Saturday, 9 October 2010

Misreadings of the day

1. Wmm misread the BBC news headline "Thirteen held in Leicester demos" as "Thirteen let in to hell by demons"

2. Wmm misread the BBC news headline "Concern at rehab referral numbers" as "Reconstituted corn reverts men to mumbles"

3. Wmm misread the BBC news headline "China dissident wins Nobel Peace Prize" as "Chinaman disappears after Pass-The-Parcel"

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Gnomic bagpipes synchronicity

Wmm on his way to central London felt that if he saw gatherings of gnomes playing bagpipes on the way, it would not be too strange. When he got into central London that day, he noticed that there was a short-ish man in Leicester Square playing the bagpipes . Wmm supposed that was at least one gnome. He hadn't heard bagpipers there in a long time. He is glad that he didn't assume he would see Satyrs playing piccolos or fairies playing flutes.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day dreams visions one Sunday at a train station

Wmm remembers last Sunday standing at the train station platform waiting for a train into central London and there was a cute little coloured girl wandering around the platform with long curling pony tails either side of her head. She had a little brother screaming his head off strapped to a push chair. But what was there to remember?

In Wmms mind, the little girl's head turned into that of a vicious cocker spanial with long ears covered in curling fur, bearing her teeth viciously at Wmm warning him to stay away, and this reminded him of the many times his cream German Shepherd dog would attack him in the field when he tried to put the lead on (this was a regular occurance leaving both he and his mother with scarred hands) , and the little brother grew into a tall wirey muscular pale caucasian man with long grey hair and a beard who was yelling and screaming at the top of his voice trying to get out of the push chair and a bunch of men in white coats suddenly come to hold him down and inject him with a sedative before he could break loose and then he returns to the form of a small coloured toddler.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Old Popular Music bombardment

Wmm had a traumatic short time this morning as he had visions of the team of hand-jivers doing their hand movements to the themetune of Hawaii Five-O.

He also noticed that the bombardement continued later into the day in a different form as he cleaned his teeth with an electric toothbrush as usual but in his mind, the sound of this transformed into memories of Plastic Bertrand singing Ca Pleine Pour Moi on Top of the Pops about thirty years ago. Wmm struggled through to the end of his toothbrushing.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Day dream Visions July 2nd, 2010

  • On the train home, Wmm imagines that the woman opposite him on the train who is talking to her friend on the phone, and is on her way to visit her and use all the resources that her friends house has to offer, such as use the bath even, is talking about plans to amputate her left lower arm and have the stump stitched to the stump of her friend's amputated lower right arm, maybe she the friend has not agreed to it at all or has even talked about the possibility of it with the woman in the train but she knew that this was going to be the best thing that they had done in a long long time together, she was so looking forwards to never walking normally in her life ever again and with a smile on her face continued to chat about it.
  • The elderly man on Wmm's left sitting on the opposite side is talking to his wife on the phone telling her how he is going to stop off at a friend's house, and he talks very loudly to her and her voice comes back over the mobile phone as loud as anything because he has the volume turned up at the highest level and Wmm began to imagine this man saying that he was going to stop there and have his left foot amputated without anaesthetics and probably using kitchen appliances because he wants to have his knee joint fused to the knee joint of the man sitting next to him, the other man suddenly says that yes this is so, because they've become best pals since the old man gave him ten pounds and so he can't wait to have this man's knee joint fused to his own, because then they could walk everywhere together and have some of the best conversations.
  • Wmm gets on the final bus to go home and sits down.  A man stands before Wmm where he is sitting down on this single decker hopper bus. The man is an Indian man with a bald head, wearing an orange t-shirt with the back of his head towards Wmm and he is listening to music through a pair of small headphones.  In Wmm's mind's eye, the man's face becomes covered in a mask of skinless muscle and tendons that have grown out of his skin, almost like a cancer. The man is surrounded by a virtual drumkit, where holographic projections of circles surround him so that he can touch them with his head, ears, shoulders, arms and elbows while he stands there in the bus, and make various strange little percussion noises. This man stands there experiencing all the wonder that he could want to create. However he turns around to Wmm and asks him to join in by singing, but this would mean that Wmm would have to grow a mask, one that would be like an iron mask with a life of its own that pierces Wmm's face with wires that fused with his nervous system and muscles, and begins to contort his whole skull into the strangest of shapes that were not quite human. Wmm wasn't sure if he wanted this because he wasn't the person to want to join in with a band and sing, even if it was just a primal howl that the person wanted to accompany his drumming. Wmm wondered if this was perhaps a displaced conversation and really the person was talking to whoever had been sitting half an hour earlier where Wmm was sitting , or maybe he was really talking to someone that wasn't present but Wmm had briefly spoken to an hour earlier, an acquaintance named M who often seemed threatening no matter how nice, genuine, and open he was, who was very much into music.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Day dream Visions July 1st, 2010

