Thursday, 26 December 2013

Ronin 47 or Roening 747

Before hand: 
1) Will I get to see a movie about a band of Ronin numbering in their 40s.
2) Can't recall the number of Ronin in it so until I find out I wont be able to tell you how exactly many!

1) The movie was a brave full feature length effort by the director, the age old story remained solid enough and the fantastical elements basically were all revealed in the trailer. Photography style, sets and costumes were nice but the lighting or was it just the darkness of the film in the cinema was not too good. Perhaps the film was verging on soporific
2) Hope that the cinema going public in the far East who saved Pacific Rim can offer support for this movie's behind
3) I'm thinking about the title Ronin 47 but my mind has now transformed the title into Roening 747. The opening scene featuring Keanu killing a Kirin with a sword becomes Keanu tackling a Jumbo Jet as it takes off from a Heathrow airport runway.  

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