Monday, 4 May 2009

Misreadings of the day

  •  I misread the BBC News headline "Mexico to begin lifting flu curbs" as "Mexicans to begin living in cubes" which obviously must be what's going on in a parallel timeline where the swine flu didn't settle down resulting in the government there forcing further quarantine measures to be taken

  •  I misread BBC News headline "Gaza patients questionings 'rise' " as "Greek Patisserie Guesthouse 'rave' " and really didn't have any clue about what that could mean in this universe or any other

  • I misread in the BBC news article about the "Bang Bang Club" the picture caption "This time the fighters are firing blanks and lobbying polystyrene 'stones' " as "This time the fishers are fishing blackened polystyrene lobster clones" and felt very relieved about various things in life

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