Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dredd 3D

  1. Saw Dredd 3D, it seemed like a great blood splattered grungey video game style antidote to Total Recall. This seemed to be set in a similar era future setting but everything looked as if it were set in the modern day but with bigger tower blocks, nothing was futuristic about the vehicles whatsoever, they could all have been made ten years ago. The the man who played Judge Dredd seemed quite impressive in his role and kept his helmet on all the way through, if you don't know what Karl Urban looks like , this movie isn't going to help you remember too much. Aspects of the film brought recollections of the now past era of Chris Cunningham pop videos and TV commercials were popular. Those who wanted to go exploring the world of the comic book stories and Megacity 1 in this film could be left disappointed but this seems to be a far more successful translation of the Judge Dredd character himself than the long gone Stallone movie that did try to explore the comic book world. This movie didn't feature any characters that looked like robots or mutants but on the other side the grungey future quality of this film made it almost seem like very reasonable cyberpunk movie which makes it interesting to think about in hindsight, especially now that the cyberpunk era of literature is over.
  2. "Seemed quite impressive" ought to come after "kept his helmet on" but "kept his helmet on" could be a phrase to be taken in a completely different context.
  3. At the end of the day, the film may have a toxic effect on the viewer
  4. It looked like something that they could have turned into a TV series. It wasn't a surprise that it cost $45million. Get another episode made quickly! Maybe the internet will be swarming with fan made episodes in local abandoned hospitals and blocks of flats. 

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