Sunday, 17 January 2016

Poltergeist remake

a) Finally watched the Poltergeist remake, noticing the elongated quality of both the nose of the boy and the mother, and seeing the clown doll on the cover of the DVD that has a pullable nose connected by string, and still the question arises if this is Pinocchigeist as ever.

b) An incredibly pointless remake on the verge of inducing nausea. The way the little girl this time uttered the words "They're here" just seemed completely out of context other than to offer people a reminder of the original film. 

c) The other side might interest people who liked movies such as Pulse, crammed with lost decayed souls. Perhaps this vision of the other side almost seemed interesting for half a moment probably because one could only see it in quick flashes and it would most likely have all been CGI anyway.
A trip into the other dimension was sadly lacking in the original Poltergeist movie and its sequel and then what the original mentally evoked in perhaps would have been much better than this dark world filled with zombies.

d) Perhaps it's all designed to make the original Poltergeist movie seem ten or twenty times better.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Years day mental transformations

Wmm admits that on New Years day, when crossing a road from the cafe in central Pinner to the bus stop, mistook a folded up newspaper on the side of road for a decomposing plucked supermarket turkey.

And getting to the bus stop, he saw some chicken bones still with some bits of flesh, scattered around the pavement left behind by a bunch of youths who had been filling their faces with fried chicken, and mistook them for toy deformed plastic soldiers.

The rounded ends of the chicken bones mentally transformed into bulging rounded helmets of the toy soldiers that as impressions of humanoid forms were progressively become more and more deformed by the second until they were just more easy to identify as bones on a wet street dimly lit by streetlights and then again, this sense of certainty would at various half moments easily fade away.