Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Hobbit

I managed to get to see The Hobbit at the big Odeon in Leicester Square.

I actually enjoyed it very much despite the additional characters and whatever else in the movie that ought not be there, I certainly enjoyed the spectacle a lot more than I did with the Lord of the Rings films. 

As I watched it I kept wandering whether to expect a scene from Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit coming next because I really wasn't a hundred percent sure anymore because of the confused memories

Martin Freeman played a brilliant Bilbo Baggins. As soon as his name was mentioned for the role of Bilbo, he was the ideal one and the director's wait for this actor payed off well. His Englishness was very much appreciated as the central character of this movie which is more than I can say about Elijah Wood's Frodo Baggins who was American although the latter was a good choice for a Frodo.

Barry Humphries's portrayal of the Goblin King was warmly welcomed, the goblin designs were wonderful although the goblin town looked too much like some environment designed for a computer game, but that really wasn't ultimately a problem.

The beasts of burden for Radaghast's chariot were priceless

It could be a movie for me to go and see again but I doubt that I will see it more than twice. 

I can't wait for the sequel.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

"The Sky's a falling down!" said Miss Henny Penny: The James Bond movie

I did actually enjoy the James Bond movie, the initial visuals were quite interestingly surrealistic and certainly there was a fair amount going on in the movie. 

I wondered if they were going to run into Liam Neason's character from Taken 2 who was known to be running around the same Instabul rooftops. 

As in my earlier report which I probably didn't publish here (actually I did,  SEE: Early news about Skyfall), I wondered how the story might focus on Miss Henny Penny telling everyone that the sky was falling down because of the title Skyfall but one character revealed herself to be Miss Moneypenny somewhere in the movie when it was least expected as if it were a big surprise so maybe it all works out there. 

Xavier Bardom's character was excellent in terms of the way that all modern Bond villains seem to have to be able to have a fight with Bond rather than sit behind a desk somewhere stroking a cat expecting others around him to do the work, which is great after the previous Bond villain. 

I thought that the scene where Bond meets Q for the first time seemed a bit dodgy, someone in the gallery ought to have complained to the security guard at the site of the exchange of weaponry, I would have, and Bond's jacket/ coat in that scene looked a bit odd on him probably because he had shoulders like a gorilla otherwise he seemed well dressed in the rest of theories in terms of general fitting. 

However the way a certain main villain got loose or a certain Sumo wrestler sized heavy in a casino allowed himself to get killed and a certain hard drive full of data that shouldn't have existed got into enemy hands seemed rather appalling to me slightly but I realise that this what it takes to get a film made these days, and it was enjoyable enough to deserve repeat viewings. 

My friend Miss Tryon wasn't too impressed with Bond's haircut and she thought that he looked more like some sort of a communist spy or whatever

I think the movie was really about Miss Moneypenny/Henny Penny dropping acorns on people's heads to get them confused thinking that the sky was falling down on them and then do stupid things to get the film story movie, or maybe it was the villain Silva secretly dropping the acorns all along. but otherwise it was great entertainment

One could start going down a funny little world of people with memory implants of themselves being the one and only James Bond and the rest of the people are conditioned to think that he is the one and only James Bond including the groundsman at his old family home. And the way the old Aston Martin was dragged out of storage, it might as well be the way that Dr Who uncovered a replacement K9 in storage in his Tardis. Maybe this James Bond is supposed to be a Time Lord, that could explain all the different looking James Bonds

I hope Bond's family home gets rebuilt and what they'll replace it with is a mansion at least a two hundred years older

