Sunday, 2 September 2012

Liberal Arts was a title not well remembered

  1. Getting over the trauma of seeing Elizabeth Olsen in the movie that came afterwards, what was the movie?
  2. Didn't catch the title but it was a romantic philosophical comedy with the main actor whose name can't be remembered after five seconds doing going to extremes to feel out and put in order a number of situations that were coming up in his life, he wondered if she was a CGI recreation of some puppet that Carlo Rambaldi kept hidden in his closet, a great sense of wonder came about whether her forehead could be used as a ski slope, were the corners of her eyebrows likely to pierce through the screen any minute, was she a 500 metre tall megastructures condensed into a five foot something form, had they had times positioned parts of her facial features in upside down for brief moments to confuse the viewer. 
  3. What kind of compact loudspeakers did she have built inside her, was her voice coming out of her ears or her elbows?
  4. It took a while to assemble something near to a human being out of this phantasm who obviously living out some day to day reality connected with her elder sisters the Olsen Twins who hasn't seen on any moving screen yet by this writer,  and maybe they're not well known in England or at least one has managed to avoid incorporating them into his mental skyline of terrifying megastructures forced down the throat of individuals walking around the streets in anonymous worlds. 
  5. At the end of the day this Elizabeth Olsen seemed actually like a nice person to have as an actress on the big screen.
  6. That movie was called Liberal Arts starring Josh Radnor whoever he is. This very reflective movie that almost threatened to be dishwater but was like a fruity dry white wine. This writer doesn't drink wine but but he didn't mind sitting through it

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