Saturday, 2 September 2006

The revival of the dying tree

  1. In 2006, the dying tree came to the big screen in two seperate movie, Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth and  Aronofsky's The Fountain. Both lead characters fought to revive a near dead tree stump.
  2. In Pan's Labyrinth, a giant toad is sucking the life out of a fig tree and it becomes the girls task to kill the creature.
  3. In The Fountain, astronaut Tommy, in 2500, is travelling  in a spaceship made of an enclosed biosphere containing the Tree of Life that somehow represents his wife, that he is taking to Xibalba to restore it to life.
  4. N.B. This page was written on the night of 2nd September 2013, and the following day my father offered me a fresh fig, the first fresh fig I have ever had since 1977 when I picked one off a tree in Ibiza

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Synchronistic Manifestion of a party for myself to enjoy.

  •  Okay, earlier this week, I heard about a party that would take place this night of Friday in another part of the country, held by someone who I liked, a lady nicknamed Freddy but had not seen in a long time, and I liked the friends who I knew her through who would be there too, I was a little upset because I am still experiencing the belief that I don't know how to teleport and that it would be costly and tiring to take a train and pay for a hotel room in the village there.
  • So, as soon as i realised my yearning, I asked the cosmos to give me the experience of going to a party that I would like to go to and where I would find people that I liked the company of, and well there are not too many opportunities for that in my version of a reality. When I put the order out to the cosmos, I was really confused as to what could pop out of the blue.
  • So, I have a local friend named Hup and his birthday was back on the 26th of last month, as far as I was concerned he should have already have celebrated it near to his birthday as usual, but he was trying to get a party together and something wasn't going quite as well as planned, and usually when he gets together the people he wants for a party, there is usually no room for me to come along, I'm usually in his top 24 people that he could invite rather than his top twelve, because a usual 12 gather a lot together anyway and I accept that without feeling bitter about being left out. So it happened that he decided to have a party this very evening as well which is somewhat late as a birthday party, gathering together a small group of friends at short notice, he asked more people but very few could make the time for it, I was only invited yesterday, and since most of my evenings are empty of events I was available. It turned out to be a party that I enjoyed and I liked all the people who I sat in the restaurant with, I loved the restaurant and the food, and I'm still amazed that it happened on the same evening of the party that I missed! So I got just what wanted as a party experience for me! Hup himself understood the puzzling wonder about his party manifesting for my desire
  • So it has given me a confidence to further explore perhaps the language of manifesting things I want without expectations getting in the way. There were various way that the wish that I wanted to happen could have manifested itself into being and also be perfect.
  • So, earlier that day i had to buy a birthday card for my friend Hup, i got into the card shop and well, I didn't like any of the birthday cards and instead I bought him a sympathy card, which is a card for people in times of sorrow, and I would congratulate him on existing for another year. When I payed for it, the woman behind the counter suddenly ripped the receipt from the cash register and it ripped in half. When she realised what she had done, she repeatedly uttered woefully cries of "sorry" as if a major travesty had occurred in my life, this confused me but then I told her that I would be in tears all day because of that ripped receipt, but it seemed as if my humour was lost on her as the end of the world came to her in the form of accidently ripping the receipt in half. I imagine that the sorrow she expressed to me may well have been equal to the sorrow being carried across in my purchase of a sympathy card for the birthday celebration of my friend Hup! Hup appreciated the sentiment and the emotion expressed in my card message!

Saturday, 12 August 2006

Passing words

wmmvrrvrrmm [1:57 PM PST]: I keep imagining doing disco dancing in a box that is only three feet wide
wmmvrrvrrmm [1:57 PM PST]: and five feet high
wmmvrrvrrmm [1:58 PM PST]: and that someone is congratulating me on my improvisation
wmmvrrvrrmm [1:58 PM PST]: and it was okay if my elbows knocked holes in the walls of the box
wmmvrrvrrmm [2:01 PM PST]: as long as I didn't dent the top of the box with my head

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

The Holiday

Okay, well, on the 18th, I had just come back from Hungary because my father had bought a holiday home there and we stayed there for two and a half weeks. I didn't do too much there at all really, so finding something interesting to say about my experience there, other than the beauty of the house was not entirely easy for me.

The most interesting thing that occurred.

