Sunday, 12 August 2012

Expendables 2

  1. Heading off into the centre of London, maybe go and see The Expendables 2, but how far will this writer get before he decides that the ideas to do this is completely disposable. He doesn't know whether he wants to spend time seeing this movie or might he have a better time staring at a wall somewhere. 
  2. Bourne Legacy is an option but the name keeps transforming into Bored Legacy. Never bothered to watch any of the previous Bourne movies and has very little urge if any to see The Expendables 1. This must be the ultimate day of choice. 
  3. Went to see the Expendables 2. Although quite enjoyable , there's nothing that this writer could that no one else had already said, although as with the original Men In Black , the audience were all laughing away in unison at things. Not exactly how they were collectively finding funny. They really ought to have done something a little more interesting with Schwarzenegger's lines.
  4. There don't seem to be any actions figures in the shop to do with the film,
  5. The trailer before Expendables 2 was setting everyrone up for the biggest computer game style movie of the year, maybe the next year or two even. This Total Recall movie seems to be quite a confusing one. As a person who doesn't play computer games,  probably not going to be someone who can criticise it for being like a computer game unless it turns out to be a bit like Jet Set Willy or Sabrewulf 

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