Sunday, 3 November 2013

Frankenstein's Army

a) I very much liked "Frankenstein's Army" on DVD, I wish I had seen it at the cinema but when it was shown at a Film Festival in Leicester Square, all the decent seats were bought up before I could buy a ticket.

b) As much a bizarre mind boggling visual treat as some might assume, despite the low budget. Probably a sizable chunk of the movie seemed like a shoot-em-up computer game, but still very interesting like a long nightmare

c) What we see in the film is as seen through the camera of the lens of a soldier who is supposed to be filming the whole thing as we watch the movie. So this means it's a "found footage" movie and quite honestly I wouldn't know anything about that normally but there are some films that I have seen where film footage is found one way or another.

d) There are twists and turns to be encountered amongst the gang of Russian soldiers who are the main characters of the film and a long part of the film is spent just exploring the environment with nameless skeletons, piles of nuns placed on a fire, a seemingly empty building that is revealed to be Frankenstein's monster factory. Numerous Frankenstein's various monsters are to be found populating the movie in killing mode, however many are very easy to kill off once they are seen for what they are. It's amiable nonsense in which I found no ultimate depths, I was probably happy to see all the characters killed off. Perhaps I might even want to watch parts of it again.

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