  • In Wmm's minds eye, he is walking along the South pavement of Oxford Street, as usual with a giant croissant under my arm instead of holding my bag by it's handles. A car is coming up behind Wmm and and the driver hoots at him, the driver yells that he has the right of way to drive all over the pavement and he doesn't have a right to walk anywhere and Wmm should just get going, The left side of man's car has started extended by four or five feet, it looks as if a grand piano is starting to grow out of it, so while he is driving on the road, he hogs the pavement with this grand piano extrusion connected to his car.
  • Wmm get to the café to sit down, drink coffee, and stare through the window ogling the maidens with the backless loose dresses as they stand by the window with their backs towards him. He begins to write his journal and then begins to experience the idea that someone has suddenly discovered that his own journals that he has been writing since a boy have all been rewritten in the hand of his landlord and from his landlord's perspective, his own points of view have been totally erased. The landlord likes to go on denying every little claim that the man makes out himself and the landlord tells him that he has to put up with it because everything has to be his way from now on.
  • Wmm in his mind sees a row of houses behind these two people, and the nearest house has a set of ground floor rooms extending into the back yard, and they use it as a kitchen, but the landlord has had a pathway built through the kitchen itself making  an open passage through the building. Wmm can see the kitchen table and a chair exposed by the passage running through it, and someone through the window can be seen yelling that some stranger has walked through their kitchen at least thirty five or thirty six times that day and there wasn't anything that they had a right to do about it. In the next house along, that room was used as a bathroom and they were yelling and screaming about the fact that someone walked through without even asking if someone was having a bath or sitting on the toilet before hand. They are in a state of hysterics about it. The next house along uses those rooms as a bedroom, and the couple there are complaining to one another about the mysterious man that they find standing there each morning taking photographs of whoever is sleeping in the bed there and nothing can be done about it. They have no rights to do anything about it.  
  • This place spells itself out to Wmm as being while in his realm of over-extended realism, a reflection of the virtual landscape of the Internet, especially Facebook mixed with the look of his local town area, where people have now found themselves accommodating unannounced loopholes in their agreements with Facebook privacy policy from time to time. The landlord must be one of these people making rules and bringing in new changes unannounced.
  • In his mind's eye, Wmm noticed the arm of a man falling off as he held it outstretched to hold a bar in the train and he wonders what this could all be about. Is it a symbol of something , maybe the first limb falling off in a series of many, as a representation of something.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Misreading of the day

  • Wmm misread the BBC news headline "Spy suspect missing in Cyprus" as "Stud seen spitting on Miley Cyrus"
  • Wmm has just misread "Missing" beginning with the P from Spy but he's not spelling it out any more than that other than it seems to point out an assumption that Miley Cyrus has quite an interest in being covered in all sorts of bodily fluids from the man in this misreading . 
  • Wmm also wishes to point out that he doesn't really have any point of view about whether the real person herself gets up to this sort of thing one way or another.

    Day dream Visions June 30th

    • Wmm remembers on his journey into central London, observing the back of a woman's head on the train as she was sitting further up the carriage, and watching a swarm of some kind of creatures, somewhere between being spiders and bees, that were building a hive on the back of her head which involved building it's walls out of her long hair.
    • He also noticed as he sat waiting for the final bus home from the bus stop near his local station, as a bus left the bus stop, in his mind's eye he watched a boy get on a large skateboard and grip a handle on the back of the bus that pulled him up the street. The suddenly he noticed mental visions of a near limbless breakdancer deformed by Thalidomide with some robotic parts twirling around on the pavement. He then looked at the boy sitting on the same bench as him and imagined that maybe this boy was into breakdancing and skateboards although he could have been wrong.
    •  Wmm noticed that once the boy caught a bus, Wmm sat there waiting with his mind still in a day dream state and a slimy slinky pretty young Somalian girl walked through in front of Wmm, as if she were walking through his mental landscape as if it were walking through lines of washing and a sheet suddenly got wrapped around her and she noticed nothing and didn't think to stop walking to untangle it from her, but a small dwarf who was attached to the sheet by a clothes peg suddenly got dragged along and dragged through the busy road desperately trying to avoid the passing cars. Perhaps the small dwarf was a child's toy such as a bunny rabbit dressed as a human or even a gollywog, but it's not specified.
    • Wmm soon caught the bus home and the bus passed by a pretty young woman with long blonde hair who while she was talking on her mobile phone was tossing her elbows in the air, and in his mind's eye, her right arm extended and once she tossed her right elbow it flew out in the direction of the bus and slammed against the glass of the window.

