Sunday, 13 October 2013


a) I finally watched Insidious on DVD since I watched its sequel Insidious Chapter 2 at the cinema some weeks back, and once again, was quite inspired by the parts of it that were journey into another dimension that was supposedly a sort of an astral plane, but well still I was a little bit more inspired by what I had seen in the Hellraiser and its sequel , the Silent Hill films, Dreamscape, What Dreams May Come, Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me, the Nightmare in Elm Street film series  and indeed Brainstorm, but it was almost still interesting to see it in Insidious and amiable enough to make me want to see more. 

b) The plot of the film and the sight of the medium wearing a gas mask didn't interest me at all. What was possibly the main demon of the film had a makeup mask that made him look a little bit like Darth Maul from  The Phantom Menace and once I was certain about what I was seeing there, that didn't interest me as well. And the sight of a haggard man's face wearing a dress and a veil didn't interest me either but I realised that this was a character who was going to be in the sequel. Fair enough I thought. It was all for a mainstream audience and perhaps it works enough as almost better than average low budget entertainment, and indeed I want to see more scenes taking place in the astral world or whatever it was supposed to be in the later movies even if I will sit through most of the movie with a bored look on my face

c) The interview with the director and the writer on the DVD made me want to cringe, having to tolerate their grinning Australian personalities almost sent me into a state of rage and insanity,

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