Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Master

1) I recall seeing the movie The Master today and actually thought that the movie was very good and the performances were very good as well, although the film was very long. It might even be P T Anderson's most watchable movie for me. However if I never ever sees the movie again in his entire life, I wont consider it a problem. If I forget about the movie completely, I might not consider it a problem. I didn't like the main character played by Joaquin Phoenix at all, I felt uncomfortable having to watch him throughout the film, but I thought that Philip Seymour Hoffman's character was great and the cinematography was wonderful as well. There is a quality about PT Anderson's movies as if he doesn't want them to really be liked very much. A comfortable seat with extra legroom is ideal to tolerate the experience of watching this long movie especially if one is tall.
2) Someone had asked me if I saw the 70mm version. Quite honestly I haven't got a clue, if I saw the 70mm version or not I went to the Odeon in Leicester Square and saw it, I didn't inquire about the measurements in millimetres. I can't claim to have noticed whether the quality of picture was really good or better than usual on the screen that I saw it. I think that these things are a little more noticeable on such screens as the big Odeon in Leicester Square where the James Bond is playing at the time. 
3) If I am to consider the side of the version that I saw or the quality of image, I suppose the best thing for me to do is go to see the movie at a local cinema and make a comparison, but I don't think I'll be doing that so soon. But it wasn't a movie in which one expected to see any super details and I wasn't really sitting particularly close to the screen. I was somewhere back in row R and glad that no ones head was in my way.
4) Well, I look forwards to more PTA movies in the future that I have only the urge to watch once and perhaps even have no real urge to collect any of the relating interviews and articles relating to them allowing things to be a little more contained on the big cinema screen.
5) I think my favourite PTA movie of all is Boogie Nights.

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