    Tuesday, 29 June 2010

    Day dream Visions June 29th

    • Aboard the train noticed in his minds eye that the boy sitting him had a metal covering on his head and a circular dial combination lock on it, possibly to turn it to the right numbers would lead to the metal covering coming off the boy's head leaving him free. Wmm sees himself trying to turn the dial around to the correct numbers and as he does this, the boy screams in agony before Wmm soon gives up and gets off the train to continue his journey, it's not as if the boy's predicament was supposed to be real, it was an idea with no intention of revealing anything. He later wonders if perhaps the metal covering kept the boy's brains in place because he lost most of his skull earlier on in life and just didn't understand this and then again this idea might have been something more complicated than the actual vision that presented itself.

    • Wmmvrrvrrmm bought the latest issue of Cinefex today with the article on Splice in it, having this issue of Cinefex in his bag caused Wmm to start having visions of the hybrid creature in her different stages of growth running around the tunnels in Baker Street Station as a pale imp like manifestation.
    • Wmmvrrvrrmm watched a mental vision of a cylinder with a drill tip on one end and a propeller on the other getting closer and closer with the drill tip towards the forehead of a man who was sitting on a train seat, and then a frame started to build up around his head with a cylindrical tube in front of his forehead for the drill with propeller to move along as it got closer and closer to his forehead. Moments later Wmm discovered that he was reading "Fear And Loathing" In Las Vegas and wondered if there was a connection between what I was envisioning and the mental state he was experiencing from reading the book.

      • Wmmvrrvrrmm also noticed on the train that while he was surrounded by an Indian family babbling away in Urdu or a similar language, he in his mind's eye watched the tongue of the man opposite him come out of his mouth and it was about a foot or more long, like a frog's tongue, and Wmm caught it in his hand and wrote upon is a mysterious symbol that burned away into the flesh with a hiss. He watched the tongue of another Indian person in the carriage pour out of the person's mouth and it already had the symbol burned into it and it just swung from side to side as the person grinned at me. The man opposite Wmm had a very pretty wife sitting next to him and she also (in Wmm's mind eye) showed off her tongue and it was curled up in a spiral form on the verge of unfurling.

      Monday, 28 June 2010

      Day dream Visions June 28th

      • Wmm is walking along a quiet road to the local station and in this heat he sees a strange looking large thick earthworm with a bolt at the end and suddenly he realises that it is a buckled bolt

      • He reaches the Harrow town centre and gets on a hopper bus into Wealdstone and before him stands a middle aged Somalian woman , he observes her lower arms and lower legs exposed to the sun and watched the hands and feet disintegrate leaving the end of the arm and leg bone, the flesh becomes hardened and looks roasted, her arms and legs have transformed into roasted chicken drumsticks, the bus door opens and she walks off as if balancing on stilts
      • Wmm later returns after visiting a building in that part of town and soon returns to the town centre by bus and during this time he takes notice of a African black man's bald cranium that somehow looks misshapen in a certain light and if something inside was pulling it out of shape and there was a ridge starting to build itself up on the top and a ridge starting to show up on the back of his neck at the base of his skull. The back of the skull soon breaks open and through the skin bulges the form of a grinning foetal creature with a carapace shell that unfolds more and more of the back of his cranium.  

        • He entered the café for a cappuccino in the town centre. In the café, foreign toddlers were running around yelling loudly and Wmm imagined that their parents had remote control boxes that linked to the children's spines by umbilical chord styled leads and these children, one with hair like tarantula legs sprouting from the sides of her cranium were machines designed to run into one another to see which one had the hardest forehead.
        • Wmm got onto the train and watched before him an elderly white woman who was reading her newspaper, she grinned so much that angular lines formed that suggested that beneath her skin an antique grey painted translucent mantle clock with pillars was slowly growing and would soon push itself out of the top of her skulls leaving the skin of her head as a frail empty shell.

