Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fear of Wuthering Heights

1) Today I am erasing my misperception that in the song Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush sing "It's me. It's me , Oh Cathy, come home now!" instead of  "Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy, I've come home " 

2) And this would be followed by the line " So-ho-ho. I'm cleaning your window" instead of the line "
I'm so cold, let me in in-a-your-window " Indeed there would be no reference to Heathcliff at all.

3) The story might be that Cathy ran away, because her window was dirty and it was Kate who had to clean them otherwise Cathy would not return.

4) Kate had to show that she herself was in the act of cleaning the windows to show Cathy that she didn't just get someone else to do it

5) Did Kate have to phone her up where she was staying and make sure that the sound of the wet cloth rubbing against the window could be heard?

6) No answer to that indeed and now the very idea will fade away since I've watched the video after many years and finally read the lyrics and the story being told to me has changed..

7) The other thought begins to form immediately that Cathy was always home but not mentally, and the window was always clean but not to Cathy

8) And Kate has to simply mime out the action of cleaning the window with a dry duster , or perhaps. she might even be holding a piece of perspex in her hand or anything that looks glass like and cleaning this, every time t
hat Cathy's eyes look more and more distant.