Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Synchronistic Manifestion of a party for myself to enjoy.

  •  Okay, earlier this week, I heard about a party that would take place this night of Friday in another part of the country, held by someone who I liked, a lady nicknamed Freddy but had not seen in a long time, and I liked the friends who I knew her through who would be there too, I was a little upset because I am still experiencing the belief that I don't know how to teleport and that it would be costly and tiring to take a train and pay for a hotel room in the village there.
  • So, as soon as i realised my yearning, I asked the cosmos to give me the experience of going to a party that I would like to go to and where I would find people that I liked the company of, and well there are not too many opportunities for that in my version of a reality. When I put the order out to the cosmos, I was really confused as to what could pop out of the blue.
  • So, I have a local friend named Hup and his birthday was back on the 26th of last month, as far as I was concerned he should have already have celebrated it near to his birthday as usual, but he was trying to get a party together and something wasn't going quite as well as planned, and usually when he gets together the people he wants for a party, there is usually no room for me to come along, I'm usually in his top 24 people that he could invite rather than his top twelve, because a usual 12 gather a lot together anyway and I accept that without feeling bitter about being left out. So it happened that he decided to have a party this very evening as well which is somewhat late as a birthday party, gathering together a small group of friends at short notice, he asked more people but very few could make the time for it, I was only invited yesterday, and since most of my evenings are empty of events I was available. It turned out to be a party that I enjoyed and I liked all the people who I sat in the restaurant with, I loved the restaurant and the food, and I'm still amazed that it happened on the same evening of the party that I missed! So I got just what wanted as a party experience for me! Hup himself understood the puzzling wonder about his party manifesting for my desire
  • So it has given me a confidence to further explore perhaps the language of manifesting things I want without expectations getting in the way. There were various way that the wish that I wanted to happen could have manifested itself into being and also be perfect.
  • So, earlier that day i had to buy a birthday card for my friend Hup, i got into the card shop and well, I didn't like any of the birthday cards and instead I bought him a sympathy card, which is a card for people in times of sorrow, and I would congratulate him on existing for another year. When I payed for it, the woman behind the counter suddenly ripped the receipt from the cash register and it ripped in half. When she realised what she had done, she repeatedly uttered woefully cries of "sorry" as if a major travesty had occurred in my life, this confused me but then I told her that I would be in tears all day because of that ripped receipt, but it seemed as if my humour was lost on her as the end of the world came to her in the form of accidently ripping the receipt in half. I imagine that the sorrow she expressed to me may well have been equal to the sorrow being carried across in my purchase of a sympathy card for the birthday celebration of my friend Hup! Hup appreciated the sentiment and the emotion expressed in my card message!

Saturday, 12 August 2006

Passing words

wmmvrrvrrmm [1:57 PM PST]: I keep imagining doing disco dancing in a box that is only three feet wide
wmmvrrvrrmm [1:57 PM PST]: and five feet high
wmmvrrvrrmm [1:58 PM PST]: and that someone is congratulating me on my improvisation
wmmvrrvrrmm [1:58 PM PST]: and it was okay if my elbows knocked holes in the walls of the box
wmmvrrvrrmm [2:01 PM PST]: as long as I didn't dent the top of the box with my head