Monday, 2 September 2013

"Pain and Gain"

  1. I remember seeing "Pain and Gain" this evening at the cinema and found most of the film excreable, but it might be easier to watch perhaps the third time around and Tony Shalhoub was fine in his role in the movie. Memories of the film should sink slowly into the darkness. 
  2. Well, I can afford to be experimental with my monthly cinemapass and be open to new experiences. But I am a fan of Tony Shalhoub from the TV series Monk and he was in it with a major role. I had to see it.  
  3. If people do come to me and say that they loved this movie, maybe I might be able to sit down with them, talk about it and see what it was that they loved about it. In a way it was a good movie, but in another way it was purely awful and obnoxious seeing the way that things go from bad to worse. Quite honestly I am someone who can't sit through a Laurel And Hardy movie without being made to feel ill from all the mistakes they keep making leading them into some terrible situation.
  4. The other thing to know is that this film is based on an actual crime story so well, there are only so many directions that it could go , there are only so many directions that the actors could take their characters. So it was interesting to see The Rock attempting to do something different with his film performances which involved him playing a slightly retarded Born Again Christian and the character appeared to be an amalgam of two people involved in the crime.
  5. I am still cringing about the film as I speak. But the thing had a firm plot and it was unlikely that someone that they knew or was amongst them was going to suddenly out of the blue turn out to be someone spying on them without some firm realisation of what that character was doing it for, and there wasn't going to be a scene added onto the end just to bring another stunt sequence into play, once they were caught, they were just about caught as humans would normally be. It was almost quite intelligent as I would have expected but unbearable in most places and once one realises the extremes of the movie and compensate for the fact that the lead characters are not supposed to be the most intelligent and they would be caught because they're dumb, one might be able to get on with it. It was a wise film acting choice for these actors. 
  6. I think actually is was a brave whacky film for what it was in terms of screwball murder comedies of the 21st century based on real incidents. Quite Intolerable, but I think probably a perfect film for the actors/ performers in the movie. I am glad that I went to see it and maybe it's through the pain of the movie that ones gains something. This film may throttle you for days until you back off and admit that there was something to it even if it wasn't for you
  7. The other element of this is that the actual criminals were probably not as sympathetic as the characters portrayed in the film.  One can find articles on the internet talking about the actual incident and how it compares to the film, I obviously can't claim to know too much about it or what version of the story was true, and how realistic anyone's portrayal of whoever was, but that can be pursued in your own way.

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