

The demons are walking by on the deck of the Starfall

Monday, 23 February 2009

my humble opinion about “Dali & I”

My humble opinion on the proposed movie “Dali & I” based on the book by Stan Lauryssens which incidentally I have not read.

I took the mockup film poster featuring Al Pacino transformed into a Salvador Dali, and replaced it with Stan Lauryssen’s face as shown on a copy of his book, complete with the drawn on “Dali moustache”, and replaced his mouth with the anus of a dog that didn’t look that different anyway, and then added a hand that held a cigar but replaced that with a piece of dog excrement, adding steam that transforms into dollar signs that transform into the “I” in “Dali & I”. The only other thing that I would have done is to make the dog excrement silver because of an association I made through misreading the words “hit the silver screen”, I envisaged silver shit for the big screen .

(created as a visual response to a discussion at CollectDali discussion group at

If and when the movie is released, I am sure that the only thing that will get me to see the movie is to see Al Pacino doing an impression of Salvador Dali, but my point of view about that starts to drift off into derelict passageways of thought about am I going to see Pacino playing Dali or am I going to see Pacino playing Dali as if Dali were pretending to be Pacino, and then the next level beyond this is the question "Am I going to see Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing Al Pacino playing Salvador Dali playing.... ? "

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Visions about Olivier D. le F.

  • Perhaps since around February 11th, I keep imagining because of the posture held in his photo and the words composed by my friend Olivier D. le F. that he is holding himself together trying to speak after having his body parts stitched back together after being ripped apart by lions, tigers, bears and apes in a zoo. And in the world of that vision he obviously has some metal scaffolding somewhere behind you propping you up and supporting his spine , limbs and skull. This is obviously a good sign of something or other.
  • However Oliver D. le F. does not want the apes to be part of the vision, he doesn't mind felines but "No apes!" he declared. In response to that, I instantly perceive llamas and penguins replacing the apes, they might be even more vicious from a different perspective.
  • I must add today that I perceive this metal scaffolding as being a bicycle frame, with his arms stuck onto either side of the handlebars. This could make all the difference and things may well change.
  • It should be noted that in past years, every time he shared a few words in a chat room at, I would imagine that he was a shaven headed villager who's time had come to die and he was sitting in a pit of corpses with his arms and legs freshly cut off, screaming ancient prophesies at the top of his voice in a way that would bring many of the local villagers around to the edge of the pit and hear what he was saying before he bled to death and he wasn't too concerned about the fact that he was dying at all because it was all part of an ancient belief system and that would take form in today's reality small comments about this and that in day to day life such as words of appreciation for a cinema movie or a book, or his maybe an update on his own explorations with creative writing.
  • (i.) Another past vision of Olivier D. le F. involved him splitting apart down the centre of the head as if he were made from clay and someone had pulled a cheesewire down through his head and this was during the time in the mid 2000s when almost no one apart from me referred to him as Jan Miki-Wan, a mythical figure named after a mispronunciation of the name of the author Ian McEwan by someone in France who had never heard his name mentioned before. (ii.) Jan Miki-Wan probably appreciated dead flies in his jam spread upon bread and butter as an unobvious choice that would have been a valid one at least.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Misreading of the day

  • I misread the BBC headline "Obama urges stimulus bill action" as "Obama's urges for simulated bacon."

Delirious associations about a passing bank worker who must obviously be a drummer who's a legend in his own lunchtime, plus a synchronicity report.

  • Today I passed by someone who works in the local bank, a man who seems almost puny but has a very straight neat look about him, with a very straight neat haircut slightly acne scarred , with quite a petite skeleton and almost quite a nonentity in perhaps every other way and he was listening to his personal stereo, and his very existence projected into me the idea of a professional drummer who used a microscopic electronic drum kit, this has been a reoccurring theme actually in different ways, well a four inch by four inch square that he could tap away at during his lunch breaks using special sticks and then upload his drummings onto the internet where they could feature into an album that everyone appreciated and so he was there walking along as the drummer who has everyone's respect, such all the people who were seriously into cool music. So this bank worker nonentity was the seriously cool drummer that everyone admired, and he never realised it for a second because it was just a vision from my mind. I think also the addition of the electronic drum kit came from an 80's edition of Top of The Pops when a man playing the drums looked as if he were playing a flat panel that wasn't really an electronic drumkit but he had to stand there and do something before the camera.
  • I remember actually the idea of a drummer may have started when someone I know who's first name begins with D and it rhymed with Bugle, so people would call him by his first name and then add "the Bugle" afterwards. It's not hard to work out the name but I'm interested in breaking information down like this on the internet. But once in photograph of a group of friends including this one person, my good friend named after Humayoun the warrior declared that he was the drummer, as if he were a successful drummer from a famous band, D. the Bugle obviously had a certain look about him that evening and then the possibility that someone could be a famous drummer without realising it took off. I often have visions of people playing all kinds of electronic drums, one drum set was a transformed sushi set in the middle of a sandwich bar and there were wires connecting it to a power pack, and an unknown man with possibly a shaven played away wearing his earphones, in this crowded space and he was the professional that everyone admired and were buying his CDs and he could record them during his lunch break. Another electronic drum machine involved a man with drumsticks who was possibly one of the best drummers in the world but the computer played lights and the drummer had to tap the right light at the right time and he couldn't drum any other way, but it was all done with synchronistic alignment with the drum machine, although it looked like an electronic drum version of the game Simon.
  • Today someone on the internet I know of has been making reports about suffering from TMJ and would like a cure, while in my e-mails I am receiving posts about TMG coming. I can not be bothered to tell you what TMG stands for.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Misreading of the day

  • I misread the internet BBC News headline "Obama praises peaceful Iraq polls " as "Obama praises peaceful Iraq dolls", imagining a row of china dolls on a shelf that are naturally silent, and because they had nothing to say, this is why Obama was so pleased

Friday, 30 January 2009

Must be the most important pop video and song on the entire Earth for this moment! Many thanks to "Felix Denvish"

Synchronistic little message from a bird leads to further explorations

  • As I walked to my local station, I had a vision about bird poop, Dr Fred Bell during his online radio show would be on camera and he would have a small parrot on his shoulder and occasionally I believe she would need to poop and he would walk off clear up the mess with a tissue, and I thought about how I was not so keen on the idea of a bird pooping on me, and then lo and behold, a small blob of bird poop landed just above my mouth.
  • However this evening Wesley S in the US of A was informed about this on Facebook, and he spoke to me about about how he was watching Whose Line is it Anyway on youtube where there was a scene where one of the comedian contestants was in fact holding a christmas pudding and the white icing on it he blamed on a budgie. I took a look at this episode and found that it was one of the episodes that I had wanted to watch again because of the presence of Jonathan Pryce, and I felt that it was a good time for collecting these things. That night Dr Fred on his Health Science and Energy Show talked about how one of his parrots pooped on him whereas the other in the couple did not.