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Master

1) I recall seeing the movie The Master today and actually thought that the movie was very good and the performances were very good as well, although the film was very long. It might even be P T Anderson's most watchable movie for me. However if I never ever sees the movie again in his entire life, I wont consider it a problem. If I forget about the movie completely, I might not consider it a problem. I didn't like the main character played by Joaquin Phoenix at all, I felt uncomfortable having to watch him throughout the film, but I thought that Philip Seymour Hoffman's character was great and the cinematography was wonderful as well. There is a quality about PT Anderson's movies as if he doesn't want them to really be liked very much. A comfortable seat with extra legroom is ideal to tolerate the experience of watching this long movie especially if one is tall.
2) Someone had asked me if I saw the 70mm version. Quite honestly I haven't got a clue, if I saw the 70mm version or not I went to the Odeon in Leicester Square and saw it, I didn't inquire about the measurements in millimetres. I can't claim to have noticed whether the quality of picture was really good or better than usual on the screen that I saw it. I think that these things are a little more noticeable on such screens as the big Odeon in Leicester Square where the James Bond is playing at the time. 
3) If I am to consider the side of the version that I saw or the quality of image, I suppose the best thing for me to do is go to see the movie at a local cinema and make a comparison, but I don't think I'll be doing that so soon. But it wasn't a movie in which one expected to see any super details and I wasn't really sitting particularly close to the screen. I was somewhere back in row R and glad that no ones head was in my way.
4) Well, I look forwards to more PTA movies in the future that I have only the urge to watch once and perhaps even have no real urge to collect any of the relating interviews and articles relating to them allowing things to be a little more contained on the big cinema screen.
5) I think my favourite PTA movie of all is Boogie Nights.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Argo Bargo

1) I remember going to see the film Argo which was a movie set behind the scenes of the Iran Hostage Crisis and behind the scenes of the scifi movie industry. It was a very good drama as good as nearly everyone seem to point out in reviews, good performances from everyone, it was good to see Alan Arkin in a role. I remembers him from a movie called Simon which left some sort of an impression opn him. 
2) Ben Affleck who directed the movie also had the main role of a CIA operator who must go into Iran and under a foil escort 6 Embassy Staff members out of the country. 
3) During the movie, Ben Affleck sported a beard and hairstyle that made him look very much like a "Tom Skerrit as Captain Dallas of the Nostromo from the movie Alien" wannabee and Alien which was a movie released in 1979, the same year as the hostage crisis developed . It's quite possible that Ben Affleck's character looked nothing like the actual person he played in the movie or another way to say that is that there was no way Ben Affleck could look like the Latino man he was suppose to play at all
4) Viewers are advised not to look at Argo as a realistic depiction of the event. The Canadians did actually have a part to play in handling the hostage crisis and very little of this film actually seems to resemble the actual events that took place. But still it's a great movie with a 70s feels

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation

1) I have memories of seeing Silent Hill: Revelation or whatever it is called. I liked the movie enough, it contained many interesting weird nightmare like scenes, many rehashed monsters from the original bur still some visual surprises just to give you an ideas that you saw some new things and thus it wasn't a complete waste of time rehash. A young actress playing the main role who seemed pretty enough, but the story almost seemed like an episode of some long going scifi series where the story had run out of steam. 
2) I liked the original movie very much but this as a sequel seemed okay enough in a time when there seemed little likelihood of any sequel at all. Of course it is sadly lacking in comparison to the original movie but is not ultimately that awful, there are still some things of interest, but if they don't make another Silent Hill for years to come it wont be a big issue anymore.
3) Someone somewhere thought that it seemed very much more like the computer game than the first one and might be more enjoyable to game players, and perhaps I might agree if I had actually played computer games in the last twenty years. 
4) There was enough in it to make me want to watch the good parts of it again on DVD and see documentaries about the conception of this movie but the revelations in the story didn't really interest me at all. If someone somewhere suggested that the film story had been slightly mainstreamed for Twiglight audience ( I can't be bothered to spell that film series name correctly) I'd probably agree.
5) It was good to see Deborah Unger making a brief appearance. A brave effort whatever and I could well watch it again pretty soon.
6) I have memories of seeing the Silent Hill sequel and wonder if those memories are real

Saturday, 6 October 2012


I saw the film Sinister, I was bored by much of it other than the contents of the videos of the murders that would show up through the movie, and when the end scene showing the demon and the children being revealed to be the murderers in the extended versions of the videos really didn't appeal to me. I wasn't really too interested in the design of the demon's face. It might be one aimed at those who liked the Ring movies but I liked the Ring movies but I did not like this.