        • Wmm wonders later in the evening if the roasted chicken legs and wings on his dinner plate this evening were the Somalian woman's imagined missing hands and feet

        Saturday, 26 June 2010

        Misreading of the day

        • I misread the George Orwell, Animal Farm quote "All animals are equal, but some are more equal then others" as  "All actors are equal, but some are seeking Equity"

        Day dream Visions June 26th

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm watched on the way home, a beautiful sunset radiating ageless transcendental promises.
        • Wmmvrrvrrmm also watched a double decker bus passing by that in his mind eye transformed into a very basic pocket money type Transformer toy, with the body of the bus splitting into four quarters that would become the arms and the legs held together by a minimalistic vaguely humanoid body with a pinhead inside that he doubted anyone would want to buy if they saw it on the shop shelf other than a four year old, while he sat waiting for the bus to finally take him home. Meanwhile a rubbish bin sprouted corrugated pipe legs and ran off up the hill.

        Wednesday, 23 June 2010

        The return of a book to Tony E or Tony L

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm managed to send his friend Tony E or Tony L, (one of the two letters will do) his Omni Almanac of Future predictions back after five years of borrowing it. This book is an old book published by the publisher of Omni Magazine in the past, full of scientific predictions for the future, most of which have not come true. Wmm wanted to give the book back years ago, and getting rid of it today has helped him to finally rid himself of the curse of Tony E or Tony L (or as some people call him Nine Fingered Tony or occasionally referred to as Tony the entombed). Tony is a much cursed man.
        • Wmmvrrvrrmm is sure that Tony who is a very patient man in a way will be overjoyed. Tony thought the book would be valuable but Wmm will buy himself a decent copy of that book soon for next to nothing.
        • This book , whatever it was called was about predictions made by science of what ought to happen in the future and it was way off. Wmm was told by his friend Peter to rip the book up into little pieces, set fire to it or chuck it in the bin rather than send it back to Tony,  or even to give it to Peter because he would in so many words, know what to do with it, but Wmm knew better and continues to look at hope for Tony E or Tony L

        • It is hoped by Wmm that this would be the end of a long curse

        Thursday, 17 June 2010

        Sunset Revelation

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm watched a beautiful meaningful sunset on the way home from central London. The sunset seemed promising of a new dawn soon to erupt while people frozen in the shadows as ghostly cloud like apparitions would briefly wake from their slumber to realise that things that they've been trying to do that haven't worked or got anywhere still after long time can be approached another way, but they'll have a go whatever the result.

        Tuesday, 15 June 2010

        Misreadings of the day

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC news headlines "British PM sorry over 'Bloody Sunday'" and "US oil firms 'not ready' for leak" as "British PM sautés using oil, a firm bloody steak"

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC news headlines " 'Food boom' for emerging nations" and "'Ten dead' in Mexico train smash" as "Ten Pin bowling at Mexican train stations"


        Sunday, 13 June 2010

        Synchronistic celebrity sighting

        Yesterday, Saturday evening, I'm talking with a group of friends about eating vegetables and how healthy evening is known to combat cancer, and I talk with this red haired lady who plays the Ukulele about how Dirk Benedict combated cancer following a macrobiotic diet and he looked great for his age in Big Brother a few years ago. Today Sunday, I'm in centre point again just turning a corner and suddenly I see a woman with a Cleo Rocos hairstyle in the distance (she was well known for her appearance in the Kenny Everett show some decades ago) and well the last time I saw her on TV was on Big Brother in 2007 together with Dirk Benedict and her hairstyle was just like the one she had in 2007 . I get closer to her and this woman's face seems very like hers and I get closer and closer and realise that it is definitely her, she has her eyes facing downwards. I walk on.

