Monday, 2 September 2013

White House Olympus Has Fallen Down

white house Olympus has fallen down!

  1. In the space of a few months, two movies featuring an attack on the Whitehouse and the blowing up of the Whitehouse dome. I am wondering what the difference between the movies "Olympus Has Fallen" and "White House Down" is, and if the two will eventually fuse into one film. 
  2. I'm quite sure that I''m having some sort of psychotic episode believing that these are two different movies judging by the trailers. I have the feeling that I am being left alone in a parallel universe where these films are two separate entities and in the real world, everyone  can only see one single film that came out somewhere between March and September of this year, whereas as it seems, I have been waiting for one or the other to arrive in the cinema and it's as if neither of them quite got there.
  3. Let's just call it "White House/Olympus has fallen down" just to be safe. I see that other people across the internet are getting just as confused 
  4. I suppose Roland Emmerich who has directed White House Down has had experience with destroying the White House with his movie Independence Day
  5. Perhaps even I would lose in a spot the difference contest .
  6. Yes, the title White House Down is a little bit too close to the Dead Man Down released earlier this year. Could they be amalgamated into a movie called "Dead White Man House Down"?  
white house Olympus has fallen down!

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