I had to see it and look at what was likely to disinterest me about it. I think that my utter disinterest sank in by a third of the way through.  If you like to listen to husband and wife rows, this might be the movie for you. However it was almost generally an okay film in general but it didn't inspire me to think much about it afterwards.

P.S. (Several months later: The content of the small Super8 films in this movie would continue to play on in the back of this writers mind for a long time to come )

See: The dream seed for Sinister

The dream seed for Sinister

leading from

The opening shot from Sinister

C Robert Cargill had watched the movie The Ring (the American remake by Gore Verbinski ) and then he stayed up all night writing before taking a short nap before he continued with the rest of the day, and as soon as he put his head on the pillow, he dream of going into his attic and there he finds a box of Super 8 films, He spools one of them onto his projector and watches it and woke up terrified. The image haunted him for years and he thought that there had to be a good horror movie and soon crafted a story around it and as well as the whole mythology of Sinister. And so the first film that appeared in the dream becomes the opening shot for Sinister.

  1. Starburst: What was the inspiration for the film?

    C. Robert Cargill: A nightmare. I had seen The Ring and stayed up all night working, and took a short nap. As soon as my head hits the pillow I’m dreaming of going into my attic and I find a box of 8mm films. I spool it on to the projector and the first image is the opening shot of Sinister. That image haunted me for years, and I thought that there’s got to be a good story in there. (source: 
  2. Craveonline: What was the initial germ of the idea that you were having trouble with?
    C. Robert Cargill: I had a nightmare. I had gone to see The Ring, and I’d stayed up all night writing, so I was exhausted, and I was like, you know, I’m going to take a little nap before the rest of my day, after seeing this scary, scary, terrifying movie. And then sure enough I had this horrifying dream of going up into my attic, finding a box of Super 8 films, spooling one up, and it was the opening scene from the movie. (source: 
  3. Heyuguys: What was your first image? First spark.

    C. Robert Cargill: It came from a nightmare. I made a terrible mistake and watched The Ring before I went to sleep. I had a nightmare about going into my attic and there is a box of Super 8 film I thread the projector and I turn it on and what I see is the opening shot of the film.
    So I wake up terrified and that image haunted me for years and I knew I had to do something with it. So I crafted the story around and created the mythology of Sinister. What’s really interesting is people are telling me they have nightmares and that says something about the art – that I’ve taken this nightmare and caused other people to have the same nightmare. That’s such a cool concept.

  4. Love Horror: Where did you come up with the amazing, original idea?
    C. Robert Cargill: A nightmare, believe it or not. I had a terrible dream after seeing THE RING. I was climbing into my attic when I saw a box with Super 8 films and a projector in it. I spooled up the first film and it was the opening image of SINISTER. That nightmare stuck with me for a while and eventually I realized it might make a for a pretty good horror movie. (source
  5. Examiner:Where did you guys get the concept of the film from?
    C. Robert Cargill: It came from a nightmare. I have just came from seeing The Ring and when I got home and slept, I had a dream that I went into my attic and found that box of Super 8 films and I spooled one onto the projector and saw the opening shot of this movie. It terrified me for a long time and I thought “Well, if it scares you, than there might be a good movie in it.” I kicked it around for several years until I found the story and then I pitched it to Scott. (
  6. @AlexMcNeill93: What inspired the premise and ideas behind Sinister? #SeeSinister

    C. Robert Cargill: I had a nightmare about finding the box of movies in my attic, including the opening shot of the film. Freaked me the out.

    @johnnydonaldson: #SeeSinister looks really scary. We need more genuinely scary. Where idea 4 it come from?

