Tuesday, 17 September 2013

White Hard or Die House Down?

Memories remain of having seen White House Fall or was it White House Down or White Hard or Die House Down or something like that. Helicopters were falling out of the sky worse than Black Hawk Down. Don't ask me to remember the actual film title, there is no reason to, it was just a title designed to be fused and confused with many others.

Lead actor whose name I don't remember indeed performed Bruce Willis in Die Hard type activities, there's no doubt about that. Were the people of the USA supposed to be overcome with emotion when the girl waved the flag on the White House Lawn? 

The presence of the final villain somewhere became pretty obvious but the question of who it was pointless until the revelation came. An enjoyable Emmerich movie for what is was, plenty of action and over the top, watch it once and once only. 

Black White Dead Man House Olympus Hawk Fall Down and the stream of words continue to be placed upon the door of your fridge in magnet form

The white house garden flowers were pretty, perfect place for a shootout.

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