Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Inside Llewyn Davies

Before hand:A day to go and see the movie "Inside Lewellyn". Must now head out, it is raining indeed in London once again.

1)"Inside Llewyn Davis" was a wonderful movie indeed. To a certain degree the story was abstract in a dream like manner with some of the pointless scenarios one might experience in dreams, and the story maintained an ambient pathway throughout as the lead character goes through his life filled with ups and downs and perhaps he comes to a realisation about the repetitive circles that his life runs around in

2) Is Llewyn a real name or just a case of not being able to fit Llewellyn onto the American tongue 

3) I see it is called "inside Llewyn" and not "inside Lewelllyn" at all. A realisation indeed

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Robocop (remake)

Francis Bacon paintings on the office wall in the background
paintings found to be Francis Bacon's
Triptych inspired by the Oresteia of Aeschylus

7th February 2014
Very enjoyable remake and an interesting moment of mind bending horror too

21st February, 2014
Wmm feels very unhinged still from the time he saw the new Robocop movie last week and there was the big reveal where Robocop is allowed to see the remains of his own human body, he imagines that it must have had the same effect on the other people in the audience. Wmm almost dares say that the scene is worthy of something that a modern Jean Cocteau might have come up with. Perhaps there was something of Francis Bacon comparison with the scene showing Robocop mounted on his frame. Wmm will be off to see it again next week for that one scene. The rest of the film was enjoyable and interesting enough considering.

24th February , 2014 
1) Heading off to central London and should be rewatching the Robopoc or Ropocob movie or some sort of movie with a name similar to that.

2) It was good to see the movie one more time but had a strangely not so good time trying to get there. . Phantom bus listed that never arrived at the local bus stop listed on the internet, then no buses came at the cross road about ten minutes walk away for quite some time, and then when arrived at Piccadilly, it turned out the the underpass to the Trocadero was shut and then the front entrance to the Trocadero cinema was shut due to refurbishment. Should have listened to that intuitive statement about using the back entrance but the context didn't unfold until I found out why the hard way

3) Obviously must have had a strangely brilliant time getting there indeed, forget the "not so good".  Lateness was obviously perfect and just on time

Monday, 3 February 2014

Jack Ryan movie

a) Managed to finally see the Jack Ryan; Shadow Recruit movie yesterday. 

b) Still am attempting to stamp out the realisation that Kenny Branagh's pretending to be Russian, and the Jack Ryan movie is indeed almost quite passable and stylish at times. 

c) Still trying to work out which part of the world Kiera Knightly's character was from, not ultimately sure. 

d) Dracula's bodyguard from the TV series made an appearance but maybe he should have been armed with a saw, a woodaxe or even a pencil sharpener to stay alive. 

e) Unconvinced by Chris Pine as Jack Ryan but maybe that's okay. 

f) Yes, will see a sequel starring Chris Pine just to be unconvinced even further when the time comes. 

g) If I remade the movie, I'd have the actors wandering around trying desperately to avoid being caught in a world governed by idiot plots and British actors trying to fight off their transformations into characters with dodgy accents as if it were a weird brain affliction taking over, and the American actors were slowly turning into dummies and puppets carved from wood that's quickly petrifying. There must be a cure for these people.  

h) Appreciated the blue tones in much of the cinematography.