Saturday, 7 September 2013


  1. I watched the new Riddick, enjoyable enough solid little Spaghetti Space Western with fine landscape with very few surprises. Just what I needed.
  2. If the younger audience members got bored of the Riddick due to lack of novelties, that's okay by me
  3. The monsters looked better when they could only be barely seen as a living carpet in darkness but it's all been done before. That's okay
  4. Well one odd thing to note might be that one of the Necromongers shares armour designers with General Zod judging by the ribbed collar
  5. It was good to see Katie Sackhoff in this movie. May she be thanked for her topless scene
  6. Admittedly no intellectual discussions to be had about this film. I may go to see it again
  7. Slow wandering around ancient ruins was delightful. Thinking again of Oblivion and John Carter of Mars, both of which I liked very much
  8. Were the glowing white hot rocks in one scene almost for same reason Twohy had glow worms in a cave in Pitch Black and his Alien 3 script?

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