1. The Hunt for a universal electrical plug adapter
  • Well, when we got there, my father said that the universal plug adapter that we sent him the previous time he was there did not work. I wondered what kind of plug system this country had if the plug adapters that we sent him with did not work at all, and he was unable to say, and to some degree he was contributing to the illusion that Hungary had a plug system of it's own, individual to the country and electrical goods from other countries could not be used here unless you change the plugs on them completely. I tried fitting my two pin shaving plug into the plug socket and it seemed as if it did not fit. Anyway I had no way to recharge my iPod and no way to recharge my mobile phone, so something had to be done about it.
  • My father, my mother and I the next day took the car around to the various shopping places, first of all an electrical shop in a shopping arcade, and they told us that they didn't sell universal adapters around there, and we were unlikely to find them, but we could try the computer shop upstairs. So we did, I didn't think we were in luck, the owner of the shop said we were unlikely to buy a universal adapter around here but he did get a British adapter with a computer he once bought and he might still have it around at home, and we could come back next week to see if he had found it.
  • Well, we went along to the InterSpar supermarket, and I found there a peg where universal adapters were normally placed when sold, it had the label on it, and what happened of course was, they were out of stock, but we could perhaps come back next week and try, but nothing was certain. As it went, he recommended that we try the shop that dealt with photograph development, and well it also dealt with computers and this was to be found in the entrance hall of this large shop. We got to the place just in front of the cash tills, and discovered that the shop was completely empty, maybe it had never opened yet or it was being refurbished and we wondered how the man working in the supermarket could not have known this.
  • My father had the bright idea of actually checking with a shop where he bought a television for the new home, and so they didn't have a universal adapter and they sent him to another shop elsewhere and there my father actually bought one. We were surprised and it wasn't cheap either.
  • The Blowing Of a Fuse: That night I recharged my iPod, and by the following morning, the fuse in the adaptor had blown.
  • Manifestation of Peace through my iPod: That day, I had requested peace within and around me in my meditation and later that day, while on the train to the city of Budapest, I turned on the iPod in order to listen to some music and then the thing suddenly shut down for about three minutes and then turned on again the MP3 track list on my iPod had erased itself completely not enabling me to access the tracks on my iPod at all, although they were still there locked away in the hard disk, but the iPod simply didn't register the fact that they were there. So in relation to my desire to listen to my iPod and live my holiday around that, I had peace from that.
  • The Hunt For An Electrical Fuse: The following day we looked for another fuse, and we tried a hardware shop, and they didn't have any or they didn't have the right one. The next morning I realised that my electric shaver was running down and there was no more power for another shave. My father told me that I could just fit the plug into the plug socket, well I tried that before and it didn't fit properly and also he noted that the universal plug adaptors that we sent him with some months earlier didn't work either. Actually these did fit in when you gave them a push fearlessly, I suppose they relied on being flexible a little, but this wasn't like the British 3 pin adaptor where you fitted it in, and I thought of the possibility of the two pin plug breaking easily, especially since through childhood, I have had a track record of breaking many many things, so I fear it unwise to try out anything technical when it came to belonging to anyone else, such as my father.
  • So the shaver plug fitted, and it turned out that the plug sockets that they had were not special to Hungary alone, but were just like the rest of the European mainland.
  • My father went back to the electrical shop where be bought the adapter from and they sent him onto a shop somewhere around the corner half a mile, and there they had a fuse, it was the same type fuse generally, but not of the right length, and we didn't know if the plug adapter had space for a fuse of only one length or more. But when we got home, it fitted, and that was that. But well, if you visit the Lake Balaton area, make sure that you come prepared with a universal plug adapter.
  • The Ending: Several days later, we by chance found an electrical shop that specialised in fuses that was about a couple of dozen kilometres away from our home. Once I got back to England and connected my iPod to the computer, the track list was restored and it has been working beautifully ever since.

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Synchronistic Manifestion of Julie Andrews theme

Yesterday in a chatroom, someone mentioned the title of a film called "Silent Hill", then another person mentioned the film title "The Hills Have Eyes", then I mentioned the idea that I was going to run off and sing "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music" and then I exclaimed the name "JULIE ANDREWS!" in the same chat room. Today while listening to The Power Hour radio show which I have not listened to all week, there was a woman doing an impression of Julie Andrews in a commercial where they made a reference to the idea about how "a spoonfull of sugar makes the medicine go down" which is a song from Mary Poppins. I suppose that Julie Andrews has something to express in the collective consciousness these days

A happy JULIE ANDREWS to all!

