Sunday, 15 September 2013

Insidious Chapter 2

  1. I get into London in time to see Insidious 2, I have not seen Insidious 1 and may never get around to ever watching it. I wasn't that interested in the director's previous movie The Conjuring either. The state of disinterest that I might have in this Insidious movie might be the most important thing.
  2.  Okay, the last act of the story interested me while the rest did not at all, however even the interesting part of it probably wasn't as interesting as that
  3. I spent most of the time confused about who was supposed to be who and why the leading male actor from The Conjuring had to be in this film too in a lead role. Well maybe they should have had a different lead actor for The Conjuring if the director is releasing two films the same year dealing with similar subject matter.  
  4. By the end of the film once the beginning was half forgotten and the intense moments of boredom dissolved into the past, it seemed okay. There did seem to be some story unfolding that might have been worthy of a Sapphire And Steel storyline almost
  5. Probably number 2 doesn't seem clear as a standalone but then after what I've heard about how it connects with Insidious 1, I suppose it helps not to be too bothered with trying to connect the two films together.
  6. I spent a while quite unsure about who was supposed to be who in the film and it only seem to unravel itself half way through the film that I was watching events disconnected by two decades and spent a good portion of the film assuming that the grown up Josh was young Josh's father. I am still unsure of exactly what it was that I was watching in that respect days after the film now that it has transformed into even greater blur
  7. What I liked the most was this walkabout through this other dimension that seemed to come up in the third part of the film and the discoveries that they make in a large room of an abandoned building, so there seemed to be some interesting to things to see. I was not too impressed with the main evil being in this movie, it seemed too much like some character from a camp comedy.
  8. When Insidious 3 comes out soon, I am sure that I'll go along to see that just to probably say the same thing about it that I said about number 2 unless the director makes a sudden quantum leap in story telling

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