Sunday, 9 September 2007

Returned from Holiday, and memories of the manifestation of the muse

This year at the holiday home I
  •   I have returned from Hungary where I spent a week in my family's holiday villa. The upstairs toilet had been blocked and the showers drains did not smell so joyful. We wondered what had been going on and who had been using the house while we were absent. The new washing machine during the last stage of it's washing cycle started to jump around and had my mother not been there at the time, it might well have caused some serious damage. These were exterior manifestations of energy blockages by certain perceptions, but they were nothing I would be consciously personally dealing with.
Last Year at the holiday home
  • This time last year I went to the villa with my mother and my friend Humay, and he spent one week there with us. This was a time when we experience much confusion about whether we were stepping on snails or walnuts., and whether the snails has the ability to transform into walnuts like one of the Autobots and Decepticons in Transformers would turn into vehicles and other machines.. And what would be gained by such a transformation by the snails. This time last year, I had visited the Castle Festetics with Humay, and there we discovered an exhibition of Islamic Artifacts including a photo of the tomb of Humayun, the second Mughal emperor from the 16th century whom Humay had been named after, which was a curious thing to discover considering that Hungarians general relationship with that world of thinking.
    This year at the holiday home II
      • My mother saved a bird that seemed to be a swallow or a housemartin, it had a daisy wrapped around it's leg and wing, it seemed almost glued on, and so the bird was unable to fly. Many swallows were huddling together on windowsils, many spent moments where they landed on the ground and sat there. There were many swallows preparing to move on now the summer was over, but as it goes, some were dying. For three days, there was heavy rain.
      This year in Budapest
      • My mother and I visited Budapest, the journey from train station in our village took about four years, we visited Gerbaud's coffee house again for cappuccinos, looked at the prices and times of the boat trips for a future time and also looked around shopping malls there such as the West End shopping centre and indeed the Mammoth shopping mall, both places that were considerably modern and stylish.
      Last Year In Budapest
      • I remember this time last year in 2006, I visited Budapest with Humay and we stayed in a hotel for a couple of days. Actually we booked a pokey little double room in a nice hotel in outer Budapest, but Humay had accidently doublebooked since he was not used to using the internet. What happened was that we were given a whole apartment that accommodated about several people and was quite luxuriously furnished. We did not want to pay double, Humay canceled the other two bookings and got a refund , but we were allowed to keep the apartment for the second day as well. Then we visited a good many places around Budapest, such as St Steven's Basilica, the Opera House, a Picasso Exhibition, the Fisherman's Bastion and indeed the main football stadium, Humay was a great football fan and wanted to show his friends that he had been there as someone else he knew had been there too. This detour to the stadium made us late for our evening train.
        Manifestation of the muse back then.
        • On the way back, a petite young woman got on board. She had a mop of wet golden blonde hair, dark running shoes, dark socks, a short white dress with what i think were red spots on it and a very smart looking waterproof jacket. Her legs were very well toned, I couldn't help looking at her for some reason. She had with her large Tesco shopping bag placed down at her feet, and when the train stopped at stations, she slammed the door open. I experienced her as an apparition of a goddess like muse that I often tend to wonder about, her facial features generally fitted into that plan although that goddess would have had the ability to change her facial features to some degree while still remaining recognisable. Every so often she gave me a mean look. Her jacket looked expensive and everything about her seemed out of place within the context of Budapest. The expression on her face looked almost continuously fierce. She must have stepped out of another dimension while obviously she had come from the local stadium. Meanwhile Humay's attention had been caught by two cute young plump maidens who were holding hands. Their plumpness may well have interested Robert Crumb fans of which Humay was one. My friend Humay acknowledged to some degree that the lady identified as my muse did stand out.
        • Later aboard the metro, the muse appeared again in a different form, I recognised her face in the reflection of the window sitting right next to me. Her profile was different, her hair style now was longish brown hair with a fringe. She wore a vibrant green sweater, and held a leather bound book in her hands which seemed for me to be a curious thing. As I looked to her face to my side, I noticed the blueness of her eyes and went back to looking at the window reflection and for a moment she looked at me. The manifestation of the muse just reassured me that all would be fine about our getting back to the house later and to not be too concerned about the extreme amount of time. It was of course and evening then when a few blocks away from the Gerbaud there was a riot taking place and we knew nothing about it but my mother did and was concerned about our lateness
        • We soon got off at a station leaving her behind , she looked in my general direction as Humay and myself soon went to the station to wait for our train back to lake Balaton. The wait would be long of course going into the early hours of the morning when the train services started up again. That was last year. What qualifies some lady to be a manifestation of my muse is yet to be something understood and I'm not going into any detail about it here but at least I recognise her personally and I believe she can generally be described.
        The End
        •  Back in 2007, on TV there was new footage of Osama Bin Laden. I wondered if it was an animatronics creation like the broken remains of the Bishop character in Alien 3 made by Gillis and Woodruff , or was it simply CGI?
        • The cabbie who brought us to our Hungarian house from the airport charged us 1000 forint more than last June and when he brought us back to the airport he charged another extra 1000 forint on top of that.
        • Just as I got home to my home in England, I received news that Humay needed me to go around and empty the bucket of water that was likely to be overflowing because the pipe that fed water into the flush system of his toilet was leaking, and Humay was one of his courses and didn't have time to come home and empty the bucket. For the next couple of days I repeatedly emptied the bucket about twice a day.