    C. Robert Cargill: Had a nightmare after watching THE RING, thought it would make a good movie and worked on a story for it.
  7. Zimbio: Where did you get the idea for SINISTER?
    C. Robert Cargill: I had a terrible dream after seeing THE RING. I was climbing into my attic when I saw a box with Super 8 films and a projector in it. I spooled up the first film and it was the opening image of SINISTER. That nightmare stuck with me for a while and eventually I realized it might make a for a pretty good horror movie.
  8. Moviemuser: Where did the idea for Sinister come from?

    C. Robert Cargill: I had a terrible dream after seeing THE RING. I was climbing into my attic when I saw a box with Super 8 films and a projector in it. I spooled up the first film and it was the opening image of SINISTER. That nightmare stuck with me for a while and eventually I realised it might make a for a pretty good horror movie.
  9. Screengreek:  So where did the idea for Sinister come from?

    C. Robert Cargill: A nightmare I had, if you’ll believe that. I had a terrible dream after seeing The Ring. I was climbing into my attic when I saw a box with Super 8 films and a projector in it. I spooled up the first film and it was the opening image of Sinister. That nightmare stuck with me for a while and eventually I realized it might make a for a pretty good horror movie.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hula Hooper Chicken Pooper

1) Before the film: I am still wondering what is supposed to be so interesting about the new scifi movie with Bruce Willis that seems to be called Blooper or Pooper Looper or something like that. It seems to be the another movie with this actor playing someone sent from the future into the past. Will I bother to see it? Many good reviews by the looks of it. Well, I could be going to see the movie and mentally block out the presence of the actors in it. Ever since Adjustment Bureau, Wmm kept imagining Emily Blunt with small flesh coloured sphere hovering five millimetres in front of her nose as if it were a product of the finger sausage type optical illusion, It may continue to happen again while Wmm watches this movie.
2) After the film: Yes, I saw the movie and appreciate people's urge to give this movie glowing reviews. I suppose it was a movie with a Terminator predicament that started to show signs of it starting to become an Akira type story along a North by North West route. Watch with wonder once. This sequel to this could just as easy be the American version of Akira. This
Joseph Gordon-Levitt made up to look
 like a young Bruce Willis type person
sequel to this could just as easy be the American version of Akira. As long as you don't mind them mutilating the whole story.  Probably give it 6.5 out of 10. So that's Hulah-Hooper Blooper Blooper Chicken Pooper or is that Pooper Pooper Hickenlooper over and done with. (The George Hickenlooper society on Twitter enjoyed that last comment) I would be excited to know about other permutations of various false titles for this movie with similar rhyming words. 
3) Several days later, October 8th 2012: For those who were dismayed by this movie as much as the new Batman movie, well I seemed to be one of the people who sensed something in the recent Batman movie which I thought at the end was amazing although quite an awful trawl to sit through. I thought it was a well crafted movie considering. But the plot of the Pooper, Blooper or whatever it is called movie felt for me a little more solid than a lot of the scifi movies that I've seen. I could
the normal Joseph Gordon-Levitt
without prosethetics
imagine a lot of people being bored but I liked what was going on. I admit though that I've thought very little about the movie afterwards, and may have even less going through my mind about it later. I'm probably surprised that there are people giving it four out of five because I was generally bored with many scenes, but the general positive appreciation for it often looks like something I can generally empathise with.
4) Joel Gorden-Levitt's transformation into someone who doesn't necessary look like himself in this movie show him to be a very promising actor. I don't look at him as an actor who who I especially want to see in a movie. He normally has a face with facial expressions that I don't really look for in a  lead actor, but the way he looked in this film as a sort of a younger version of Bruce Willis' character in the movie was great.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Tower Block movies

Notice that early this year there was a tower block movie called The Raid, then recently Dredd 3D came out that seemed to be another tower block movie that was said to be very similar to The Raid, and now we have another tower block movie that's just come out called Tower Block. Will Vincenzo Natali being filming High-Rise anytime soon ....before they exhaust every tower block movie idea imaginable ?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Bored Identity

