Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Two Guns

  1. I went to see "Two Guns" yesterday so now I can claim to have seen "Pain And Two Guns" as "Two Guns" must be somehow the other side of "Pain And Gain". Well, hoping to not giving too much away it had lots of guns, shooting, smart talking, crime bosses, CIA, a woman somewhere in their gang who was stripping off somewhere in the picture. An almost solid buddy picture with two men thrown into a situation. "Two Guns" was a lot more grounded than "Pain And Gain" that probably felt more like the idea of an LSD trip in comparison. However "Pain and Gain' featured a stripper who was talked into joining the group thinking she was part of a CIA team and the Rock was her case officer, while the first thing that the female case officer of one character in "Two Guns" does is start stripping off. What's going on here? The two films seem to share themes that could be loosely interconnected. Meanwhile if watching "Pain and Gain" at all frazzled your mind, the elaborate journey and solidity of "Two Guns" may serve as a reasonable antidote. 
  2. "Pain and 2 Guns", slowly building a revery of an amalgam of "Pain and Gain" and "2 Guns".  Obviously must then be must be the journey of Mark Wahlberg starting out as a body builder about criminals who pretend to be a music video making crew and employ a stripper as an actress and then the job turns her into an operative for the CIA with the The Rock as her case officer and through that vision. Anthony Mackie soon transforms into Denzel Washington. The stripper who has been convinced into believing she's a CIA operative transforms from Bar Paly into Paula Patton who is now a DEA case officer who strips off in her first scene to get into bed with Denzel Washington, and Paula Patton has a wonderful physique indeed. The CIA have now become one of the vicious enemy, while Mark Wahlberg has turned into a bank robber steeling under the belief that he's an undercover member of the Navy intelligence officer. In "Pain and Gain", Tony Shalhoub plays a nasty rich man who is mistaken for a criminal by Mark Wahlberg who kidnaps him and torture him to make him hand over his money, in "2 Guns" Mark Wahlberg and his buddy played by Denzel Washing steal from bank the money of gangland boss played by Edward J Olmos who they later kidnap and torture is an actual gangland boss, and both come back after their kidnappers. Tony Shalhoub's character wets himself imprisoned and bound up with no access to a toilet, and Edward J Olmos urinates in front of the captured and bound up Mark Wahlburg and Denzel Washing The characters are forever passing through shifting backgrounds in their lives. Mark Wahlberg's character background as a Navy Intelligence Officer despite all the proof that he was one can be no more real than the brief period that pretended to be a CIA agent and before that a music video director and the fact that while he shares the CIA agent and music video making past with Anthony Mackie who has transformed into Denzel Washington, it seems that Anthony Mackie/Denzel Washington has transformed into DEA agent taking the stripper into that reality with him but she had a sudden rise in her position. What else is there to add to the shifting realities of "Pain and 2 Guns" ?

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