Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Bored Identity

  1. The journey was made to central London to have a not that interesting time seeing some film called Bourne Legacy or Bored Legacy or something like that. Well it might be a great movie for all one knows but this writer avoided the earlier films in the series. The compelling urge to go and see it for some reason came, it might be a sort of a compulsion one ought to do some work on because maybe a person shouldn't follow it at all if it just leads someone to want to see these movies like this.
  2. Managed to see it. It seemed like a good stylish action movie, the possible plot seemed almost pointless, it just seemed to be an excuse to have people leaping around places and do some synchronised killing. Does one miss out on half the plot by ignoring the earlier films?
  3. Earlier thoughts that came in the movie were about whether it was going to turn into an Orange commercial any moment soon but it didn't.
  4. The horror came that this writer didn't recognise Albert Finney and Stacey Keach, it looked as if their names had been added to the credits just to make the make the movie look a little more fashionable for people who remember such names.
  5. Having just seen photos of these people as they looked in the film and wouldn't have recognised any of them, especially the Stacey Keach. However Albert Finney a little like Albert Finney but only just about.
  6. Still not grabbed by the idea of watching the earlier Bourne movies at all! Nothing in this movie is out to grab.
  7. If they digitally erased Matt Damon from the movies and they couldn't find anything to replace him with other than a post box, it might be a series that interested this writer more. Have nothing against Matt Damon as such, he was okay in that Cohen Brothers western movie the other year. Don't dislike him. Hope he carries on with his career but if it turns out that this writer never sees another film with him in it, Matt probably wont be too bothered anyway
  8. The name of the main actor in this movie never quite got into the brain, and perhaps the first name of his character half remains but not the surname. Seeing the aeroplane drone take off was obviously the biggest treat in the film.
  9. Perhaps if Dredd 3D, Bourne Legacy and the Total Recall remake were mixed together a very good movie might have come out of the soup

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