Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The terrible large lizard

  • While waiting for a bus in my local town centre, imagining a gigantic shadowy tyrannosaurus rex running through a corridor made from the connected empty shells of all the nearby buildings, and this thing was spying on me through an open window and where it focused an eye on a nearby individual sitting on the bench where I was sitting and he began to transform into a lethal reptilian humanoid with a long muscular tongue. It would do this to another human and another human. A woman from India walking up the road transformed into a disk shaped thing with many arms and many heads sticking out of the side and she cartwheeled in my direction spinning past me as a very fast speed

  • Wherever there were buildings made up from shops, flats, terraced houses and any houses that seemed to be very close together, this lethal creature would make it's path. Sometimes through a window one would see the tip of its tale or or one of it's large teeth.

  • Eventually in my minds eye the vast creature escaped from the area by entering a large black vortex and disappearing. And during this time a man was chatting loudly to himself probably having the most important conversation in the world.