Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ender's Game

1) I have memories of having watched the movie Ender's Game today

2) It was amiable enough but where's the fun in watching people play video games that look like video games?

3) The rest of was otherwise very good and well acted. Haven't read the book though. Alien ship designs seemed slightly over used if one has seen a number of scifi films in the last few years

4) Was there a side to the original story left out of the movie? Don't know how Enders Game compares to The Last Starfighter either. The connection to suddenly make with with the latter is that the film seems to be about a boy who plays a computer arcade game and he's so good that an extra terrestrial organisation seek him out to bring him into their starfleet to fight of alien enemies. Vut really I don't know anymore than that and that might not be very accurate.

5) I took a quick look at the Enders Game novel ending and wonders with some confusion about the whole thing as if having visited a mausoleum or a memorial for thousands of dead soldiers

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