Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fear of Baggage

leading from
Paranoiac Critical Wmm
I went to go and check on The Humayoun's house because he was away on holiday, and found a large bag and a suitcase that didn't appear to be there before stuck in the back garden. I was not sure what exactly they were doing there but the new rationality in my mind was that there must have been a dwarf hiding in the suit case hoping to be smuggled into the house in order to let his taller friend in who was interested in gun robbery, (The idea of a concealed dwarf might be a distant echo from The Man With The Golden Gun movie), and the huge bag in my mind obviously must have contained a stash of metal pipes, fuel canisters and other assorted metal items for the dwarf to spend time assembling into utterly useless gun shaped items that wouldn't have fooled anyone while he waited for his much taller friend to come along and drink cups of tea while deciding which of the totally useless makeshift objects to use as a weapons in order to hold up the Humayoun on his return a few days later and indeed find that he didn't really have anything of much monetary value at all in the house anyway that robbers would have shown any interest in unless they wanted one of the Humayoun's own drawings or paintings that might be worth a couple of hundred to the right buyer if they pushed hard to find one.

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