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Cinema visit of Pandemonium

  • On Wednesday 21st, I went to see a movie called X-Men 3. I have nothing to say about this movie other than I liked it, but I felt what was more relevant about the experience was the getting there with my friend Peter and indeed sitting through it.
  • The Day before, I met up with Peter in a community centre in Harrow to give him a jar of honey to give to a friend of his. We had discussed the idea that we should see a movie this week and that it would be X-Men 3. I experienced Peter saying that we would watch it that evening, so I made sure that we took a look at the information about going to see that movie, and arranged to see it at a certain time, and I waited at the cinema for Peter to arrive, he was late so it seemed, and I phoned him up and it turned out that as far as he was aware, the idea was that we should see it the following day. It wasn't a problem for me to have been at the cinema waiting for him because it really wasn't much out of my usual path to be there doing not particularly that much.
  • So the following day, I waited there for him to turn up so that we could go and see the movie, and I suddenly discovered that I had left my mobile phone at home, since I had had plugged it in to recharge it. Also as it happens, the credit on the phone had run out. I reached the cinema at the right time and discovered that Peter had not turned up, I wondered where the hell he could be, so I phoned my mother up who was at home to see if Peter had tried to phone me up on my mobile home for to explain why he was late.. As it happened, Peter had expected me to have turned up at the community centre earlier that day and so had sent me a text message to ask if I still was interested in going to see the movie, and indeed, I hadn't my phone with me because I had left it at home, so I didn't answer, he didn't know what to think, since he was in the car park at Tesco's having bought some sandwiches, and he did not fancy taking his car to the shopping mall car park where the cinema was situated because of the expense of such a car park. Peter , as far as I know became a little bit concerned about the fact that I had not phoned him, I am led to believe that he thought as one possibility that I was a bit upset about not having gone to the cinema the previous evening. Naturally the only reason he could think this is because he is used to dealing with friends who were quite often subject to extreme irrational behaviour and anything could set them off ranting and raving over something for no valid reason. He went to the library still hoping that I would get in touch with him to confirm that we might be going to the cinema,. I noticed now that it was a few minutes after 6pm and so I decided to phone my mother to make sure that Peter had not phoned me on my phone, and of course, as it happened, the phone was switched off as it recharged. I had her turn it on, and there was a text message from Peter asking if I was still interested in the cinema film and also a couple of voice mails from him too which my mother attempted to access. She did manage to listen to the first voice mail in which he said was at the public library that he would indeed meet me at the St.George's centre at 6:15pm where the cinema was, but she could not hear the second voice mail, since the remain few dozen pence of phone credit had now been totally wiped out. She tried to call up Peter's number up on my phone but knew not how to access it, and my calling credit on the public phone was soon running out, so I told her that I would remain there until Peter had finally arrived since he was obviously going to try to get here by the mentioned time. Soon he phoned my mobile phone again to state that he was trying to get to the cinema and was now stuck in traffic, of course, this time he spoke to my mother as she was able to answer the mobile phone now that it was turned on, and so by the time he arrived, it was about 6:22pm and the movie had already begun. I was upstairs when he arrived, telephoning my mother to see what had happened to him to catch up on the latest news about the situation and when I left the phone, there was Peter in the cinema foyer waving.
  • So we got out tickets, and went to see the movie, having missed several minutes already. As time went through, about twenty five minutes into it, right behind us more people came in to be seated, they were making very strange loud noises, and turned out to a few retarded middle aged people with care workers, and these retarded people kept making large amounts of noise much of the way through causing Peter to mutter curses loudly finding the interruptions inexcusable. There were a number of empty seats but they had to pick the ones behind us, and I found myself giggling away because of the madness of the situation. Also, someone's mobile phone kept going off loudly, and it had the exact ring tone that was used in the mobile phone in the cinema advert asking people to turn their mobile phones off and this did not please Peter either. he managed to get through the film without throttling anyone.
  • In this experience of the present, I acknowledge that I do my best to take all situations to be neutral things. if Peter had not turned up that evening, I would have done my best to see if there was another time that we could meet up to see the film. It may be said that many things were against us seeing the movie and enjoying it, or maybe I was simply enjoying the pattern of disturbances that occurred since i find it can be fun to experience these things.
  • On the way out of the car park, Peter had placed the plastic token to get out of the car park in a place by the gear stick, when we got to the barrier where we had to place the token in the machine, Peter suddenly realised that the token had fallen underneath the seat, so we searched for the token, he was standing outside the car going to pieces trying to move the seat while cars were beginning to pile up behind us waiting for us to go through, and soon I found the token, Peter then had trouble getting his seat back into place, it looked almost as if it was stuck and he would not be able to sit down in his seat. Soon it jolted back into place, and we were able to continue with our journey, and as we left, he talked about the heavenly wonder of the cinema in Berkhamstead which he had been to two nights earlier to see the movie Tristan And Isolde, the seats there had lots of leg room and there were fellow film watchers who had come to actually watch the film. We talked about how wise it would be to never again ever use the cinema in the St George's shopping centre in Harrow, because obviously no one there was supposed to watch a film in peace.