Monday, 23 September 2013

We're The Millers

  1. I found "We're The Millers" to be much better than a typical Gnatspew comedy (a gnatspew comedy is usually a comedy movie so bad that you might prefer to drink gnat's spew if such a thing existed) and was almost dry and witty in some places considering what it was. Glad to have seen it. There were some interesting elements in it, I almost found myself on the verge of chuckling through some of the scenes which is very rare with American movies these days. I  usually avois these comedies like the plague but this one pulled me in by various methods 
  2. Jennifer Aniston looked very fit in the film, maybe she has improved with age or someone made her jaw corners less pointy using a hacksaw or a hammer and chisel., It's hard to know usually a Jennifer Aniston movie is a movie for me to avoid  
  3. The cast probably looked as if they were having fun making the film. I enjoyed enough of it while I was watching it and that is fair, it seemed like an honest film, some of the scenes made me squirm, I can't usually bare to watch movies where people are hell bent on getting themselves in trouble but the after effects of this movie were fine. It seemed to be a film where the characters generally encounter odd sexually amorphous situations in a flowing mainstream context .
  4. Memory of the title is slowly fading and completely transforming into something else "Meet the..." Can't remember the name without cheating, almost thought for a while it was "Meet The Howies" or is it "Here's the Maddies". What? And the name of the lead male comedy actor in this fails to leave an imprint on the mind but he was able to hold the central point of focus throughout the movie.  
  5. Whether or not I could tolerate bothering to sit through that film is another question. And perhaps there are better things to do than to ask such questions.

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