  1. The journey was made to central London to have a not that interesting time seeing some film called Bourne Legacy or Bored Legacy or something like that. Well it might be a great movie for all one knows but this writer avoided the earlier films in the series. The compelling urge to go and see it for some reason came, it might be a sort of a compulsion one ought to do some work on because maybe a person shouldn't follow it at all if it just leads someone to want to see these movies like this.
  2. Managed to see it. It seemed like a good stylish action movie, the possible plot seemed almost pointless, it just seemed to be an excuse to have people leaping around places and do some synchronised killing. Does one miss out on half the plot by ignoring the earlier films?
  3. Earlier thoughts that came in the movie were about whether it was going to turn into an Orange commercial any moment soon but it didn't.
  4. The horror came that this writer didn't recognise Albert Finney and Stacey Keach, it looked as if their names had been added to the credits just to make the make the movie look a little more fashionable for people who remember such names.
  5. Having just seen photos of these people as they looked in the film and wouldn't have recognised any of them, especially the Stacey Keach. However Albert Finney a little like Albert Finney but only just about.
  6. Still not grabbed by the idea of watching the earlier Bourne movies at all! Nothing in this movie is out to grab.
  7. If they digitally erased Matt Damon from the movies and they couldn't find anything to replace him with other than a post box, it might be a series that interested this writer more. Have nothing against Matt Damon as such, he was okay in that Cohen Brothers western movie the other year. Don't dislike him. Hope he carries on with his career but if it turns out that this writer never sees another film with him in it, Matt probably wont be too bothered anyway
  8. The name of the main actor in this movie never quite got into the brain, and perhaps the first name of his character half remains but not the surname. Seeing the aeroplane drone take off was obviously the biggest treat in the film.
  9. Perhaps if Dredd 3D, Bourne Legacy and the Total Recall remake were mixed together a very good movie might have come out of the soup

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dredd 3D

  1. Saw Dredd 3D, it seemed like a great blood splattered grungey video game style antidote to Total Recall. This seemed to be set in a similar era future setting but everything looked as if it were set in the modern day but with bigger tower blocks, nothing was futuristic about the vehicles whatsoever, they could all have been made ten years ago. The the man who played Judge Dredd seemed quite impressive in his role and kept his helmet on all the way through, if you don't know what Karl Urban looks like , this movie isn't going to help you remember too much. Aspects of the film brought recollections of the now past era of Chris Cunningham pop videos and TV commercials were popular. Those who wanted to go exploring the world of the comic book stories and Megacity 1 in this film could be left disappointed but this seems to be a far more successful translation of the Judge Dredd character himself than the long gone Stallone movie that did try to explore the comic book world. This movie didn't feature any characters that looked like robots or mutants but on the other side the grungey future quality of this film made it almost seem like very reasonable cyberpunk movie which makes it interesting to think about in hindsight, especially now that the cyberpunk era of literature is over.
  2. "Seemed quite impressive" ought to come after "kept his helmet on" but "kept his helmet on" could be a phrase to be taken in a completely different context.
  3. At the end of the day, the film may have a toxic effect on the viewer
  4. It looked like something that they could have turned into a TV series. It wasn't a surprise that it cost $45million. Get another episode made quickly! Maybe the internet will be swarming with fan made episodes in local abandoned hospitals and blocks of flats. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Total Recall 3

  1. Following an an urge to call it Total Recall 3 since someone else on his Facebook friends list has decided to call it Total Recall 2, but there is a belief generating itself that the movie Unknown was really Total Recall 2. Nothing new was expected from this new Total Recall movie other than visual curiosity but still wonders if a greater sense of enjoyment might have come from watching it in the cinema while holding a videogame console in his hands and aimlessly pressing the buttons to get a feel for the story.
  2. Enjoyed it for what it was if you like Len Wiseman movies. Could see the changes from the original version spelling themselves out five minutes ahead of each scene . Someone else said it was "Blade Runner meets Jet Set Willy", that might sum it up and I'm inclined to agree on various aspects about it. This might have been a good movie to make in 3D
  3. A lot of it was a sort of a platform computer game kind of thing.
  4. Perhaps the script is just about the sort of thing one would expect from Someone like Kurt Wimmer, it is usually be good to stay away from anything that he had a hand in, but no great complaints here. Tatopoulos' production designs looked great.
  5. Probably will end up seeing this film about three or four times.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Liberal Arts was a title not well remembered

