Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Continuation of the Pooping George incident

Today I discussed the Pooping George incident with someone named Simon who works in one of the community centres by where the incident took place, I had noticed on the way there that someone had accidently stepped in the mess on the pavement and left heel marks behind. I thought about what an awful thing for someone to have to step in. Simon then cursed over the fact that he almost stepped in it.

I walked down a corridor to overhear his boss in conversation with someone jovially saying "I wouldn't like to be in your shoes", and that I felt had a vague thread of connection with the incident.

Well quite honestly I wouldn't like to have been in the shoes of the person who stepped in the mess on the street.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Pooping George leaves a trail

There was trouble down at the local community centre today. An old man now nicknamed Pooping George became incontinent and left quite a mess on the pavement outside, we all had to be careful as to where we trod, the staff were annoyed because they weren't being payed enough to clear up the mess that Pooping George left in the toilets this really became the focal point of the day for a number of people because obviously so much must go on in their lives