        Day Dream Visions June 13th

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm remembers today holding onto the Grab Bars in the London underground train carriage and imagining his pyramid headgear starting to fuse with the handlebars becoming one integrated structure.
        • Wmmvrrvrrmm remembers that on the way home, he sat down and then a person sat down next to him and started to read a book that was printed in a foreign language. Wmm didn't want this person sitting next to him to sit there and wanted him to move away as if he were too shadowy a figure with his head buried in the tome, and Wmm kept imagining himself picking this person up and shoving his head into the wall on the other side of the carriage and a disposal shoot with teeth would open up on the other side into which the man would go before his head gets bitten off by the teeth. Once the seats on the opposite side of the carriage became vacant, the man decided to sit on the other side and Wmm began to imagine him as a shadowy energy form slowly transforming into a foetal tadpole shape that would begin to swim within the glass of the window.
        • Wmmvrrvrrmm remembers that during this time, in his mind, the man sitting opposite's face skin pulled back from the mouth like a foreskin revealed rows of vertical forward pointing fangs formed in the manner similar to a mouth of a lamprey and also a band of machine gun bullets, and then the outer row of teeth began to turn and point out sideways either side of the man's face in the manner of a fan and right in the centre of the rows of teeth was a small beak like the mouth of an octopus. And from this entity's throat would come a continuous clicking sound.


        Sunday, 6 June 2010

        Day dream Visions June 6th

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm remembers two people asking about his pyramid today, remembers having mental visions of pterosaurs flying around the railways and hills, and when he was waiting for a bus home imagined double decker buses transforming into giant robots and a fleet of black sports cars being unable to drive bus the double decker bus transformer robots and so they assembled into one giant robot themselves that might have been Megatron from the Transformer films in a new incarnation and the three together started practicing American football maneuvres together and the tarmacked streets down in the local village centre became the skin of a giant sea monster that had been beached and birds were pecking away at the flesh.

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm recognises these visions as normal repeating things from time to time, but with some variation here and there. The sports cars forming one giant robot was a new experience for me today at least.
        • Wmmvrrvrrmm also recognises that the designs of the giant robots are usually simplified, such as the heads only have one huge camera lense like eye and seldom with a proper face, and the arms of the double decker transformers usually have door like flaps as arms.

        Saturday, 15 May 2010

        Good news about a future kitchen

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm was overjoyed to know that his friend Peter has accepted the fact that it will possibly be some months before he sees his new kitchen.
        • Peter is supposed to have a new kitchen built by someone recommended to him by his lodger, however the person managed to demolish the whole kitchen and take everything out but his head fell apart before he could put a new one in. This may be because the kitchen man is a possible crackhead or something completely insane like that. He left his tools behind so it's a genuine reason whatever it is. Peter has been living off takeaways for the last few weeks, but has thought about investing in a calor gas cooker to cook in his living room, he can toast bread on the fire but has also thought also about cooking on an open bonfire in the back garden, cooking such things as sausages and baked potatoes in tin foil, maybe he might go hunting for local animals such as squirrels and anyone's pets that crawl into his back garden going back to nature as it were, hunting as men did in ancient times. Time will see, but often it doesn't.
        • Wmmvrrvrrmm always looks forwards to hearing about more intolerably odd scenarios in Peter's existence and that Peter finds a way to tolerate them. Some of them are unbearably too odd for Wmm to even remember at this time, one couldn't even dream up half of them by consuming vast amounts of cheese before bedtime.

        Monday, 3 May 2010

        Hugo Weaving sighting synchronised with Anna Kavan Book

        • Okay, today I was in Foyles bookshop minding my own business when suddenly walking into the poetry section was a tall man who looked a bit like the man who played Elrond in Lord of the Rings, the inspector in The Wolfman and well was the main villain in Matrix. I was wondering if it was really him or not because he looked almost non-descript behind his glasses, his jaw was relaxed and indeed I couldn't remember his name.
        • I walked over to the Anna Kavan section in the fiction books because I am interested in her dream like novels at this present time and picked up her book The Parson and opened a page where I noticed the words "she weaves the tor into her fantasies" and I looked at that rather puzzled wondering what to make of this book and whether I should buy a copy and suddenly thought, "ah yes, Hugo Weaving". A few minutes later he walked off, I studied his profile and noticed the definite unmistakeable Hugo Weaving jaw as he walked out

        Saturday, 1 May 2010

        Misreading of the day

        • Wmm took a look at the BBC news headline "Weather hampers US oil clean-up" and kept misreading it as "Wesley Stamper uses oil cleaner", this being one of his online friends. 