  1. Getting over the trauma of seeing Elizabeth Olsen in the movie that came afterwards, what was the movie?
  2. Didn't catch the title but it was a romantic philosophical comedy with the main actor whose name can't be remembered after five seconds doing going to extremes to feel out and put in order a number of situations that were coming up in his life, he wondered if she was a CGI recreation of some puppet that Carlo Rambaldi kept hidden in his closet, a great sense of wonder came about whether her forehead could be used as a ski slope, were the corners of her eyebrows likely to pierce through the screen any minute, was she a 500 metre tall megastructures condensed into a five foot something form, had they had times positioned parts of her facial features in upside down for brief moments to confuse the viewer. 
  3. What kind of compact loudspeakers did she have built inside her, was her voice coming out of her ears or her elbows?
  4. It took a while to assemble something near to a human being out of this phantasm who obviously living out some day to day reality connected with her elder sisters the Olsen Twins who hasn't seen on any moving screen yet by this writer,  and maybe they're not well known in England or at least one has managed to avoid incorporating them into his mental skyline of terrifying megastructures forced down the throat of individuals walking around the streets in anonymous worlds. 
  5. At the end of the day this Elizabeth Olsen seemed actually like a nice person to have as an actress on the big screen.
  6. That movie was called Liberal Arts starring Josh Radnor whoever he is. This very reflective movie that almost threatened to be dishwater but was like a fruity dry white wine. This writer doesn't drink wine but but he didn't mind sitting through it

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kill List (DVD)

  1. Bought the DVD for Kill List which is a movie that I hasdn't seen yet and bought the DVD at a low price. Have read in an interview that some of the content of the film script seemed to have been inspired by the content of the director/scriptwriter's dreams which is often something to generate interest for me in a movie.
  2. Managed to finally watch Kill List, wasn't really too keen on the main actors who were all normal looking people. Not looking towards looking out for any of them in further movies. Wasn't too much of a fan of all the screaming and shouting and fighting going on in the movie or the bloody violence because they were trying to do this all in the most down to earth way possible, but did turn into a sort of a good horror movie that might be a reasonable story for an episode of Hammer House Of Horror series. 
  3. Glad to have avoided it in the cinema due to not being a fan of watching people screaming and shouting at each other or getting into realistic fights with each other and there were some people being killed in rather bloody agonising ways, it was actually quite aggravating in that way really. The ideas behind the characters who were on the actual "kill list" were curious abstract and in that way interesting. The ending of the movie turned into dream like confusion that perhaps also gave an impression that the film maker probably liked movies such as The Wicker Man.
  4. On the whole, thoughts emerge that the movie was very good and understanding more of the bleak humour of the film came from listening to the scriptwriters/director's commentary laughing away as they talked about how they were drawing a lot of the ideas from day to day realism, the director wrote the movie with his wife which was a great relief to watch in light of the movie and he might even watch the film again at some other point (at this point,  only got half way through the writers/directors commentary)
  5. By avoiding watching East Enders and other soap operas for the last two decades , the impression that one might be able to escape all the screaming and shouting presented in the film but obviously there's always another way for it come when it has to. Well, at least the characters all made up fairly quickly.
  6. well, if taken as a dream like fantasy infringing on these people's semi real worlds as hit men and whatever explanation might have been required would have been worthless anyway. Director mentioned that the villains were the kinds of characters that popped up in dreams in the Sight And Sound interview so on that basis the abstractness was okay! For a good many there might be the whole thing about a story regarding people's worlds grounded in reality suddenly becoming more and more abstract without explanation and it might not be what they payed their cinema ticket money for. 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Expendables 2

