Friday, 27 March 2009

A small synchronicity

In central London, I took a look at the "It came from outer space before" DVD, and decided to download it off the internet to see if it was something I might find interesting, I downloaded it off
Youtube and watched it yesterday evening. I found myself participating in the author Whitley Strieber's Facebook page discussions and the following day in his page, he mentions the title of the movie.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Misreading of the day and a synchronicity

Today, I misread the London Newspaper headline "Jacko eyes Brit and JT for O2 gigs" as "Jacko eyes Brit and it for orgies" and then a couple of hours later a friend of mine, here named E. , who works in central London informed me that he bought a book about the history of orgies today and indeed he would show me this book some time in the future.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Images and impressions for Wednesday evening on my journey home

  • In Borders bookshop, I envision a cheesewire stretched across from one side of the escalator to the other that would slice who ever came up the escalator in half, and I experienced the idea of every surface being as hot enough to burn one's skin if one touched anything. I wondered what sort of monster was manifesting it's way into my psyche.
  • On the train home, a man sat opposite me on the train and he was leaning forwards to a great degree, he was either Pakistani or Indian, but I watched impressions of cuts appearing in the side of his face as if something was slicing through it and blood trailing off behind him into the air. I watched him intensely working on his Sudoku puzzles with their grid patterns, which I imagined turning into wire grids slicing through his face. I started to see elongated fingers reaching out, almost as if they were mine but transforming into something else's, maybe like extra-terrestrial fingers, touching his face and burning into the flesh, it would begin to melt and as the fingers were pulled away, they left smoking small pits that would add to his acne scars ( a couple of weeks ago, I watched Gran Torino in which a boy had a burning cigarette stuck into his face) and then I imagined myself hiding my face behind a single hand as if I thought that no one could see me if I did this, as if it would make any difference at all and it was as if my head were turning into the head of the man sitting opposite me, I was becoming him.
  • Afterwards he sat back started working on something on his mobile phone/mini hand held computer, and I watched the image glowing small green fish or worm wriggling away between his eyes.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Misreading of the day

I misread the BBC internet news headlines (i) "Obama reverses stem cell research ban" & (ii) "Obama's speech to Congress " as "Obama's reverse speech stems from cell research ban on cauliflowers"

Friday, 13 March 2009

Mock Turtle Soup Expedition

  • About 3.15pm, I left the house and on the way somewhere talked to Mimsy about the idea of mockturtle soup, she was the one who had mentioned it and indeed I talked about the fact that hadn't tried it nor real turtle soup and she wouldn't tell me why she was so suddenly interested in mockturtle soup anyway, I didn't expect any real reason anyway, she sometimes picks up ideas that have no reason behind them and doesn't bother to explain herself much anyway
  • When I got home later in the evening, I realise that at 4pm, a lady named Emily whose partner I know over the years through another friend has mentioned something about her desire to look for turtles on the Ascension Island since this is where her dear Edmund is, perhaps turtle hunting, and one hour and fifty six minutes later, a lady whose name begins with R mentions soup in response to Emily's utterance about turtles. I got home about 7.35pm to find out that the idea of turtles is a running thread throughout this day, which is entirely normal.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Message from beyond

Real saw please, increased by robots, how do you say?

Friday, 6 March 2009

Todays message from beyond

The demons are walking by on the deck of the Starfall