Sunday, 4 November 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation

1) I have memories of seeing Silent Hill: Revelation or whatever it is called. I liked the movie enough, it contained many interesting weird nightmare like scenes, many rehashed monsters from the original bur still some visual surprises just to give you an ideas that you saw some new things and thus it wasn't a complete waste of time rehash. A young actress playing the main role who seemed pretty enough, but the story almost seemed like an episode of some long going scifi series where the story had run out of steam. 
2) I liked the original movie very much but this as a sequel seemed okay enough in a time when there seemed little likelihood of any sequel at all. Of course it is sadly lacking in comparison to the original movie but is not ultimately that awful, there are still some things of interest, but if they don't make another Silent Hill for years to come it wont be a big issue anymore.
3) Someone somewhere thought that it seemed very much more like the computer game than the first one and might be more enjoyable to game players, and perhaps I might agree if I had actually played computer games in the last twenty years. 
4) There was enough in it to make me want to watch the good parts of it again on DVD and see documentaries about the conception of this movie but the revelations in the story didn't really interest me at all. If someone somewhere suggested that the film story had been slightly mainstreamed for Twiglight audience ( I can't be bothered to spell that film series name correctly) I'd probably agree.
5) It was good to see Deborah Unger making a brief appearance. A brave effort whatever and I could well watch it again pretty soon.
6) I have memories of seeing the Silent Hill sequel and wonder if those memories are real

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