Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Twists and turns in online conversation

  • I had no pudding because the cat licked the cream off it while the pudding was defrosting in the kitchen. I decided to not type the words "while it was defrosting" in case someone thought that it was the cat that was defrosting and not the pudding.

  • Someone up in another part of the country thought that I could still eat the pudding because there was nothing wrong with a bit of "cat lick" and I decided that the next time it happened, I would send this person the remains of my pudding. This person thought that I had something against cats but the truth is I'm not a cat leftoverer, just as, I suppose, I'm not too keen on pudding after it's been licked by dogs.
  • A person some miles away across the city really had understood the fact that the last thing I wanted was a defrosted cat, which forced me to wonder about cryogenic suspension and when it would be possible to defrost a cryogenically frozen cat.
  • And someone across the ocean whom I refer to as Rissole mentioned that he was imagining a cat licking a person in cryogenic suspension and this brought me to imagine Rissole's thought about a cat licking a person in cryogenic suspension and it reminded of the Norse creational myth in which a cow licked some blocks of ice and frees the first human entombed within.
  • Meanwhile a lady who probably carried a zap gun of some sort in the virtual world mentioned that she was sorry that I didn't get any pudding but I did finally eat a bunch of grapes, a tangerine and a Penguin chocolate biscuit as well instead of the pudding that I was going to have.

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