  1. Heading off into the centre of London, maybe go and see The Expendables 2, but how far will this writer get before he decides that the ideas to do this is completely disposable. He doesn't know whether he wants to spend time seeing this movie or might he have a better time staring at a wall somewhere. 
  2. Bourne Legacy is an option but the name keeps transforming into Bored Legacy. Never bothered to watch any of the previous Bourne movies and has very little urge if any to see The Expendables 1. This must be the ultimate day of choice. 
  3. Went to see the Expendables 2. Although quite enjoyable , there's nothing that this writer could that no one else had already said, although as with the original Men In Black , the audience were all laughing away in unison at things. Not exactly how they were collectively finding funny. They really ought to have done something a little more interesting with Schwarzenegger's lines.
  4. There don't seem to be any actions figures in the shop to do with the film,
  5. The trailer before Expendables 2 was setting everyrone up for the biggest computer game style movie of the year, maybe the next year or two even. This Total Recall movie seems to be quite a confusing one. As a person who doesn't play computer games,  probably not going to be someone who can criticise it for being like a computer game unless it turns out to be a bit like Jet Set Willy or Sabrewulf 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Another viewing of Prometheus

  1. Went to see Prometheus one more time at the cinema and this time with friend, the Humayoun who had planned to see it but had not got around to it before the sudden off the cuff decision to go and see it instead of going to an art exhibition. Is that the fifth time or sixth, the count has been lost,  the cinema ticket stubs may act as a record if all are found.
  2. Very glad to read that it's less likely now that Damon Lindelof will be writing the script for the sequel. However the next horror might be what sort of other monster from the LA scriptwriter scene is going to be out there writing the next movie's script?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dark Knight Rises

Does this promise Batman meets Inception?
  1. Saw the new Batman movie and thought that it was long but good. However , thought that the main villain in the poster, his voice sounded silly and most of the words he spoke were inaudible and sometimes only just about guessable. Very glad that when the film ended, it ended and there wasn't some idiotic extra scene to wait for after the credits.
  2. One girl sitting in row in front kept moving her head around and she had a little hair bun at the back that kept getting in the way of the screen, luckily she was short and by half way through she sat back properly.
  3. The Inception-esque ending was quite nice.
  4. Appreciated how this movie may have annoyed a good many people, but as the end of a trilogy, it has put the film director higher up than before into the group of directors whose work interests this writer the most and usually Christopher Nolan's interviews look as if they try their hardest not to really be that interesting, and quite often disappointing.  Perhaps appreciation can be given to the conservative Britishness floating around this last movie and maybe the mentality behind the many crass decisions made to make up the film's twisting story possibly because this writer here is not giving too much concern for the comic book fans or any one really expecting to see Catwoman or Robin as the characters they're supposed to be, and the way the main villain in the posters really seemed to vanish into nothingness once he was beaten in a fight and the truth was revealed about him was well appreciated, which gave a wonderful feeling about how the main setup seemed all for nothing. The nothingness seemed to be the bigger thrill, along with the possibility that maybe the Bain having a voice machine or whatever which didn't enable one to make out most of his words probably really showed that he didn't have much of importance to say anyway, most of it could be overlooked or just forgotten.
  5. Read in an interview today that the end of the movie was inspired by a dream that Chris Nolan had and this, well, makes sense for this writer because the ending was dreamlike 
  6. Cillian's character is supposedly the same one as in the previous Batman films but  it really didn't have much to do with the same character. Some people might have been annoyed that he wasn't playing the same character as he did in Inception. 
  7. This year there haven't been much in a way of highly ratable films for me so this one gets the prize for this year in terms of the last several months. Amused about how the Bane character once Batman had his last fight with him appeared to disappear into nowhere, and by the way that it had Catwoman and Robin but only just vaguely because they didn't really fit into Nolan's vision very well. It felt as if Nolan was twiddling around with his Inception ideas in the movie. Glad to see that his trilogy is over. Don't think that it would be easy to sit through that movie again any time soon.