Saturday, 6 October 2012


I saw the film Sinister, I was bored by much of it other than the contents of the videos of the murders that would show up through the movie, and when the end scene showing the demon and the children being revealed to be the murderers in the extended versions of the videos really didn't appeal to me. I wasn't really too interested in the design of the demon's face. It might be one aimed at those who liked the Ring movies but I liked the Ring movies but I did not like this.

I had to see it and look at what was likely to disinterest me about it. I think that my utter disinterest sank in by a third of the way through.  If you like to listen to husband and wife rows, this might be the movie for you. However it was almost generally an okay film in general but it didn't inspire me to think much about it afterwards.

P.S. (Several months later: The content of the small Super8 films in this movie would continue to play on in the back of this writers mind for a long time to come )

See: The dream seed for Sinister

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