Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wmm enraged by Intu's corporate renaming of The Chimes, The Harlequin and other shopping malls.

The Chimes name has now been replaced by 'intu Uxbridge"!

Posted on "intu Uxbridge" shopping centre's Facebook Page as soon as Wmm visited the Uxbridge shopping area.

At the moment Intu don't seem to be concerned about genuine names, but instead prefer to cattle brand their shopping malls with a logo that has about as much charm as pregnancy test kit box

Wmm: I loved the name "The Chimes" very much over the years and it was something that actually attracted me to the shopping centre in Uxbridge, but today I saw the words 'intu Uxbridge" over the entrance for the first time, and it looked like some spelling mistake, I had no idea what it was supposed to mean. I wondered if it was supposed to be some sort of Orwellian Newspeak term. It looks daft and stupid to me, and didn't look cheerful at all and I really want "The Chimes" brought back as a name for the shopping centre. I will never buy into this soulless "intu Uxbridge" name whatever you have to say about it being the company name and the new free family services, new wi-fi being rolled out, customer lounges, new and exciting stores. You might have great plans for the development of the shopping centre but you can start by restoring "The Chimes" name as "intu Uxbridge" is just abstract , pointless looking, not very appealing at all even if "intu" is the name of the company. and the old the shopping centre's name gave the place an appealing sense of individuality rather than just another shopping mall owned by "intu' whatever name is supposed to be. I'm glad that CSC never tried to turn the place into "CSC Uxbridge" because that would have looked completely pointless as well. So please inform the heads of "intu" now, bring back "The Chimes"!

: Now I've just found out what your company has done to the Harlequin Centre in Watford and called it "intu Watford". This is just utterly dreadful! I can't understand why you can't leave these nice names in their rightful places and instead give them these names that seem like some sort of a coded language

: Is there a town called Rmoil with a shopping mall that Intu could suddenly take over and rename?

Intu Uxbridge: Dear Sir, it is excellent to hear that one of our shoppers is so passionate about the shopping centre and all customer feedback is very important to us. With regards to the name, you mentioned some of the reasons why the company has changed our name along with the 15 other shopping centres in our group and it really is so much more than a name. It is a change in how our head office does business- putting the customer experience at the forefront of everything that we do. The name is just one way of uniting all of the centres under one structure with customer experience at the heart of it. CSC changed its name to intu only a few months ago therefore we are still part of a very young brand and we hope that with time, as a valued customer, you will see much more than a name.

If you wish to discuss this further then please do contact us on and we will call you or email you, whichever you prefer.

Many thanks,
The intu team.

Wmm: well, thanks for the response, and I have nothing more to say but please may intu be very concerned about the effects of replacing various shopping mall's glorious names with ones that are completely pointless and abstract.

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