Wednesday, 4 September 2013


  1. It was not the movie that I really expected to be, I knew nothing about the subject matter and quite honestly if I knew what exactly it was about I probably wouldn't have seen it but I enjoyed it enough. Amanda Seyfried was very lovely in the movie, far lovelier than the actual actress that she was playing,  but the fun facade of the movie world was soon pierced through to reveal the monstrous world behind the scenes of Linda Lovelace's life where she was being beaten up by her husband who brutalised her life and controlled her life pushing her into prostitution and performing the oral sex act that made her famous in the movie Deep Throat, perhaps she could have made a career as a sword swallower instead. But how much do we know actually went on in that world, how real is any of this. Did her husband brutalise her as much as she claimed or did she  openly agree to the acts of sex without being forced but eventually suddenly out of the blue decided that she didn't want to go on with that sort of behaviour one morning. 
  2. As it went, the life of Linda Lovelace as portrayed in the movie was one that appeared to be a living hell in the world of Hollywood and since it was Amanda Seyfried in the role, one felt more for her, and if they did have an actress playing her who looked more like the real person, I probably wouldn't have been that interested in seeing the film anyway. It is a confusing predicament one is put into get involved in the film, whether to believe it happened the way the movie claimed or to believe that there might be some sort of other story that made her husband seem less of a criminal.
  3. So, were it not for Amanda Seyfried's presence in the trailers, I probably wouldn't have bothered to see it. I have heard that Lindsay Lohan was going to play the role and if she had, I probably wouldn't have had the urge to see the movie because I don't get so inspired by her. I have only seen  Lohan in one movie, Machete, and I presently don't remember her in the film, she might have been fine for the role for all I know.
  4. The story of Linda Lovelace turned into a sad and haunting once we started to see what was happening on the other side of the wall, the film presents her in some scenes wearing a white lace gown that made her presence in some scenes all the more haunting and we may have wanted to do something to save the Amanda Seyfried version of Linda Lovelace from all the terrible things that she had to go through. 
  5. Peter Saarsgard remained more or less likeable despite the character he was playing and perhaps it was sad to see the sort of character he was being forced to play in his role, he remained enigmatic in his role.

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