Saturday, 8 September 2012

Total Recall 3

  1. Following an an urge to call it Total Recall 3 since someone else on his Facebook friends list has decided to call it Total Recall 2, but there is a belief generating itself that the movie Unknown was really Total Recall 2. Nothing new was expected from this new Total Recall movie other than visual curiosity but still wonders if a greater sense of enjoyment might have come from watching it in the cinema while holding a videogame console in his hands and aimlessly pressing the buttons to get a feel for the story.
  2. Enjoyed it for what it was if you like Len Wiseman movies. Could see the changes from the original version spelling themselves out five minutes ahead of each scene . Someone else said it was "Blade Runner meets Jet Set Willy", that might sum it up and I'm inclined to agree on various aspects about it. This might have been a good movie to make in 3D
  3. A lot of it was a sort of a platform computer game kind of thing.
  4. Perhaps the script is just about the sort of thing one would expect from Someone like Kurt Wimmer, it is usually be good to stay away from anything that he had a hand in, but no great complaints here. Tatopoulos' production designs looked great.
  5. Probably will end up seeing this film about three or four times.

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