Friday, 11 October 2013

Blue something or other, the second word fades away

1) This evening I went to see a movie with Cate Blanchett in the lead role , the first lead role that I have ever seen her in, that might have been called something like Blue Jezobel or Blue Jissom or Blue this or Blue that or something in that realm of thinking.
2) Half the real title is now erased in favour of imagining that the movie had a title like a porn movie and in a way I prefer to imagine that it was in essence secretly a hard core porn movie all along, 
3) The actor who played the boyfriend of the sister must have been a cheap porn stud and the actor who the sister went out with for a short while must have been some nobody that they grabbed off the street who would do it for the cash, but it was all cloaked in the guise of a movie with no nudity, sex or any really suggestive behaviour, it was all near enough squashed into the far distance hidden beyond the end of scenes, and closed doors but I was the one who could still see the compressed sordid remains of a dirty blue movie with near ambiguous nonsensical dialogue and somewhat nonsensical needs to do things, almost as clear as day and this film seemed to hav suddenly formations of relationships from behind facades that that  might form and then suddenly dissolved within minutes in the movie for the basis of sex. anything could have been added onto it and taken away again, but in the end it was fashioned into a precious China teacup. 
4) Probably this is all normal for a Woody Allen movie anyway with people floating around obsessed with the need for sex.
5) However the nearest thing that I have has had to watching porn movies so far is the scene of a fake porn movie featuring Naughty Nancy in "American Werewolf In London" and also the various fictional scenes from "Boogie Nights" and a remade scene from Deep Throat for the movie "Lovelace". Okay, yes, the title of the movie was "Blue Jasmine" or something like that if Wmm is forced to remember the name. Whether that means anything and it might be hard to ay, that was Wmm's experience of the movie.
6) Cate Blanchette looked very lovely even in her worst state in the film 

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