        Friday, 23 April 2010

        Misreading of the day

        • I misread the BBC news headline "Palin testifies against 'Hacker' " as "Pale testicles agonize teacher"

        Saturday, 3 April 2010

        This misreading is very meaningful in a parallel universe

        Wmm misread the words in a BBC News article about the death of the inventor of Altair 8800 computer, "Gates and Allen contacted Dr Roberts after seeing the machine on the front cover of a magazine and offered to write software for it." as "Gated for alien contact, Dr Roberts, after seizing the machines that acted as a cover for Schwarzenegger's role offered to write a softer role for him"

        Original article that was misread can be found here

        Monday, 8 March 2010

        Misreading of the day

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm misread the BBC news headline "US eases sanctions for freer web" as " US easy thanks for free beer"

        Wednesday, 3 February 2010

        Day Dream Visions 3rd February

        • Wmmvrrvrrmm remembers sitting opposite a pretty woman in the train who was wearing a raincoat and then in his mind's eye two stone cherubs from a fountain flowing with water from their genitals manifested around her and they started directing their genitals at her to cover her in what Wmm assumes was just water

        Wednesday, 13 January 2010


        1. The film's planet imagery hit me in an otherworldly way so I believe I recognised this otherdimensional connection, but I think it was a good movie to see in 3D on the big screen, I don't know if I would have been so hard hit by it on the small screen.
        2. It certainly is having a unusual effect on me and I am hit by flashbacks of the movie, it is like remembering some sort of a shamanistic experience. I don't know what a Church would have to say about the effect it might be having on me. They'll probably totally ban the directors cut which will include the mating scene, and perhaps excommunicate all church going production team members.

        Dream imagery in Avatar

        leading from

        1. James Cameron: In the making of Avatar I was trying to achieve a kind of waking dream state for the audience and the 3D was a part of that, the choice of colours, er, the type of shots which are flowing, er, you know it's not very choppy, which allows you to stay in a kind of state or sustain a feeling for a while, the use of flight, um, the use of rem you know kind of phantasmagorical images like the glowing forest and so on, erm, the floating mountains which creates  a kind of  real but surreal er, kind of quality, all that was done, you know, on purpose to kind of create a sense of almost a, you know, an out of body experience or something that maybe takes you back to childhood memories of… of flying or er, you know, I mean, I just... I just make associations as… as an artist and sometimes I try over mediate my own… my own choices, not think about it too much, not to try to justify it in some narrative fashion but just have an instinctive response (Coast To Coast AM, Monday August 23, 2010)
        2. James Cameron:  I had this dream when I was in college where I was leafing through a huge kind of… … of… of sketchbook of paintings and I remember and the images were very very powerful images and when I woke up, I had this kind of sad mournful feeling, wow, I wish I could create images like that, those were beautiful, and then it hit me "Dummy, you did create them, you just created them, so I , no I quickly got a, you know, some coloured oil pastels and I tried to… to do a quick colour rendering of everything I had seen in the dream, so there were about ten or twelve drawings, or quick paintings if you will, and one of them was of a glowing forest, er, where the river glowed and the trees glowed, and it was so, er , lucid and vivid in the dream, I never quite captured exactly what I had seen but I got pretty close and I threw that in a… just a bunch of, a big pile of sketches because I'm an artist and I draw all the time and years and years go by and in 95, I was, i was writing, er, Avatar and I was looking through some of my designs, and I found them and I thought, oh, there should be, there should be bioluminescence in the forest at night and so then that became part of… of the story and that came direct, that's traceable directly back to a single dream.

          Craig Webb: Well, was it true that you're mum had a dream about the big blue people

          James Cameron:
          Ah! Yes, well you've done some research

          Craig Webb: I did a little

          James Cameron:
          My mom told me, this is going back about twenty five years, she told me about this dream that she had of this twelve foot tall blue woman who had this amazing figure, this kind of goddess or warrior, whatever it was and er, she, her excitement about it kind of just popped a picture into my mind, and er, you know, later, erm, I did a painting of these you know, twelve foot tall blue people, this would have been in the late seventies

          Craig Webb:
          Before Titanic

          James Cameron:
          And so, you know, I was, I was sort of just swirling together a lot of things when I wrote Avatar that are ideas that had occurred to me over time, one from my dream and one from one of my mom's dreams.(Coast To Coast AM, Monday August 23, 2010)
        3. Cameron goes on to admit that many of his ideas come from his dreams. "One of them was a glowing forest with a river of light running through it and trees that sort of looked like fiber optics" he says. "Well, guess what. Cut to 30 years later and I'm making a movie where we're spending millions of dollars to create that imagery, but that image came to me in a dream when I was 18 years old."(